Drawn Through You Release Day

Today is release day for Drawn Through You, a provocative, trope-twisting romance by Sarina Rhoads. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

Drawn Through You by Sarina Rhoads

Drawn Through You by Sarina Rhoads

About the Book
Title: Drawn Through You
Author: Sarina Rhodes
Publisher: Tryst Books
Release Date: October 26, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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What if the brooding billionaire wore pencil skirts and Louboutins? What if the impressionable intern was a small-town furniture maker with boyish charm?

Cole Jacobson always thought he would take after his father and pursue his dreams. But when the family business falters and he’s forced to accept his uncle’s help, Cole is summoned to the big city for a job he never wanted.

Priorities become obscured when Cole finds himself working for Shaun Wright, the strong, intimidating, and ruthlessly attractive business partner at his uncle’s contracting firm.

Forced to either sacrifice his hard-won integrity or leave behind the one thing that brings him true happiness, Cole must make a decision that could cost him both.

A decision only complicated by the sexy, inscrutable woman he can’t stop thinking about. A woman who just might be as intrigued as he is to cross professional boundaries.

A provocative, trope-twisting romance, Sarina Rhoads’s Drawn Through You finally puts the heroine on the other side of the desk.


Excerpt 4
Cole followed Shaun into a glass-enclosed corner office, conflicting emotions churning his insides. Anger. Embarrassment. Shit, his uncle had nearly doubled over in laughter when he’d realized Cole thought his business partner of three years was a dude.

Shaun shut the door and motioned for him to sit. Cole plopped down into one of two leather chairs that faced a cluttered metal desk, a smile far from his lips. He cast a quick glance around the minimally furnished layout; a small conference table littered with stacks of folders and magazines sat behind him.

“I would think the Wright of Jacobson-Wright Contracting would have a penthouse office. I’m pretty sure my uncle does.” Despite feeling like a world-class moron, Cole couldn’t rein back his sarcasm. Standard-issue Jacobson men came equipped with an extra helping of the stuff, a defense mechanism when faced with the enemy. Although he didn’t really believe Shaun to be the enemy in this scenario, but his ego believed itself too wounded to differentiate.

Shaun took a seat behind the desk, placing her hands on top. A hint of a smile still played at the corners of her mouth. She at least had the decency to shield her laughter much better than his uncle had.

“He does, and so do I. However, most of my team is stationed on this floor, and I don’t believe I can be as effective delegating by a phone call or an email.”

Cole begrudgingly found her admission commendable and far removed from Robert’s business model, but he couldn’t shake the gender fiasco in the hall loose from his mind. “How long did you know who I was? Did you know last night?” The memory of his offer to pay her tab seemed even more ridiculous, kicking around the muffin sitting in his stomach like a rock.

Her eyes narrowed as if assessing the tone of his question. “You do look a lot like your uncle.”

“I look like my father,” he corrected.

Shaun studied his expression and shrugged. “It wasn’t until you stepped out of the elevator that I knew who you were.”

“I’m glad I was able to amuse you, then.” Cole brushed a few errant muffin crumbs from his pant legs and cleared his throat. “So what exactly is my job here?” The faster he was done with her, the sooner he could get started on his prison sentence.

Shaun sat back in her chair, clearly sensing the lingering presence of an attitude on his part but appearing determined to continue with their meeting. “You will be my senior design consultant. Probational, of course. We have a couple of huge contracts on the table, and so far the clients like nothing the current team members have proposed.” She shifted around a few of the green classification folders on her desk, in search of something. “Robert suggested you. To be honest, I was hesitant at first, but judging by the sketches I saw earlier, I think he might be right.”

Contrary to the playful demeanor she had displayed at the bar, Shaun was all business now, and Cole found himself in danger of being impressed. Too bad the mention of his uncle had only managed to rile him up again.

“How old are you?”

Her back straightened. “I don’t see how that is any of your business.”

Cole snorted, unable to stop words he knew he would most likely regret from shooting out his mouth like projectile vomit. “How about, are you fucking my uncle? I mean, in addition to the blonde from last night. Considering he’s my family, I think that falls inside the parameters of ‘my business.’”

A flicker of something along the lines of anger skated behind her intense stare, but vanished just as quickly. “Very well. This conversation is over.” She leaned forward and pressed a button on her desk phone. “Henry, please show Mr. Jacobson to his office.”

Shaun stood and opened the door, staring in Cole’s direction but appearing unmoved by his accusation. In fact, she seemed to look right through him, as if he were just some cliché she dealt with on a daily basis.


Author Sarina Rhoads

Author Sarina Rhoads

About the Author
Maintaining a suburban orbit of NYC all her life, Sarina Rhoads ran the gamut of odd jobs in pursuit of a one true passion.

Once exposed to a world of creative storytelling through online writing groups, she fell completely in love.

Now she finds pleasure in penning both contemporary and paranormal romance, possessing notebooks chock full of ideas only waiting to be released.

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