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CHARMED EMPIRE (Empire #1) by Brooke Ellis

CHARMED EMPIRE (Empire #1) by Brooke Ellis

About the Book
Series: Empire #1
Author: Brook Ellis
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 4, 2019
Link: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

A simple key-ring charm throws an empire into chaos.

Their 24-hour holiday romance began at the Statue of Liberty, the key-ring charm he gave her is a constant reminder.

Ten years later Adeline returns to New York to find, unexpectedly, re-kindled lust and love. Turmoil follows as his powerful mother barges into their lives.

A violent act causes tensions to explode at a high-profile fund-raiser, where love and marriages are threatened as secrets from long-ago have a very public climax.








We climb into the old freight elevator. Mitch slams the heavy metal grate closed and turns to meet my face. I reach over to press button four, and the elevator clunks into action. He runs his hand with the lightest touch over mine, up my arm, where it happens to graze over my breast and up to my face.  Our faces mere inches apart. I can feel his warm breath on my slightly parted lips. He traces the tip of his tongue over the Cupid’s bow, his hands firmly clasped around my cheeks. He brings my face closer into his, our lips parting, his tongue slowly swirling into my mouth and entangling with mine.

The old freight lift comes to a screeching halt. Our bodies jolt in time with it, and we bump noses mid-kiss, which sets off the laughter again.

I grab onto Mitch’s tie, this time, with more conviction, “Come on, Yankee. Come and meet my Reggie.” I lead him to the front door of the apartment.

Standing quietly at the door as I fumble for my keys, we hear voices from within, one of them male, the other Reggie. My eyes grow wide as I try to decipher what’s being said and whether we should go in or not.

“Maybe we shouldn’t go in,” he says, gripping the sleeve of my shirt. “Addie, what if she’s, you know … busy,” Mitch declares.

I whack him in the arm, “Stop it! We’ll just make some noise as we’re going in. She’ll be in her studio and will hear us. If everything goes silent, it means she is, you know, busy busy, and we’ll just head straight upstairs to my room.”

“Addie, no. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable. It’d be bad enough that you almost bust her with a guy, but she doesn’t need a stranger in the mix as well. I’ll pick you up at seven forty-five.” He takes my keys from my hand, dips his into his trouser pocket, and then hooks a small copper Statue of Liberty charm to the key chain.

“That’s where I went when I wandered off today.” With that, he kisses me quickly on the lips, turns, and heads back toward the lift. “I’ll see you soon, Aussie.” He looks over his shoulder to where he left me standing. I capture another glimpse of him as I lean with my back against the architrave, smiling to myself.

I inhale a deep breath as I turn my key in the door, apprehensive of what is happening on the other side with Reggie and her male guest. With gusto, I fling the door open, trying to make as much noise as possible to disrupt something that may or may not be going on.

“Hey Reggie. You here?” I yell.

“Addie, come on in here, girl. We’re having wine and cheese while I paint. There’s somebody I’d like you to meet,” she replies immediately, her voice wafting from her studio.




Author Brooke Ellis

Author Brooke Ellis

About the Author
Spending most of her life in Sydney, Australia, before moving back to her hometown of Brisbane, Brooke worked as a chef in many a steamy hot kitchen. Which provided the perfect segue into writing equally steamy hot contemporary romance books. Letting her imagination run wild, she set out writing her first novel in 2017, which turned into a second and third in 2018.

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