Welcome to the book blitz for FATE HATES, the first book in the new adult contemporary romance/suspense series, Twist of Fate, by Tina Saxon. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

FATE HATES (Twist of Fate #1) by Tina Saxon

FATE HATES (Twist of Fate #1) by Tina Saxon

About the Book
Series: Twist of Fate #1
Author: Tina Saxon
Release Date: April 24, 2017
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
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It’s fate that led us to each other.
It’s fate that we can’t be together.

When something bad happens, you never hear anyone say, “It must be fate.” Yet fate was to blame for me being home to witness my mother’s murder. Fate paved the road my life was destined to take that tragic day. And that road led me directly to him.

We were never meant to be. Just a chance encounter with a bad boy who shocked my heart into submission.

Until fate pushed me down that road and led me to him again. Our paths didn’t just cross, they collided.

I need to fight the secrets from my past. He’s just fighting for me. Can two people destined to meet survive the devastation fate set in motion?

Welcome to my life.
Fate hates me.




Excerpt #2
Jett grabs some eggs and bacon from the fridge. He’s a sight to see cooking in the kitchen. I sit on one of the bar stools and study him as he continues to make breakfast. The muscles in his back flex whenever he moves. I’m appreciating the backside of his body, remembering exactly what that body did to mine last night. A quiet moan escapes my lips.

He slowly turns and the corner of his mouth twitches. “You keep looking at me like you want to eat me,” he growls. “I don’t fucking care who knows about us, I will throw you on that table and have a feast myself.” My whole body trembles, and I clench my thighs together trying to find the friction I’m all of a sudden in need of. I look to the table and I’m not sure I care either. Jett has a devilish glint in his eyes. He walks—or more appropriately stalks—toward me.

I hop out of my chair, grabbing onto the counter. “Jett. You wouldn’t,” I say, giggling, and try to tame the beast about to attack. He keeps walking around the island toward me. I slide around the other way, keeping hold of the counter like it’s going to protect me. His walk increases to a run. I scream and laugh as I keep running around the counter, away from him. We both slow, still opposite of each other, his beautiful emerald green eyes never leaving mine.

I’m trying to gauge his next move in this playful game of cat and mouse. I arch my eyebrows, taunting him a little. “How hungry are you?” I breathe out. He audibly sucks in a breath.

“Woman,” he warns.

I’m bouncing on my feet trying to predict which way he’ll run, but I seem to have misread him. He instantly jumps over the counter and grabs me as I dramatically squeal in surprise. He wraps his hand around my back pulling me into him. Our body’s mold to each other. I instantly feel his arousal.

“I’m fucking starving,” he says as he bites my earlobe then sucks it into his mouth. He wraps his hands around my hair and tugs, giving him full access to my neck. My lips part and my breath quickens as he alternates biting and sucking.




Author Tina Saxon

Author Tina Saxon

About the Author
I’m a girl who doesn’t mind getting dirty but also loves to be pampered. It’s not uncommon to find me in the garage cutting wood to make a bookshelf or painting a new room because I’m bored with the old color. I have more power tools than most men on my street. The only thing I’m not allowed to have is a sharp knife and an avocado. A trip to the ER, a nerve repair surgery, two sets of stitches and a forever scar … I’m okay with that rule. Did you know they make little gadgets for avocado’s? Neither did I. Words of advice, don’t try and pop the seed out with a knife.

In between being a wife and a mom to two active kids, I love girl’s nights, laying in bed with a good book, football Sundays, drinking a fruity cocktail – with lots of cherries – and being in the sun. People who don’t know me see me as quiet and shy. I’m more reserved with a wild side I keep hidden until it’s appropriate to unleash.

When I tell people I’ve written books, the main question I receive is “Are they children’s books?” It makes me laugh every time. My books are about sexy alpha males and beautiful strong-willed women, with lots of sex. Definitely not children’s books.  .

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