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BLINDSIDED (Secret Baby #1) by Ava Ashley

BLINDSIDED (Secret Baby #1) by Ava Ashley

About the Book
Series: Secret Baby #1
Author: Ava Ashley
Release Date: March 6, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
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Sex and spice and cold as ice.

Those are the facts I uncover about football star Lennox Hardy after a long night of tequila and bad choices. Hardly the stuff of tabloid headlines. Everyone knows the NFL’s star quarterback is a womanizing bad boy whose voicemail is practically set to “no comment.”

What they might not know is that the sex? Kind of disappointing.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting knocked up.

But it’s when I confront Lennox and discover that I’d actually slept with his identical twin brother Logan, a rising politician, that my life goes from page twelve news to a gossip columnist’s wet dream.

Lennox is used to cleaning up his brother’s messes, and he barely blinks before he asks me to move in with him and pretend the baby is his, at least until his brother’s election is over. Giving me full access to his elusive, private life and the story that will make my career.

What’s a reporter to do?

But sharing an apartment with a brooding, private man who’s sexy as sin and my raging hormones may not have been the best idea. And when the only investigating I do happens with our clothes off, I know my plan has gone seriously awry…




Excerpt #1
Carefully, I slip out from under the covers and drop to my knees on the floor.  Maybe I can find some sort of evidence before he wakes up.  Something that will appease Giselle, but not something that could hurt Lennox in any kind of way.   I slowly turn and start to crawl away from the bed.  Lennox rustles behind me.  I freeze.  I dare a slow head turn in his general direction.

The rise and fall of his chest is steady.  Even. Rhythmic.  A peaceful, contented smile curls along the edges of his mouth.  For a half a second, I take a little bit of pride that I may be at least partially responsible for putting it there.  He has one arm crooked, hand tucked beneath a tousled mop of sheepdog blonde.  Long, golden lashes brush his high cheekbones as he sleeps undisturbed.  

I exhale a heavy, but quiet, sigh of relief and continue my subtle egress.  I get halfway across the room when I freeze in my tracks.  

What am I doing?  This isn’t me! What are you going to do?  Dig through his trash?  Root through his mail?

On hands and knees in the middle of the floor, I start to give myself a well-deserved mental ass chewing.

“Well, now there’s a position I could get used to.”  Lennox’s voice teases in a sleepy drawl behind me.  My head droops in embarrassment.  

Lennox yawned like lion as he stretched his toned arms over his head.  “So, I’ve heard of the ‘walk of shame’, but I gotta admit.  I’ve never seen a ‘crawl of shame.’  Where are you off to?”

Alright, Sloane.  Suck it up.




Author Ava Ashley

Author Ava Ashley

About the Author
Amazon bestselling author Ava Ashley may look like the girl next door, but her steamy romances reveal a very naughty side. Raised in small town Ohio and now living in Homer, Alaska it’s amazing that she hasn’t increased the average temperature in her area of the state with her steamy writing. And she loves reading new adult romance novels as much as she enjoys writing them.

Ava likes spending time outdoors and does a lot of hiking and cycling with her husband and four children. When she can get away on her own, she’ll often take pen and paper along, find a secluded spot and let the environment inspire her. Of course, that inspiration frequently results in characters tearing each other’s clothes off, but you would expect nothing less from a romance writer.




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