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THE DEVIL'S STANDOFF (The Devil's Revolver #2) by V.S. McGrath

THE DEVIL’S STANDOFF (The Devil’s Revolver #2) by V.S. McGrath

About the Book
Series: The Devil’s Revolver #2
Author: V.S. McGrath
Publisher: Brain Mill Press LLC
Release Date: April 2, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Historical Western Dark Fantasy/Paranormal
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Welcome to the birthplace of the Devil’s Revolver, where untold danger lurks for Hettie Alabama and her companions…

The second book in the epic, magic-clad Devil’s Revolver series follows Hettie and her sister south of the Wall into Mexico, where they must unmake Hettie’s infernal mage gun while confronting a magic- and land-hungry army and a monster from hell drawn to the powers of the weapon. Hettie wants nothing more than to break her bond to the cursed Devil’s Revolver and find a way to keep her sister safe — but Abby’s indigo powers are growing stronger, and in the gated, walled village where they take refuge, nothing is exactly as it seems. Pursued by the Pinkertons, left without allies or guardians, Hettie has to rely on her own grit and determination to do the right thing, no matter the cost.

This second installment of V. S. McGrath’s sweeping and high-stakes saga draws its truly unforgettable gunslinger heroine to her limits and ends with a satisfying bang..


What’s your favorite thing about your main character, Hettie Alabama?
Her tenacity. Most people, myself included, would have given up so many times in the book, facing the challenges she does. She won’t.

What makes Hettie Alabama different from the other heroines on the YA shelf?
I don’t know that Hettie is that different from other YA heroines. She’s complex and isn’t sure where she stands on a lot of issues, which I think many characters in her age group struggle with. Hettie’s sole concern is for her sister’s well-being, and she’s willing to cross into a lot of morally gray areas to save and protect Abby without gnashing her teeth about it too much. Her willingness to jump headfirst into a situation, guns blazing, doesn’t always end in ethical introspection. She’s also not consumed by a burgeoning romantic relationship with a dark, brooding hero figure…despite herself.

Did you know you wanted this series to be about an older sister before you started writing?
Yes. Hettie was a middle child, like me, but when circumstances thrust her into the role of eldest child, she had to woman up and learn to take care of her family. That was something I’d wanted to explore—not only from the perspective of a young woman during a difficult period of history, but also as a daughter whose future was uncertain, especially considering her sister’s situation.

Your series has been referred to as a “feminist western.” Did you set out to write a feminist western series, or did it end up like that on its own?
Yes. I knew I wanted the main character to be a young woman, and I knew that she would have to solve her problems herself, and that men were the causes of most of those problems. Most Westerns are male-centric, and I wanted to turn that on its head, exploring the tropes of the genre through the women who are usually relegated to set dressings—madams and prostitutes, schoolteachers, farmers wives, and so forth.

What has been your favorite scene or type of scene to write so far?
I relish anytime I get to take a serious character down a peg or two. Sometimes, certain characters come off way too pompously self-important, broody, or angsty. If I can insert some levity and self-reflective humor, I feel I can relate to them a bit more.


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Author V. S. McGrath

Author V. S. McGrath

About the Author
Vicki So, writing as V. S. McGrath, is a published romance author (as Vicki Essex) and has six books with Harlequin Superromance: Her Son’s Hero (July 2011); Back to the Good Fortune Diner (January 2013), which was picked for the Smart Bitches Trashy Books Sizzling Book Club; In Her Corner (March 2014); A Recipe for Reunion (March 2015); Red Carpet Arrangement (January 2016); and Matinees with Miriam (November 2016). She lives in Toronto, Canada.







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