Welcome to the book blitz for PRESCRIPTION FOR A LONELY HEART, the first book in her adult romantic comedy series, Love in Glenco City, by Rosalie Jardin. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

PRESCRIPTION FOR A LONELY HEART, the first book in her adult romantic comedy series, Love in Glenco City, by Rosalie Jardin

PRESCRIPTION FOR A LONELY HEART (Love in Glencoe City Series #1) by Rosalie Jardin

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Series: Love in Glenco City Series #1
Author: Rosalie Jardin
Release Date: September 21, 2020
Adult Romantic Comedy
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“If we’re both still single when we’re thirty, we’ll marry each other . . .”

The marriage pact was made during a lazy day at the beach, half in jest, and seemingly forgotten by the boy who started it.

But ten years later, Kay hadn’t forgotten. She’s still shy and introverted, not interested in relationships. So when Adrian reappears in her life—two years early—and asks her to marry him now, she surprises herself by agreeing.

So now she must deal with her mother’s disapproval, his brother’s hostility, and a load of self-doubt. Can she forge a real relationship with Adrian? Has he really changed from a ladies man to someone she can trust? Will she be able to let go of everything she’s ever thought she wanted and reach out to grab a new future?







Excerpt #2
“Give her a kiss!!” My eyes tear open and we break apart, startled. That’s when I notice the small crowd of people that have gathered, drawn together by the sight of a man on bended knee. It slaps the contentment out of me and the tension returns. Eventually I track the voice to a sweet little old lady, arm in arm with her equally sweet little old husband. “Come on now! Kiss!”

The color drains from my face as I look back at Adrian, terrified. A kiss? They want us to kiss! That is not what I signed up for! I mean, it would make sense for me to kiss him because that’s how it usually goes—right? I start to panic. My stomach is in knots. The crowd is small but it’s enough to put pressure on me to do something I’m not comfortable with doing.

Adrian, on the other hand, is as cool as the sea breeze. “We should give them what they want, right?”

He leans in and I’m frozen solid. My body fizzles and pops as he leans forward and his lips lightly brush against mine. At first, I seize up. He…he’s kissing me! What part of a platonic relationship allows actual kissing? I feel trapped and the discomfort is off the charts. This isn’t what I signed up for. But then the buzz hits as my eyes flutter close. His lips feel sensuous and soft and I know he’s being tender with me. I can hear the rush of my blood and frantic pace of my heartbeat. The buzz hits a crescendo before it evens out, a warm tingling sensation of pleasure swirling all around me.

This…isn’t so bad. It feels kind of good? It’s definitely ​new​.

There’s a quiet urge to lean forward and press my lips against his. Explore this feeling a little bit longer. But I push it down. What the…where did that come from?


PRESCRIPTION FOR A LONELY HEART, the first book in her adult romantic comedy series, Love in Glenco City, by Rosalie Jardin


Author Rosalie Jardin

Author Rosalie Jardin

About the Author
Rosalie Jardin is the pen name an American-born author living in British Columbia. Writing has been a passion since she was five, beginning with telling stories- which often got her in trouble with her teachers because they kept catching her writing instead of doing her schoolwork.

Rosalie considers herself to be living the glamorous geek mom life and channels that energy into her writings and her debut novel. Her characters rumble around in her head, demanding to have their stories told and, like any good author, she is just doing what she’s told.




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