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PROMISE ME FOREVER (Promise #3) by Jennifer Woodhull

PROMISE ME FOREVER (Promise #3) by Jennifer Woodhull

About the Book
Series: Promise #3
Author: Jennifer Woodhull
Release Date: November 8, 2018
 New Adult Contemporary Romance
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He Knows How Lucky He Is…

That Doesn’t Mean He’s Happy

There are a hundred guys in Nashville who would kill to be in Rome’s shoes. He’s a damn good guitar player, and in Nashville, that means one thing – country music is his bread and butter. Rome’s passion is classical guitar, though, and in Guitar Town, those gigs are few and far between.

His brother-in-law offers to get him an audition with an artist in the United Kingdom who needs a guitarist to play classical and Celtic music with her on tour. The opportunity is a dream come true. When Rome meets Lauren, the brooding and mysterious musician, though, he finds out the tour may be more than he bargained for. He’s the magnet to her broken steel. Lauren’s painful past keeps her at arms’ length. Is the promise of forever one Rome can really keep? Or will he end up leaving her behind, just like everyone else?






Excerpt #2
It was a month later when I got the hysterical call from Colin’s mother. She’d had a call from the Ministry of Defense. There had been an attack on the base where they were stationed at an undisclosed location. Colin and half a dozen other service men and women were killed.

We had agreed before he left not to tell our parents about the split until he returned. I suspected it was because he planned on trying to talk me out of it, but he would be in country and I’d be on tour, so there was no reason to belabor the argument. At the funeral, I played the dutiful fiancée, my family and friends around me as I wept, genuinely wept, for the man I had loved, and the life we’d never have together.

We held a private service for the beautiful, strong man I had once so loved – the one I thought I would spend my life with. I played a violin solo of Going Home. I shut my eyes as I played, remembering all the happiness I’d had with Colin before I saw who he really was. Our first date. Our first kiss. The day he proposed on the shores of Loch Ness.

I closed my eyes against the veil of tears as I pulled my bow. I wept for the man I loved. I wept for the pain I’d felt when I saw his betrayal. More than that, though, I ached for the days I lost with him – those empty days we’d been apart, not just in physical distance but in emotional separation – just before he died. I knew he loved me, and perhaps we might’ve gotten past what had happened, but now I’d never know.

At the state service for the lost heroes, there were photos of each soldier who had died. One, in particular, caught my attention. Next to the poster-sized photo of Colin in his uniform, was the smiling photo of another soldier – a dark-haired beauty. Beneath the image was a name plate which made my heart sink. It read, Staff Sergeant Marcella Ricci.

It was her. Marcie.



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Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay




Author Jennifer Woodhull

Author Jennifer Woodhull

About the Author
We all need moments of escape. With all the demands on us day in and day out, we each need something just for ourselves. Perhaps nothing provides a private moment – a brief respite from the everyday – like escaping into a great story. When you pick up one of my books I hope you find that place that you can escape to. Explore the streets of Paris with new heroines, or fly around the world to reclaim your lost love with a favorite hero. Whether it’s the romance that takes your breath away or those climactic encounters that make your pulse race, I hope you find that solitary moment of enjoyment while lost in one of my stories.

Jennifer Woodhull is based in the Southern United States, spending time in her second home of England, and traveling as often as she can. Her love of travel permeates her work, and her characters often find themselves exploring new and foreign surroundings.

A keen observer of human behavior, Jennifer often draws inspiration from something as simple as a fleeting connection, or the glimpse of a unique trait or characteristic. Her favorite place to write is on airplanes.

“The drone of the engine, the scores of people, all traveling to something or from something, and being disconnected from digital distractions are a combination that provide the perfect place to write,” she says. “If you see a woman in seat 9F who is balancing her Macbook on her lap because it’s time to close your tray table, please have patience. I’m just trying to finish one more sentence.”

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