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DRAGON RAIDER (Sea Dragons Trilogy #1) by Ava Richardson

DRAGON RAIDER (Sea Dragons Trilogy #1) by Ava Richardson

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Series: Sea Dragons Trilogy #1
Author: Ava Richardson
Release Date: March 28, 2018
 Young Adult Fantasy
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Will adapting to a changing world make one young woman lose touch with where she came from?

Far from the kingdom of Torvald, on the Western Isles near the coast, Sea Dragons rule the skies. Lila is the daughter of the Raider leader, destined to take his place one day aboard their plundering ships. Her people value only what shiny trinkets they can get their hands on, but she aspires to much more than that: Lila wants the Raiders to become Dragon Mercenaries, dragon riders who help protect merchant fleets and navies from attack. Her father Kasian is skeptical, but a young monk named Danu—with a quest of his own—comes bearing a prophecy claiming that Lila is the lost heir of Roskilde, a born Dragon Rider.

With Danu’s guidance, Lila finds the unruly dragon she’s destined to bond with—but the mismatched pair soon learn that much more than just their futures is at stake.




Excerpt #2
“SKRECH!” The roar was deafening as I fell backwards from the nest, the speckled-turquoise egg abandoned next to its siblings, and stumbled backwards onto the ledge of the cave.

“Sweet Mother of the Waves…” I breathed the familiar Raider half-blessing, half-curse as I looked at what was coming for me.

There was a Sinuous Blue dragon, filling the sky like a thunder cloud as it spun around the outcrop, its long, coiling and curling body stretching halfway around to the other side of the small islet.

I didn’t know much about dragons, but I knew that it could have killed me in an instant if it had wanted to. So, it hasn’t killed me yet. Maybe it won’t fight near its eggs. Maybe it doesn’t want to kill me… But its roar shook the Bonerock, and made me think of the clash of storm lightning or the deep tumult of the hurricane seas. She held her claws tucked up under her body, but I could see that each one was as long as a Raider’s sword, and could easily tear me in two.




About the Author
Ava Richardson writes epic page-turning Young Adult Fantasy books. She creates lovable characters and drops them into intricate worlds that are barely contained within your eReader. Her current work is the ‘Return of the Darkening Series’, which features Seb, Thea and their shared dragon, Kalax.

She grew up on a steady diet of fantasy and science fiction books handed down from her two big brothers – and despite being dog-eared and missing pages, she loved escaping into the magical worlds that those authors created. Her favorites were the ones about dragons; where they’d swoop, dive and soar through the skies of these enchanted lands.

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