1LineWedToday’s theme for 1 Line Wednesday, sponsored by RWA’s Kiss of Death Chapter is to post any line from page 155, 55, or 15 from my work in progress. Since my work in progress is, well, a work in progress, this required a bit of work on my part. I write in Scrivener and then send chapters as I complete them off to m y copy editor. I basically had to go through the chapters I sent off to figure out which chapter contained pages 15, 55 and 155. I’ve shared plenty from earlier chapters and wanted to go with page 155. So here it is, from The Ruins, releasing on June 16, 2015:

“What’s wrong?” I ask, unable to keep the tremor out of my voice.

He glances up at me and the pain in my eyes nearly tears me apart. “We should talk.”

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