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Welcome to the book blitz for BUMP, a stand-alone adult contemporary Second Chance Alpha Bad-Boy Romance, byUSA Today bestselling author, Maggie Marr. See below for the cover, information on the book, and preorder links.

BUMP (Second Chance Alpha Bad-Boy Romance) by Maggie Marr

BUMP (Second Chance Alpha Bad-Boy Romance) by Maggie Marr

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Series: Second Chance Alpha Bad-Boy Romance
Author: Maggie Marr
Release Date: May 21, 2019
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
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Our relationship is over. We’ve loved and lost. Or that’s what we thought. It was one drunken night at his sister’s wedding and we fooled around…a one-night hook up. And then we became XWB (exes with benefits) nothing serious–just for fun. There’s no way I’d ever get pregnant right?











Excerpt #2
I’ve managed to accomplish nearly nothing all afternoon. Wonder why? I’ve looked up baby names, baby bottles, baby clothes, baby books, and articles on baby brain development for the last three hours, but other than that? Nothing. My cell buzzes and I grab it from my purse. Recognizing the phone number of Katy the director of HR at the tech company in Palo Alto, I jump up from my desk and push shut my office door.

“Hey, this is Carmen,” I say

“Carmen!” Katy’s voice is more chipper than a cruise director on speed. “Wanted to check in with you to see if you got our offer and benefits package!”

“I did, thank you, just uh…looking over that now,” I say. I sit at my desk and pull the offer up on my computer. Waaaay better than what I make now, plus the opportunity to work with a tech firm in Northern California is just exactly what I’ve always wanted.

“We were hoping to get a commitment from you…soon.”

“Right,” I sigh. “Could you, uh…give me a few more days?”

“Sure thing! You’ll want to discuss it with the husband.” I hear her smile over the phone. I don’t mention that there is no husband to discuss the offer with. She continues, “I get it. Big move and all. Get back to me as soon as you can, cause you’re the person we want for this job!”

“Thanks,” I say and press off on my phone.

Pregnant. New job. Divorce. And a move.

Hmm…not much else I can handle today. Think I’ll head home to pajamas and Netflix and possibly a dinner with Dave, since he did offer to Netflix and chill tonight.

I’m nearly home when my phone rings again. This time, it’s Becca. She’s been checking in on me every other day since she got back from her honeymoon. I answer and after she fills me in on the latest way that Jake is proving to her how perfect she is—ah newlyweds—the topic turns to getting together.

“Wait, so are we still on for yoga?” Becca asks. “Torrey can’t come because she’s packing.”

“She’s seriously moving to Australia?” I ask.

“Yep, three months there, then six months here. She and Brett are giving it a try. Personally, I think it’s totally gonna work. I mean, why not?”

“Why not indeed,” I say. “Yes to yoga.” I pull open my front door to what was Dave and my house, and what will soon be my house only, and then possibly some other couple’s house entirely.

“Okay great, gotta go. Mr. Jia and Dad just arrived.” Becca clicks off.

The house smells like red sauce and garlic and basil and pasta and…oh my God is that chicken parm?

“Hey! I’m in the kitchen,” Dave calls out.

I hang my jacket in the closet. He never made dinner when we were married. I take a deep breath and plaster a smile onto my face. I still don’t know what I’m going to tell Dave…or when. With all the loss we experienced as a couple, part of me feels as though I need to sit with this information. I turn the corner and the sexiest man I know stands over a pan of marinara, stirring with a wooden spoon. Making sauce. He turns to me and grabs a bottle of Chianti and pours a glass.

“And some wine for you. Who was on the phone?”

Great… “Thank you,” I say and set the glass down on the kitchen island, because I’m completely not drinking wine for like eight months. “It was your sister,” I say and walk around to the stove. “So, when you said exes with benefits, I had no idea that it included homemade chicken parm.”

“You’ve been working hard and I thought that maybe you’d enjoy a home cooked meal.” Dave lifts the wooden spoon filled with sauce and places it in front of my lips.

“So listen, there’s something we should talk about,” I say.

“First the sauce,” he whispers, his voice low and sexy.

The scent of fresh garlic and basil wafts to my nose and for the first time since this morning, when I downed an entire jar of green olives at seven, food smells good. I close my eyes. I take a bite. The sauce is amazing.

Dave wiggles his eyebrows and glances from my eyes to my mouth and back up to my eyes. And there it is—that heat between us. Automatic. The heat that started the very first time we met at a charity event sponsored by the PR firm where I worked and his dad’s company, Ryan & Sons, had purchased an entire table. Even that night…we hooked up.

“You’ve got a little sauce…here,” he says, leaning toward me so his lips are near mine. My entire body is hyperaware of this man, with his hands and his muscles and his lips that are thick and soft. My nipples tighten beneath my shirt. He presses his lips to the corner of my mouth.

The scent of garlic and marinara and Dave and his lips are on mine. He slides his hand to the small of my back. He knows just how to make me melt into a puddle of goo. His lips drift down from my mouth to the curve of my neck. His hot breath on my flesh. He presses his other hand to my chest and his thumb rubs over the tight bud of my nipple.

“Anybody tell you how fucking hot you look today?” he whispers in my ear. His breath caresses my skin. He pulls my hair back and his lips are on my neck beneath my ear and his other hand is untucking my shirt.

“You’ll ruin the sauce,” I whisper.

“Fuck the sauce,” he says.

“I’d rather you fuck me.”

I grab his pants and pull at the buckle of his belt. All I want is his hard thick cock between my legs and I want it now. I’m so fucking turned on. Is this the hormones? Who knows, but my entire body is on fire. He has my shirt up and my bra unhooked and both his hands stroke my breasts. I unbutton his jeans.

I stroke my hand down his cock. “Fuck yes,” he says. Long. Hard. And fully engorged.

I want to be fucked hard and fast. I don’t want to think. I don’t want to worry. I just want this pleasure of him taking me. He can see my desire in my eyes, he knows I want him. He wraps his hand in my hair and yanks my head back until my neck tilts. I’m wet. So fucking wet. He spins me around and he presses his lips near my ear. His stubble is rough on the skin of my neck. He reaches his hands under my skirt and lifts it up and over my ass.

“I’m fucking you right here,” he says.

He reaches beneath my thong and slides it down my legs. My palms are flat on the cold marble of the kitchen island. My breast are bare and my tits press against the stone. He bends me forward. I want it from behind. He reaches around my hip and slides his fingers through my curls. His fingers spread the lips of my pussy and stroke my clit.

His mouth is near my ear. “I’ve been thinking about your hot little pussy all day, you know that, baby?”

I’m so turned on I can’t speak. All I want is his cock. The head presses against the slit of my ass. Hard and huge. Dave’s finger still circling my sensitive nub.

“You like it from behind, don’t you baby, you like it rough,” he whispers against my ear.

“I do,” I pant out. “I do.”

“How bad do you want my cock in you?” he asks. He pulls back on my hair and I’m even wetter between my legs.

“So bad,” I say. The tension of his hand in my hair and the pleasure of his hand stroking my pussy—I can barely stand it. “I’m going to come. Oh my God, Dave, I’m going to come.” My voice cracks with pleasure, his fingertip circling and stroking and taking me over the edge.

“That’s it, baby, come for me, come for me now then I’ll make you come for me with my cock.”

“Oh Dave, oh my God,” I yell. I press my hands to the cool marble stone and I fall over the edge of pleasure. He circles my clit once, twice, three times more and I twitch with pleasure from each touch.

“That’s right, baby, feels good doesn’t it?”

“So good,” I moan out.

Dave pulls his fingertip from my clit and slides two fingers deep into my pussy.

“Oh you’re tight, baby, and wet—so fucking wet for me. You want me in you?” he whispers.

My hips move forward and back, ready for the second orgasm he’ll give me with his cock.

“Yes, please, please,” I moan.

He pulls on my hair and slides his fingers in and out of my sex as my hips roll forward and back. He slips his fingers from inside me and rubs the tip of his cock near the opening of my sex. I thrust my ass back and against him, wanting more of him, wanting him to slide hard and deep into my pussy and fill me up. So slowly, he pushes the tip of his cock past my tight opening. I moan with pleasure. My pussy tightens around his thick shaft.

“Oh God,” I moan, wanting him to sink deeper into me. I press my ass back against him wanting to take more of him inside of me.

“You’re fucking wet, baby, you ready for all my cock?” he asks.

“So ready,” I say. “Take me, take me now.”

I don’t have to ask twice—he thrusts balls-deep into me.

“Oh fuck yes, your pussy is perfect,” he moans.

He pulls out and back and thrusts up and into me again. I can barely take it, my body is on fire for him. He clasps my hip and his breathing is ragged and intense. He thrusts and my ass thrusts back to meet him. Our skin slaps and we’re both on the edge, fast and hard losing all control.

“Fuck me,” I say, “fuck me harder.” He pulls my hair and fucks me. He bends over me and his lips are by my ear.

“Say it, Carm,” he whispers.

He thrusts. I breathe. He thrusts again.

“Say it!”

I bite my bottom lip and he thrusts deep, so deep in my pussy. “I’m yours,” I whisper out. I’m so close, so fucking close.

“Louder,” he says.

I want to say it, I want it to be true. “I’m yours,” I say louder.

“Fuck yes,” Dave says, his thrust hard and deep. “That sweet pussy is mine.”

My body tenses as his hot cum jets into me and I call out his name. My pussy tightens around him and he releases deep inside me.

He presses his head to my neck and we stay that way until he slips his cock out of me. He presses his finger tip to my clit once more and my pussy tightens around nothingness and it makes me want him even more. He kisses the back of my neck, his beard rough against my flesh.

“Those are the benefits, babe,” he whispers in my ear.

I turn around. My lips are on his lips. He pulls my skirt down over my legs. I look into his eyes and he looks into mine.

My mind spins. I catch my breath. I press my cheek to his chest, hiding my gaze from his. Sometimes in life things just come too late. Like us. This. The baby came too late for us to be a couple. We may enjoy each other and we may have fucking-fantastic sex, but when we’re together for too long all we do is fight. Fight. Fight. Fight.

Six years of marriage proved that.

“I’m gonna go get cleaned up,” I say.

“I’ll finish dinner,” Dave says. He zips his pants and turns to the sink to scrub his hands.

I pass the dining room on the way toward the stairs. Roses. More wine. The table is set for two. Why not before now? Why not before I asked him to move out? What if he would’ve fixed me dinner even one night while we were married, or what if I’d wanted to have wild sex in the kitchen instead of constantly having him inject me with artificial hormones?  

I sigh and close my eyes. Just stop. The past is the past. We’re nearly divorced and both of us are at peace with where our lives are going.

Aren’t we?

Of course that was before today. The pregnancy. The job. I head up the stairs wanting to put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, to put the reality of what’s happening, so that Dave and I can pretend that we are only Ex’s With Benefits and Netflix and chill.


Author Maggie Marr

Author Maggie Marr

About the Author
Maggie Marr is the USA Today Best Selling author of hot contemporary romance. She spends her days working in entertainment and her nights writing. Maggie loves all things pop culture and when she isn’t writing, she’s reading or binge-watching Netflix. Never miss a new release, sale, bonus content, or extras by signing up for Maggie’s newsletter here: maggiemarr.net







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