Welcome to the book blitz for MISTRESS OF DEATH, a standalone young adult/new adult fantasy romance, by Kathryn Trattner

Welcome to the book blitz for MISTRESS OF DEATH, a standalone young adult/new adult fantasy romance, by Kathryn Trattner. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway. For a limited time, you can pick up the ebook for just $0.99.

MISTRESS OF DEATH, a standalone young adult/new adult fantasy romance, by Kathryn Trattner

MISTRESS OF DEATH by Kathryn Trattner

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Author: Kathryn Trattner
Release Date: August 22, 2020
Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy Romance
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Love. Death. Revenge.

In the city of Telum, at the edge of a dying empire and divided by superstition, anything can be had for the right price.

Gabriel Mercer, raised in the shadow of the most famous assassin the city has ever known, wants nothing more than to make a name for herself. Taking a solo contract from an up and coming politician seems like the best way to make it happen.

The night Matthew, a police officer with a spotless record, discovers Gabriel unconscious his world changes. On opposite sides of the law the pair strike up a bargain that becomes harder and harder to keep as their attraction grows.

When the city starts to burn Gabriel will put everything she’s gained at risk for a chance at revenge. Even if it means her future going up in smoke.







Excerpt #3
Gabriel shadowed Matthew, always several steps behind and a glance away. She had to press her way through the crowd, touching backs and arms, murmuring an apology when she stepped on a foot. People laughed, sang, talked, and mumbled over drinks and little finger foods. Gabriel recognized few of the faces she passed, knowing most had arrived without invitations and not caring.

Matthew chiseled his own path from the parlor through the formal dining room, around the edges of the ballroom and then another room devoted to a collection of delicate chairs wearing silk. He circled, searching, as if he could smell her through all the other scents and yet still could not pin her down.

In the ballroom people stood around the edges, packed shoulder to shoulder, watching the dancers. A new pair would join the twirl or drop out, but Matthew showed no interest in them.

In the crush between rooms, the people dancing before her and the long table covered in an ornate display of food at her back, Gabriel came as close as she’d been all night, within reach of his back.

Temptation, sin on the Right Bank, celebrated on the Left, beckoned.

He was surrounded, pressed between bodies, a flower between pages. Men and women shared skin and air as if personal space were a fiction invented by the insane. He stood motionless, facing the dancers, ignoring two giggling women behind him. They spoke, tittering voices pitched to reach his ears.

He’d been living inside her head, thoughts circling around the sound of his voice, the feel of his hands. The man had made himself impossible to forget as he paced up and down the block, watching the house and doing nothing for days. But he was an officer of the Right Bank; he wanted nothing but to turn her over for the assassination of Daniel Cyrus. She knew, was certain, there would never be anything there other than the black and white situation between them.

But below that knowledge was the want for something else; a look that meant something else, a reason for want beyond his occupation. Her desire to touch him was without meaning; she couldn’t explain it or justify it. It was just there, a feeling she couldn’t ignore.

This would be the only time she let herself give in. She pushed closer, forcing the giggling pair apart, a huff of irritation loud enough to turn heads. But Matthew didn’t turn. She half hoped he would. Excitement, trepidation tripped along taught nerves, her insides resonating with the high-pitched buzz in her head.

Now or never. Now. Never.

Reaching out, her balled fist relaxing one finger at time, she ran her hand up his spine. Thrilling at the contact, she tingled with warmth, lips parting.

His muscles stiffened.

Touching him had been a mistake.

She stepped behind the ladies, pushing into a boisterous group singing tavern songs. Gabriel picked up the words, her view blocked by a large gentleman to her right. His height and girth eclipsed her. He clapped her on the shoulder as she joined in, something about plump wenches and beer. She leaned back, chancing a look.

Scanning the crowd, Matthew stepped between the ladies, excusing himself as he bumped the brunette’s elbow. She giggled, doing her best to maintain his interest. Gabriel stepped back, out of the group, and circled Matthew until she was once again at his back.

Matthew searched, moving on to the dining area. He went around the laden table, plucking a bunch of grapes from a display of fruit. He ate them as he continued, an animal caged and circling the perimeter once more. Gabriel always just out of his line of sight.

With light pushing at the edges of night, he gave up, collecting his coat from a maid on the way out the door. Gabriel followed him through the dwindling crowds and down the front steps.

Walking with his head down, hands deep in his pockets, he shook his head. He paused, sending Gabriel skittering into the shelter of a doorway, and turned to survey the incandescent house.

Illuminated, his face held a bleak expression.

She kept to her shadow until he was out of sight.


MISTRESS OF DEATH, a standalone young adult/new adult fantasy romance, by Kathryn Trattner


Author Kathryn Trattner

Author Kathryn Trattner

About the Author
Kathryn Trattner has loved fairy tales, folk stories, and mythology all of her life. Her hands down favorites have always been East of the Sun, West of the Moon and the story of Persephone and Hades. When not writing or reading she’s traveling as much as possible and taking thousands of photos that probably won’t get edited later. She lives in Oklahoma with her wonderful partner, two very busy children, one of the friendliest dogs ever, and an extremely grumpy cat who doesn’t like anyone at all.

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