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About the Book
Author: KD Proctor
Publisher: BookFish Books
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2017
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When ratings for her popular DIY show start to circle the drain after the sudden death of her sister, Charlotte “Charlie” Conti has only one mission—to plan a comeback. But her sister had other plans. As part of the will, Charlie must work with *him* to create a memorial scholarship in her sister’s memory. The same *him* Charlie fell in love with three years ago while working at a summer camp.

The same *him* she dumped, to protect his heart.

Sexy, British player, Nate Walsh, has sixty days to find a new job or he’ll be deported back to England where he’s no longer welcome. He doesn’t have time to work on a memorial scholarship with *her*. The same *her* who shattered his heart without explanation or warning.

The same *her* he’s never gotten over.

Unable to agree on the specifics of the scholarship, Nate and Charlie challenge each other to a winner-takes-all competition. They both know the only way to win is to turn up the heat and tempt one another with the one thing they both want: each other. But as sparks fly, their true feelings resurface. Nate and Charlie must decide if their love is worth the effort and if they can overcome their disastrous past mistakes to spend forever together.


Excerpt #4
I drop a coffee pod into the machine. The water gurgles, eventually dripping into my mug. As it continues to brew, I tap my fingers against the granite countertop, giving sleeping Nate a glance over my shoulder. What in the world possessed him to not only get drunk but come here? I know he said he missed me, but of all places he wanted to be here? After how I ended things?

“Where the fuck am I?” Nate mumbles into the throw pillow.

“The cabin.” I take my mug off the coffee maker. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch him pushing himself up, but a second later he flops back down onto the throw pillows with a thud. He groans. “Oh my God, please shoot me. Put me out of my misery.”

“Nah. I just had the rugs cleaned.”

I finally look at him. My stomach does a swan dive right into my coffee mug. I not only missed cuddling with him, but I missed that. Hair standing up on end… light smattering of stubble on his cheeks… that tired look in his eyes that begs to stay in bed awhile longer, preferably wrapped up in cozy blankets with kisses in places that make me blush.

Christ on a cracker. I need to stop thinking about him like this or else I’m so screwed.

Not that I’d mind being screwed.

My cheeks grow warm, and I shake my head to clear away these dangerous thoughts. “Sleep well?”

“No. What time is it?”

“Almost nine.”

He shuffles to the barstools on the other side of the counter. I smirk. He’s wearing the same polo shirt he had on at the lawyer’s office, the one with the wonky collar that I still want to fix.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He scratches his chest and stomach.

“Like what?” I reach behind me and hold up the mug silently asking if he wants a cup. He nods.

“With a look of You’re a shithead mixed with You fucking owe me.”

“That’s pretty accurate actually.” I sip my coffee, hoping he doesn’t notice me checking him out. The blue stripes of his polo shirt bring out the icy-blue in his eyes. Of all the guys I’ve dated, his eyes have always been my favorite.




Author KD Proctor

Author KD Proctor

About the Author
KD Proctor loved college so much that when it came time to graduate, she didn’t want to leave.  Trading in her textbooks for student handbooks and policy manuals, she began a career in College Student Personnel and she fulfilled her wish to stay on a college campus forever.  She always joked that one day she’d write a book about college students, never expecting that to come true!

KD lives in West Central, Minnesota with her husband and fur-kids.  She likes to write fun twists on the usual tropes that we all love. Her characters are smart, funny, and always swoony.  And yes. They always get their happily ever after.

Before being accepted for publication, MEET ME UNDER THE STARS (formerly titled IF YOU’RE EVER IN TOWN) was the 2016 YARWA winner for the New Adult category.


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