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Welcome to the book blitz for Deviations, a young adult contemporary LGBT romanceby Anma Natsu. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

Deviations by Anma Natsu

Deviations by Anma Natsu

About the Book
Author: Anma Natsu
Publisher: Zenbi Press
Release Date: February 14, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary LGBT Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

“We’re just deviants, that’s all. You, me, Taka. We’re deliciously, wonderfully deviant.”

Seventeen-year-old Miho has spent years struggling to deal with the aftermath of a tragic accident. Between the nightmares, PTSD, depression, and her parents’ abandonment, the burden of being the sole survivor has her near her breaking point. The darkness whispers to her, promises of release from the pain, from being a burden, if she is willing to give up.

While the girls love classmate Shinji’s blond hair and blue eyes, to his father it’s all the proof he needs that his wife was unfaithful. Unwanted and unloved, Shinji is used to his mother’s hatred, his brother’s indifference, and his father’s violence. Male or female, he doesn’t care; his regular string of sexual partners helps him temporarily forget that he will soon have to leave the only person he loves, if he can survive that long.

As the first-born son, Shinji’s best friend Taka has known from birth that his future was not his own. He’ll go to the right schools, get the right grades, take over the family business, and produce a perfect heir with a perfect wife, just as his father dictates. Taka’s wants and desires are irrelevant; he can’t change his fate nor escape it, any more than he can protect the only person who keeps him sane.

Drawn to one another like moths to a flame, the three find themselves torn between what society deems acceptable and a happiness they never dreamed possible.


Excerpt #2
As soon as I saw Shinji walking towards me, I knew it had happened again.  The long-sleeved shirt, the stiff gait, the subtle winces as he walked.  I grabbed his hand, leading him towards the mountain.  He didn’t complain.  He knew I knew.  It was all part of the fucked-up game we played, just like me trying to act normal when I was raging inside.

“No girl today?”

“Nope.  I didn’t see her where I met her yesterday.  She said it wasn’t her usual way, so she probably went back to her routine.”

“Were you hoping she’d be there?”

“Maybe…” he said, his voice almost wistful before he shook his head.  “Well, maybe not today.  We wouldn’t have been able to talk much.”

“You have some strange tastes in girls, you know?  She’s so plain and boring.  Not much of a challenge at all.”

“You think so?”  Shinji laughed softly as we entered the forest.  “Miho-chan isn’t boring at all.  She’s fascinating.”

I nearly stumbled on a tree limb as I stared at him in disbelief.  “I thought you didn’t want to do her?”

“I don’t.  Well, I do, in a general ‘she’s a girl and cute’ sort of way, but that’s not what makes her interesting.”  He stopped as we reached our refuge.  Once we were inside, I locked the door behind us, just like always.  Didn’t want any interlopers stumbling on our place.

We’d found the cabin when we were kids.  From the first, we considered it ours.  Over the years, we fixed it up into a perfect hideaway for two boys needing time to themselves.  The shiny padlock we’d installed helped keep anyone who might somehow find it out when we weren’t there.

This was a sacrosanct place—ours and ours alone.  We never brought any of our girls here, or anyone else.  Only those in our innermost circle were allowed, a circle comprised of just us two.

“Where?”  I asked as we moved into the main area.

“Mostly my back.”

“Get your shirt off and go lie down.”  While he complied, I retrieved some cold compresses from our small fridge and a tube of arnica cream from the first aid kit.  After so many years of patching up his father’s handiwork, I suspected I had one of the most well-stocked kits in the world.  Burns, cuts, bruises.  You name it, I could fix it.  When I was younger, before realizing I had no say in the matter, I considered becoming a doctor so I’d be able to help him even better.

The angry red welts marking his back stirred a familiar mix of rage and sadness.  I took a few deep breaths to calm myself.  It wouldn’t do him any good, and there was no place I could direct it.  But pushing aside the anger left the other, the pain of seeing his beautiful skin marred.  By some miracle, his father hadn’t left any permanent scars so far, but I hated every bruise, every cut.  In my mind I could see them all, layered on Shinji’s skin, barely a patch left that bastard hadn’t touched.

Kneeling next to him, I touched him as lightly as I could as I smoothed on the cream.  At least most of the welts were close together, making it easier to fit the compresses on them.  When I was done, I stretched out on the bed beside him.

Shinji turned his head so he could look at me.  I wanted to turn away, unable to bear how sweetly he was looking at me when I was so completely useless.  Instead I reached up and stroked his cheek, swallowing hard to bite back a sudden urge to cry.  He covered my hand with his own, letting the truth lie between us unsaid.


Author Anma Natsu

Author Anma Natsu

About the Author
Anma Natsu is a Texas-based writer of stories that explore love in its various forms, including how it can be both good and bad parts of our lives, sometimes at the same time. Her not quite conventional stories span a range of genres but rarely follow the standard fare.

When she isn’t writing, writing, voraciously reading manga and light novels, playing too many video games, and hosting her own podcast, Anma works as a web developer and steals all the free time she can to snuggle with her sweetie and her pets.

You can find her online at AnmaNatsu.com. She’s also active on Facebook, Google+, and Goodreads.

Find out about Anma’s upcoming works and get exclusive content by signing up for her mailing list at http://anmanatsu.com/subscribe..

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