Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – THE FIGHTER OF ALDEA by Kira Weston


Welcome to the book blitz for THE FIGHTER OF ALDEA, a stand-alone young adult fantasy by Kira Weston. See below for information the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.



About the Book
Author: Kira Weston
Release Date: October 15, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

t’s the year 2216, and ever since Lydia Humsworth was little, she’s heard stories about electricity that used to light up skylines and planes that soared through the sky like birds. There were also stories about The Shift, which plunged the world into darkness nearly two hundred years ago and gave some people magical abilities. These people came to call themselves sorcerers.

Now, in the small village of Aldea, sixteen-year-old Lydia is training to be a Fighter in hopes of one day protecting her village. Her best friend, Daniel, spends his days working long hard hours on the farm. Humans and sorcerers have always seemed to coincide peacefully, but when Leonardo Kinch–a deranged sorcerer who blames humans for the death of his family–starts a war against humans, nothing is as they believed.

When war rages across the country, Lydia and Daniel must do everything they can to stop the war and stay alive, or risk the human race falling into extinction.





I jump up and before I’m even back on the ground, I swing out at his face. I nearly get a tap, but Joshua manages to duck away. He groans angrily and jabs at my stomach. I suck it in and jump backward, but I’m closer to the edge than I’d thought and my back slams into the rope.

Joshua smirks. He knows he’s got the upper-hand.

He goes for my stomach again, but I slip out of the way, dive into a roll that takes me behind him, and spin around to face him.

He whirls around and slices his stick down toward the top of my head. I grab my stick with both hands and hold it above me. Block.

I realize he’s holding his vertically like a sword, as opposed to holding it horizontally above his head. Bad form. I push my stick against his, forcing it toward his body. A look of confusion crosses Joshua’s face. Then I give his stick a good shove with my own, thrusting him backward enough that he loses his balance and falls down onto the mat, flat on his back.

While he’s down, I jab my stick toward his neck and tap his throat. The fight is over.

Joshua looks up at me with wide eyes, probably realizing what the result of a full force hit like that would be, and I suddenly become very aware of the fact that I’m glaring down at him. Had I wanted to fight again for revenge? What if I had lost my cool? Then I wouldn’t have been any better than he was.

Except, I didn’t hit him, whether a part of me wanted to or not. And I certainly didn’t cheat. That’s not who I am, or ever want to be.

Finally, the blood from my scratches runs all the way down my face, and just as a single drop of blood falls onto the mat, I hear the whistle.

“Winner! Lydia Humsworth!”

The crowd cheers. I’m brought back to reality. During the fight, it was as if everything and everyone had melted away and become silent. Nothing existed but me, my opponent, and the ring. I look up at the crowd who’s roaring for me. Daniel, Lucas, and my mom are cheering louder than anyone else. It hits me: I won.

I put my stick down and look up at the audience, letting my victory sink in before turning back to help Joshua up. I hold out my hand, but he shoves it away and gets up on his own.

We bow. He looks mad again. So many remarks run through my head. I told you so. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Apologies for deflating your ego… But I leave it alone. He’s probably punishing himself enough.

Instead, I bow my head and say, “Good fight, Joshua.”

He seems a little surprised at my humility, but he doesn’t return it. All he does is sneer and bow his head in return. Then we separate to have quick words with our instructors before the final winners are announced.

“Well done, Lydia,” Mr. Neil tells me, handing me a towel to wipe my face with. “You had the upper hand for most of the fight and you did some quick thinking with that final move. It was different, unexpected, and intelligent.”

“Thank you, sir,” I say politely. I’m surprised by his kind words, but I can also tell that he’s holding something back. I sigh. “What is it?”

He shifts his eyes to the side, then looks back at me. “You’re still too slow.” I purse my lips. Of course…




Author Kira Weston

Author Kira Weston

About the Author
Kira Weston writes Young Adult fiction, often day-dreaming the what-ifs of magic and science fiction, and how they might affect the world. Her debut novel, The Fighter of Aldea, comes out October 15th, 2018. Kira grew up in Las Vegas, NV under the hot sun and the distant lights of the famous Las Vegas Strip, and now resides in Colorado, which is much cooler—most of the time.

Kira currently works in retail, but hopes to put her main focus on storytelling in the near future, whether it be through books, movies, or something in between. When she’s not writing, she spends her time befriending cats, hoping for rain, drinking mochas, and listening to music.





Where to find Kira Weston
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – RAVEN DOCK (Dark Coven) by Sara Caldwell

Welcome to the book blitz for RAVEN DOCK, the first book in the young adult paranormal romance series, Dark Coven, by Sara Caldwell. See below for information the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

RAVEN DOCK (Dark Coven #1) by Sara Caldwell

RAVEN DOCK (Dark Coven #1) by Sara Caldwell

About the Book
Series: Dark Coven #1
Author: Sara Caldwell
Release Date: October 2, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble

Seventeen-year-old Harper Duncan never fit in anywhere her family moved…and they moved a lot. But after her parents and brother die in a tragic accident, she finds out she’s adopted, and her birth mother lives in a remote retreat called Raven Dock. Harper ventures north and discovers a dark family secret: her birth mother is a witch. And she’s one too. As Harper Learns about her own hidden powers, will she choose to embrace her chilling heritage, or return to the safety of the ordinary world?








First Vision
When we finally entered the house, Olive began worrying I wouldn’t come back from my trip to visit Aunt Mary. I reminded her that I was only going for two weeks, and the retreat was in the middle of nowhere. I was a city girl at heart. I needed stuff to do, like going to movies, dancing to live music, and eating greasy hotdogs or gyro sandwiches. The thought of being stuck in some remote woodland frankly horrified me. I also wondered why Dad and his sister hadn’t spoken in so long. It must have been pretty bad to avoid each other all these years. Olive asked if I’d heard from Mary. I said not by phone, though I’d received a letter. Who knew people still wrote those?

I was surprised when Jeff had handed me the letter. You could tell that Mary handwrote it with a fountain pen, in neat cursive letters. Jeff was impressed. He loved old school stuff, like his prized LP collection. The letter was quite short. Mary wrote how sorry she was for my loss, how much she looked forward to seeing me, and that she was planning a big party in my honor. Olive made a bet that she’d serve herbal tea and quinoa. This made me laugh, but suddenly I felt dizzy.

“Are you okay?” asked Olive. Her voice seemed to come from far away. Everything was blurry. I blinked and suddenly found myself somewhere else. I wasn’t physically in this other place, just seeing it in a disembodied way, like in a virtual reality game. I was inside a school bus full of Mexican children, who were jumping between the seats as kids do. One little girl wore a white ribbon in her hair. She turned to look at me, with big brown eyes. She opened her mouth as if to say something.

“Harper?” I blinked again, and Olive was in front of me, looking at me quizzically. I didn’t want to freak her out about what I had just seen, even though I was shaking inside. I chalked it up to a hallucination. After all, I was a nervous, depressed wreck. My mind was undoubtedly on a slippery psychological slope. But it sure was a strange and vivid one. I made a mental note to ask Janet about it.

The strangeness persisted as we wandered through the empty house. It felt bigger without our stuff, and our bodies zigzagging through it with the business of each day. A thin layer of dust had built up on the wooden floors, which squeaked underfoot. I looked out the front window, to where the accident had happened. All the flowers and candles were finally gone, a painful reminder that life goes on. Jeff had taken me to the spot a few days after the accident, so I could appreciate the kindness of our neighbors and strangers, many of whom had left personalized notes.


Author Sara Caldwell

Author Sara Caldwell

About the Author
Sara Caldwell teaches screenwriting and digital media courses at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing (FIDIM) in Los Angeles. She has won many awards for her writing, including Best Original Screenplay at the Burbank International Film Festival. Sara has always been drawn to the supernatural and has produced a number of award-winning short horror films through House of Gorey Productions, along with her husband Walter Gorey. She is also a member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

Like Harper in Raven Dock, Sara spent her childhood as a tumbleweed, moving around the United States and even to Guatemala, Spain and England. She’s run three marathons, authored three nonfiction books, and has three cats that enjoy perching on her shoulder while she writes at her kitchen table. It goes without saying that three is her lucky number. She’s also working on the remaining novels for the Dark Coven series, the next of which is titled Darkest Hour.

Where to find Sara Caldwell
Goodreads | IMDB | Amazon


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – ASCENSION (Avalon) by E.A. Weston

Welcome to the book blitz for AVALON, the third book in the new adult fantasy/paranormal romance series, Avalon, by USA Today bestselling author, E.A. Weston. See below for information the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

ASCENSION (Avalon #3) by E.A. Weston

ASCENSION (Avalon #3) by E.A. Weston

About the Book
Series: Avalon #3
Author: E.A. Weston
Release Date: October 2, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | iBooks

From USA Today bestselling author E.A. Weston comes the final book in the award winning Avalon series.

After encountering a fairy in the human world Reagan Lunasa learned to love again. Following her heart and the prince of fairies she crossed into another realm, where her life was put at risk time after time.

Escaping the torment of Connor’s wrath, Reagan returns to her home in Faircrest with the beloved princess of Avalon, someone who was long thought dead. Learning to co-exist and help each other through hard times Reagan is soon eager to get moving with her life. Soon, Reagan, Aurelia, Brokk, and Claudia are crossing back into Avalon with determination.

Intent on finding her prince, Reagan sets out on a path to her true love. Nothing will stop her or come between them again not even an all out battle between good and evil. With plans to follow Killian into battle, Reagan soon learns that the best laid plans don’t always go the way they were intended. Ghosts from her past resurface forcing Reagan to make a choice that could tear her world apart forever.


250 years ago in Avalon

I watch the new arrivals as they march through the gate behind me. Some of us fairies arrived early as a sign of respect, but some are just now showing up, disgusting. Each of them smiles as they are assigned their room, and I wonder who I will be stuck with. I am not here to make friends or please anyone, no, I’m here to become a fierce warrior so that one day I can protect what is mine.

“Hello,” a deep voice says.

“Hello,” I reply. My eyes take in the fairy standing before me, his tall, lean body, with his black hair just like the rest of the warrior born fairies, but this one, there’s something different about him.

“I am Rowan,” he says holding out his hand.

“Connor,” I reply, gripping his hand in return.

I watch as he places some small items on the footrest and scowl, trinkets. What good will they do him here? We are here to become warriors not miss the female fairies. He smiles when he places a small stone onto the surface.

“You have a female,” I ask.

“Indeed, my true mate,” he smiles at me lighting up his whole face.

“Congratulations,” I reply then leave the small confined space. I pace the stone walkway until my anger simmers. How can he have his true mate so soon, he is not but my age. A horn sounds, snapping me from my thoughts and I march into the field to wait my orders. Rowan stops next to me still smiling, but I plan to wipe it from his face. We hold our heads high while we are instructed on what to do.

“Swordplay,” I hiss.

“You do not like swordplay?” he questions.

“No, I prefer the real thing,” I snap.

He answers with a chuckle, and I feel my anger rise again. He is too cavalier, too…smiley to be a warrior.

“Ah, you made it,” our instructor says to him.

“Indeed I did,” Rowan says, in return. They share a secret smile, which has my hands clenching into fists.

“You may take your leave,” we are told before the instructor walks away.

“Have fun sword playing,” Rowan grins as he walks away from me.

I watch him while I cut down my warrior brother with my wooden sword. Rowan has the eyes of most of our instructors and many of our warrior brothers. I can’t seem to stop the snarl that curls my lip.

“You do not like the prince,” my partner asks.


“The crown prince,” he nods to where Rowan is now laughing with his sparring partner.

“You must be mistaken,” I reply.

“I am not. That is Prince Rowan, I have been to many revelries to know who he is,” my partner replies. “Just last summer he bonded with the princess of the summer court,” he tells me.

“Of course, I did hear that,” I reply. His true mate, a princess, of course it would be, for who else would the Goddess create for the beloved Prince of Avalon but an equally beloved Princess.

“You do not look pleased,” my partner says with watching eyes.

“I am indeed,” I reply forcing a smile to my lips. “The prince, here with us,” I sigh. Just the fairy I have always wanted to meet.


Author E.A. Weston

Author E.A. Weston

About the Author
E.A. Weston  is a USA Today bestselling author of New Adult contemporary, paranormal, and Fantasy romance novels. By day she stays at home with her daughter but each night she slips away to spin her tales and gets lost in her fantasy worlds.

As an avid reader, E.A. Weston enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she’s not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family or watching movies.

E.A. Weston was born and raised in Dublin Ireland, She now resides in southern California/



Where to find E.A. Weston
Goodreads | WebsiteFacebook | TwitterPinterest | BookBub


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – WHO (Stalker) by Megan Mitcham

WHO Book Blitz

Welcome to the book blitz for WHO, the first book in the adult psychological romantic thriller series, Stalker, by USA Today bestselling author, Megan Mitcham. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

WHO (Stalker #1) by Megan Mitcham

WHO (Stalker #1) by Megan Mitcham

About the Book
Title: WHO
Series: Stalker #1
Author: Megan Mitcham
Release Date: October 2, 2018
Genre: Adult Psychological Romantic Thriller
Links: Goodreads | AmazonAmazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | iBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay | Stalker Series | Who Page

A billionaire in high heels. A relentless stalker. A chance rooftop meeting. Her choices could send everything crashing down.

Billionaire Larkin Ashford is fiercely independent, but even she has to admit her fashion empire was built on the backs of brides. When her company has the opportunity to go public, her board of directors won’t pull the trigger unless she settles down. A series of threatening messages aren’t making her decision any easier. As she retreats to her rooftop hideaway to clear her head, she finds herself imprisoned in the strong arms of a mysterious man who thinks she was about to jump.

Despite her friends’ warnings that her wannabe savior could be her stalker, she can’t get his body off her mind. Determined to find the truth, she searches the city for her mystery man and discovers a dark secret that could bring everything she’s worked for crashing down. With her empire in danger, she’ll have to uncover the truth before her fortune and her life zero out.

Who is the first standalone novel in a pulse-pounding psychological thriller series. If you like headstrong women, steamy chemistry, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Megan Mitcham’s high-rise romantic thriller.

Buy Who to live the high life with a sleek, sexy billionaire psychological thriller soon!


Excerpt #2
Larkin wrestled out of her red jacket, hating that it was tailored so snugly. Though that’s exactly how she’d wanted it when the world wasn’t falling down around her. The fabric slipped from her fingers as she pushed toward the raised ledge. A chill kissed her bare arms and neck. She yanked the blouse from the prim tuck at her waist and pulled the pins from her conservative chignon. Wind carried her hair away from her face. Why not her troubles too?

The low wall stopped her momentum with the unforgivingness of a thousand-foot concrete barrier. Her hands trembled so, and she dared not look over the ledge. Instead, she stared at the soldered bands of gold and diamonds on her right ring finger. It called her a fool. Bile and panic churned her insides.


She ripped her mother’s wedding set from her hand and clutched it in the center of her fist. A scream, long and brutal, ripped from her throat. It cursed the sky and the stars, the land and the water, and the blood flowing through her veins.

With rage came not only tears but also sure hands. Larkin slapped the streams from her cheek, hiked the pencil skirt as high as it would go, and hopped her almost exposed ass onto the ledge. The concrete threatened to freeze her to the spot. Carefully, she turned and faced the city. In her palm, the rings burned a hole.

Time to release the past, but first, she had to confront it.

Larkin lifted her fist into the air, reared back, and—

Imposing arms banded Larkin’s waist and yanked her from the wall. Skin and patent leather scraped across the gritty surface. The torso her back slammed into was as unrelenting as the concrete. Her replenished supply of oxygen exited her lungs in a whoosh … without so much as a goodbye.

A fresh form of panic took hold. Larkin screamed, but no sound left her gaping mouth. She put the fancy shoes to work, kicking indestructible shins. Her fists met with muscle-hardened brawn. His free hand pinned her right arm to his side.

“Lady, you picked the wrong rooftop.” The stranger shook her.

If only she’d brought her purse, she’d have her gun. But no. Maybe she could play cooperative until an opportunity to escape presented itself. Christ knew screaming wouldn’t do any good, even if she had the breath for it. That was why she came up here when the world got too rough—so they couldn’t hear her release.

She could see inside a thousand windows—and if someone in any one of them looked, they would see her—but they wouldn’t hear her. Her office and apartment had spectacular views, but she never took the time to study or truly appreciate them. Not until she came up here. And look where that had gotten her.

“Stop fighting,” the man’s low voice demanded.

The cold suddenly imposed a threat to her life. Who the hell could survive a frozen spine? It must have frozen because, as he commanded, she stilled. Her mind continued to run rampant, calculating angles and dismissing them in rapid fire.

“I have money.” Larkin’s throat hardly allowed the words to pass.

“Well, thank you.” He stepped away from the edge of the building, carrying her along with him.

Hope bloomed.

“You reaffirmed my lifestyle choices.”

Then the madman laughed, and her hope died.

“Let me go.” Larkin poured as much demand into her voice as she could muster.

“So you can splat your brains on the pavement and the cops can pin it on me? No thanks.”

“What are you talking about?” Larkin tried to turn her head, to get a better read on the crazy person who held her in the unbreakable grip of his arms, but shadows shrouded his features. “Who are you?”

“Your guardian angel, sweetheart.”

His deep baritone rumbled in her ear. He didn’t feel like a guardian angel. And then a far-off bulb lit. Larkin’s hair smacked her cheeks with every vehement shake.

“I’m not trying to kill myself.”


“Are you going to rape me?”

He scoffed, and the heat of his breath coursed down her neck. “Lady, I just saved your life. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Then let me go.”

The stranger turned away from the view. His heavy boots took another step in the direction of the manhole. He lowered her what seemed like three feet, and her quaking shoes hit the ground. The cuff of his arm slid from her waist.

Larkin held perfectly still, afraid it was a trick. Her knees conspired against her, shaking and rattling her bones together.

“I hope your night gets better,” the stranger said from just behind her.

On wobbly heels, she turned her head to look up at the man who scared the shit out of her and could have done her real harm. Her gaze lifted higher and higher, shot wider and wider still to encompass the mountain behind her. The collar of a leather jacket flipped up points to a stubble-covered jaw. Dark, almost black eyes studied her from under the brim of shaggy onyx hair. A jaw made for crushing bone flexed.

His head tilted, and light caught the edge of his face. Bubbles and recesses lined the other side of his face from the point of his dark eye to the hinge of his jaw. The red scar was the stuff of horror movies. But the intensity of his gaze forced her heart into her throat, blocking her screams yet again.

Larkin eyed the manhole, twelve feet away, and ran for her life.


Author Megan Mitcham

Author Megan Mitcham

About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Megan Mitcham was born and raised among the live oaks and shrimp boats of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where her enormous family still calls home. She attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi where she received a bachelor’s degree in curriculum, instruction, and special education. For several years Megan worked as a teacher in Mississippi. She married and moved to South Carolina and worked for an international non-profit organization as an instructor and co-director.

In 2009 Megan fell in love with books. Until then, books had been a source for research or the topic of tests. But one day she read Mercy by Julie Garwood. And Oh Mercy, she was hooked!

Megan lives in Southern Arkansas where she pens sizzling suspense novels. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Goodreads. For news, giveaways, and exclusive offers sign up for her newsletter at www.meganmitcham.com!

Where to Find Megan Mitcham
Goodreads | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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Sale – FREE – The Thorntons Series by Iris Morland

The Thorntons Series Sale

For a limited time, you can get THE NEARNESS OF YOU and THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU, both books in The Thorntons, an adult contemporary romantic comedy series, part of the Love Everlasting series, by Iris Morland, for free. See below for information on the books and buy links

THE NEARNESS OF YOU (The Thortons #1) by Iris Morland

THE NEARNESS OF YOU (The Thortons #1) by Iris Morland

About Book 1
Series: The Thortons #1
Author: Iris Morland
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Link: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & NobleiBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay

The last thing Sara Flannigan needs is a man in her life. When she returns to her hometown, she vows to create a happy life for her son and to rebuild her life after a painful divorce. Yet when she meets her son’s new doctor, she can’t deny the spark of attraction that heats between them.

The problem?

He’s Harrison Thornton, the oldest son of the illustrious Thornton family. His family would never accept a woman like Sara, a woman who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. She tries to ignore the whispers of her past, but she soon realizes secrets can never stay hidden for long.

Especially from the man claiming her wounded heart.

Growing up in the rich and powerful Thornton family, Harrison has lived a charmed life. A renowned physician, the last thing he expects is to desire the mother of one of his patients. Sara is beautiful and intelligent, and she’s completely devoted to her son, something that only deepens his attraction to her.

He doesn’t want a single night of passion, though: he wants forever. Yet there are forces at work and people determined to tear them apart. Even Sara turns from him, certain she’s unworthy. Harrison refuses to let Sara slip away, and soon, he’s fighting the greatest battle of all.

The battle to win the heart of the woman he loves.


THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (The Thortons #2) by Iris Morland

THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (The Thortons #2) by Iris Morland

About Book 2
Series: The Thortons #2
Author: Iris Morland
Release Date: May 1, 2017
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Link: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & NobleiBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay

Megan Flannigan wants only two things in life: to run her bakery The Rise and Shine, and to avoid the handsome and insufferable Officer Caleb Thornton.

Caleb has made her life difficult ever since he arrested her over a decade ago, and her one wish is that he leaves her alone—while they both continue to deny the attraction that sparks between them every time they meet.

Her wishes are dashed when her bakery is robbed. To make matters worse? Caleb is assigned to the case—and now he’s the officer charged to protect Megan from a dangerous criminal.

Caleb Thornton decided to become a police officer to atone for a tragic adolescent mistake. As part of the famously rich and privileged Thornton family, he’s always been aware of how he can never measure up to his family’s expectations.

As a result, he follows the letter of the law in both his job and his personal life—except when it comes to the beautiful and fiery Megan. She makes him yearn for something more, and she attracts him as much as she frustrates him. When Caleb is assigned to watch over Megan, he’s forced to reconcile the feelings he’s harbored for her for years.

But as danger draws closer to Fair Haven, Megan and Caleb must come to grips with the past—or risk losing the love of a lifetime.


Author Iris Morland

Author Iris Morland

About the Author
A coffee addict and cat lover, Iris Morland writes sexy and funny contemporary romances. If she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys binging on Netflix shows and cooking something delicious.

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Where to Find Iris Morland
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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – KISSED OFF by Tellulah Darling


Welcome to the book blitz for KISSED OFF, a stand-alone young adult comedy/mystery/romance, by Tellulah Darling. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

KISSED OFF by Tellulah Darling

KISSED OFF by Tellulah Darling

About the Book
Author: Tellulah Darling
Release Date:
 September 18, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Comedy/Mystery/Romance
Link: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

She’s hell-bent on revenge. 

He’s desperate for adventure.

Now the only question is: does this count as a date?

Sixteen-year-old Reiko Mori’s family has clashed with the Markows in a clandestine search for the famed Lover’s Kiss Ruby, ever since their ancestors killed each other over it centuries ago in Japan. Now, after pulling off a successful museum heist, Reiko’s finally going to be the one who finds the jewel. Even better? She’s just arranged a study date with hot-but-sheltered sculptor Levi Green to work on their English project. Things are looking good.

Until a mysterious third party attacks Reiko and Levi, intent on stealing her clues to the ruby. Until Reiko discovers the Lover’s Kiss is actually in Europe, an ocean away. And until goofy, affable Levi Green turns out to be Levi Markow, mortal enemy number one.

Plan B it is: reluctantly team up with Levi to find the priceless gem before the shadowy and deadly group on the jewel’s trail finds it first.

And if history is gonna repeat itself with the kissing, running, and screwing over, see which one of them comes out on top.


Levi rubbed his arm, his expression wary. “Reiko Mori, I presume.”

“‘I presume?’” Reiko dropped into a fighter’s crouch. “You’re missing the British accent.”

Levi put his hands up in a pathetic imitation of defensive position. Her cat could have landed a punch through those gaps. “And you’re missing the reality where we aren’t about to have an MMA showdown.”

Reiko smirked but lowered her hands. “Because I’d wipe the floor with your ass.”

“Says Hit-Girl masquerading as the resident shy chick all these years. Nice James Bond alter ego you got going on.”

“I am shy.” She grabbed a dishtowel and whipped it at his head. It fluttered to the counter, far short of its mark.

Levi snorted.

“Being around my sworn enemies tends to knock it out of me. Besides, you’re one to talk, Artsy Boy. Had everyone fooled.” Including stupid me. She pushed him backwards out of the kitchen, shoving him again and again until his back hit the wall next to the front door.

Levi fended off her next blow. The sweep of his arm knocking her hands away left behind a familiar faint hint of rubbing alcohol. She’d watched him use it to remove clay from his hands at school many times. Could she be more pathetically tuned into this guy?

Levi held out his hand, palm up. “Hand over the locket, sweetheart. The real one this time.”

Sweetheart?” She pulled herself up to her full height. “Could you be more stereotypical bad guy?”

“He could have a mustachio to twirl,” Aviva said, from her avid spectator spot hanging over the bannister.

“True,” Reiko said.

Levi rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m not the one blowing kisses before screwing people over. That a move passed down through the generations with you chicks? Think that adds weight to my family being the wronged party here, Mata Hari.”

“Mata…? Argh!” She snatched up the poker.

“Go ahead, brain me.” Levi turned out his pockets in a huff. “No ruby. Just lint. I’d hate you to pointlessly commit murder except, oh yeah. You Moris are bloodthirsty!”

“Better a bloodthirsty Mori than a cowardly, backstabbing Markow!” Reiko jabbed the poker at him.

Levi grabbed the other end, the two of them engaged in a furious tug-of-war for possession. He let go suddenly, sending Reiko staggering back a few steps

Reiko flung open the door and pointed outside. With the poker. “Get. Out.”

Levi held his ground for a minute but must have decided she meant business because he grabbed his shoes. “This isn’t over.”

“You’ll get the locket over my dead body, Lion Cub.”

“Great! Can’t wait to pry it out of your cold, rigor-mortised hands,” he snapped, and stomped out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

“Shit,” said Aviva, “this is really gonna put a crimp in your dating plans.”


Author Tellulah Darling

Author Tellulah Darling

About the Author
Tellulah Darling

1) YA & New Adult romantic comedy author because her first kiss sucked and she’s compensating.

2) Firm believer that some of the best stories happen when love meets comedy and awkwardness ensues.

3) Sassy minx.

Both a hopeless romantic and total cynic, Tellulah Darling is all about the happily-ever-after, with a huge dose of hilarity along the way. Her romcoms come in a variety of heat levels and flavors; straight up romantic comedy, shaken with Greek mythology or stirred with urban fantasy.

Sassy girls. Swoony boys. What could go wrong?

.Where to Find Tellulah Darling
Goodreads | WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Google+ | Amazon


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – SCORCHIN’ (Hot Boys) by Olivia Rush

SCORCHIN’ Book Blitz

Welcome to the book blitz for SCORCHIN’, the second book in the adult contemporary romance series, Hot Boys, by Olivia Rush. See below for information the book and series, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

SCORCHIN’ (Hot Boys #2) by Olivia Rush

SCORCHIN’ (Hot Boys #2) by Olivia Rush

About the Book – Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited
Series: Hot Boys #2
Author: Olivia Rush
Release Date: September 20, 2018
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

New York’s hottest fireman just got hotter.

As a top journalist, I’ll do anything for a story. The hotter the story, the better. And hot’s just what I get when Stone Black from the Fire Station 128 came into my life.

Love wasn’t part of the plan, but those gorgeous green eyes and a hose big enough to put out my fire won me over. I try to keep it physical, my career allowing no time for romance, but I soon learn there’s more than meets the eye with Stone. He’s not just one of New City’s finest fireman, he’s a loving single father. Now, he’s ready to tear down my professional boundaries, to take what he wants.

Soon I’m dangerously close to my story, and only Stone can protect me. And when I find out I’m carrying his baby, it’s clear that if I’m not careful I just might get burned. Maybe…that’s just what I want.



My cock pressed against the inside of my jeans, hard as rock.

This was the first time I’d seen her. Hadn’t even spoken yet.

My new next-door neighbor balanced on the top rung of a rickety wooden ladder and fiddled with one of the eaves on the Starr house. Adorable squeaks and grunts escaped her—didn’t help the growing ‘situation’ downstairs—and her long dark hair swayed with each tug.

She was in cutoff jeans, her tan legs long and shapely, her ass—fuck it, ‘dat ass’—was priceless. A work of fucking art. Her skin glowed and glistened with sweat in the Louisiana summer sunshine.

What are you, a goddamn perv? So much for the friendly neighborhood doctor gig. Damn, boy, relax.

I readjusted the situation downstairs, my curiosity growing faster than my dick, and walked toward the front gate that hung on one hinge.


Hot Boys Series

Get Caught Up on the Series

Book 1: SMOKIN’
Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU


About the Author
Olivia writes romantic suspense with a healthy dose of steam. She loves writing about beautiful characters in adventurous tales. Olivia lives with a sometimes nice teen, her awesome hubby, and the world’s coolest cat. Netflix is watched daily in the Rush household and coffee is run through an IV drip. Want to try her work for free? Paste this link into your browser: BookHip.com/BHNGWP

Where to find Olivia Rush
Goodreads Amazon


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – TWISTED LIES 4 (Dirty Secrets) by Sedona Venez


Welcome to the book blitz for TWISTED LIES 4, the fourth book in the adult contemporary romance series, Dirty Secrets, by USA Today bestselling author, Sedona Venez. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

TWISTED LIES 4 (Dirty Secrets #4) by Sedona Venez

TWISTED LIES 4 (Dirty Secrets #4) by Sedona Venez

About the Book
Series: Dirty Secrets #4
Sedona Venez
Release Date:
 September 19, 2018
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Link: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

From USA Today bestselling Author Sedona Venez comes an edge-of-your-seat captivating, heart-wrenching, romantic suspense.

If you’re a fan of love/hate relationships, then read Twisted Lies 4. Or, just read it anyway. A beautiful, captivating, angst-filled story with lessons about the fine line between love and hate—and two beautifully broken characters who will stick with you long after you finish this series. 

For Core and Sin… there’s a thin line between love and hate—and nothing is what it seems.

Core’s a billionaire bad boy—living in a dangerous world—with an empire filled with dirty secrets, twisted lies, and scorching lust.  He’s a corporate god, one that sassy, curvy Sin hasn’t been able to avoid… or resist. But now the truth has come to light, and all secrets have been unveiled.

Lives are destroyed, and old wounds resurface.

It changes everything. Core and Sin are teetering on losing the love of a lifetime. A decision must be made… but Core has one last chance to make Sin his—or ruin what they have—permanently. Sin is the only one who can heal Core’s broken heart—but she no longer knows if she wants it.

Can Sin trust Core?  Or will she walk away and abandon their future… forever?

Twisted Lies 4 is the last book in the suspenseful and sexy contemporary romance Dirty Secrets Series by author Sedona Venez. A steamy romp of twists and shocking turns, readers will fall in love one last time with the ending of the popular and highly anticipated Twisted Lies serial.

Till death do us part…




Excerpt #2
“I always trust my gut.” I bit my bottom lip. My fingers itched to trail across the all-seeing eye tattoo etched into the skin of his neck, but then I caught myself. Tenderness was not something I embraced. I fucked men and then disconnected. But that was B.C.—Before Core. Now, here I was breaking all the rules with the one man I shouldn’t.

No. I will not give in to him.

He reached forward, threading his fingers through my hair. “And what is your gut telling you about me?” 

“Run because you’re nothing but trouble.”




Author Sedona Venez

Author Sedona Venez

About the Author
Sedona Venez is a romance author with a dirty mind. She lives in New York City with her hot ex-military hubby–hooah–and their fur baby. She loves writing sizzling, sexy intricate stories about strong but broken characters who push limits, overcome their fears, and risk it all for love.

You can chat with her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SedonaVenez), Twitter (@SedonaVenez), and her kick-ass romance website, (www.sedonavenez.com).

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, you can join her newsletter list (http://eepurl.com/2ixqj) and get those details delivered right to your inbox.

.Where to Find Sedona Venez
Goodreads | WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Amazon | BookBub


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – THREE MAGES AND A MARGARITA (The Guild Codex – Spellbound) by Annette Marie


Welcome to the book blitz THREE MAGES AND A MARGARITA, the first book in the new adult urban fantasy series, The Guild Codex: Spellbound, by Annette Marie. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

THREE MAGES AND A MARGARITA (The Guild Codex - Spellbound #1) by Annette Marie

THREE MAGES AND A MARGARITA (The Guild Codex – Spellbound #1) by Annette Marie

About Book 1
Series: The Guild Codex – Spellbound #1
Annette Marie
Publisher: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.
Release Date: September 14, 2018
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Broke, almost homeless, and recently fired. Those are my official reasons for answering a wanted ad for a skeevy-looking bartender gig.

It went downhill the moment they asked me to do a trial shift instead of an interview—to see if I’d mesh with their “special” clientele. I think that part went great. Their customers were complete dickheads, and I was an asshole right back. That’s the definition of fitting in, right?

I expected to get thrown out on my ass. Instead, they…offered me the job?

It turns out this place isn’t a bar. It’s a guild. And the three cocky guys I drenched with a margarita during my trial? Yeah, they were mages. Either I’m exactly the kind of takes-no-shit bartender this guild needs, or there’s a good reason no one else wants to work here.

So what’s a broke girl to do? Take the job, of course—with a pay raise

Note: The three mages are definitely sexy, but this series isn’t a reverse harem. It’s 100% fun, sassy, fast- paced urban fantasy.


When I gazed vacantly at her, Clara visibly paled. “Tori, what’s your class?” “My class?”
She pressed her hands to the bar top, eyes wide. “Your class, what is it?” “You mean at the community college? I’m taking—”

“No, your mythic class!” She shoved my card under my nose, even more frantic. “Why doesn’t your license have a mythic identification number? You’re registered, aren’t you?”

“Registered for what? Clara, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.”

“Oh my god.” Panic flashed in her eyes. “I don’t believe it. You’re human.”

I blinked again. Squinted. Rubbed one ear like I might have misheard. “Beg your pardon?”

Clara dropped my ID on the bar and hid her face behind her hands. “Darius is going to kill me. Why didn’t I check your ID last night? I’m an idiot.”

“Clara,” I said, alarmed and confused in equal measure. “I swear it’s a real ID. I’m twenty-one, old enough to bartend, and—”

“That’s not the problem,” she moaned. “How did you even find out about this place? I never should have—but you were perfect. You weren’t scared of anyone—not even Aaron! I thought you were some badass mythic who wanted to bartend, but you—”

“Get over yourself, Aaron.” Kai’s angry voice rose over Clara’s. “We’re not doing this your way—not again. Your plans always end in fireballs and explosions.”

Fireballs? Explosions? I glanced at them as Aaron snapped, “What’s wrong with that?”
“Tori.” Clara’s panicked tone drew my attention back to her as Kai and Aaron continued to argue. “Last

night, did you see anything?”


“Did you see anything … unusual?”

“Did I see anything unusual?” I repeated blankly. “Like what?”

“Say that again,” Aaron shouted furiously, “and I’ll toast your pale ass to a healthy crisp!”

His hand shot into the air—and fire burst from his fingers. The red flames danced across his skin, sparks raining down on the table. Curling his hand into a fist, he cocked his arm back, aiming for Kai.

“Aaron!” Clara shrieked. “Put your fire away!”
He froze in mid-motion, his fist still blazing. “Clara? What’s wrong?”

“Put it out!” she yelled, her voice high with panic. “Now!”

He flicked his fingers open and the flames vanished. “Jeez, don’t get your panties in a twist. I wasn’t actually going to roast him.”

“Just—just shut up for once in your life, Aaron!” Clara pressed her hands to her head like she was trying to squeeze her brain. “This is already bad enough.”

“What’s bad?” He pushed back from the table and strode over, Kai and Ezra on his heels. “What’s going on?”

I didn’t move, my eyes fixed on his hand—his hand that had been engulfed in flames. Did that count as unusual?

“I screwed up,” Clara groaned, covering her face again like she couldn’t stand to see me. “I didn’t check her ID yesterday.”

Aaron slid my driver’s license off the bar top and read it. “Victoria Dawson? Your name is Victoria?” I shook off my shock to scowl at his sniggering tone.
Kai plucked the card out of Aaron’s hand. “There’s no MID number.”
“Is it a fake ID?” Aaron asked with amusement. “Did you hire a rogue, Clara?”

“Worse,” Clara whispered. “She’s human.”

The three guys stared at me, and I stared back without the slightest idea what the hell anyone was talking about. But more important than the incomprehensible conversation was the fact Aaron’s hand had been on fire, and I couldn’t figure out how it could possibly have been a trick.

“No way,” Aaron finally said. “What’s your class, Tori?” I pointed at his hand. “Was that real fire?”
“Oh, shit,” Kai muttered.


Author Annette Marie

Author Annette Marie

About the Author
Annette Marie is the author of the Amazon best-selling Steel & Stone series, which includes Goodreads Choice Award nominee Yield the Night, and fantasy trilogy Red Winter. Her first love is fantasy, but fast- paced urban fantasy and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it’s not quite that bad) with her comparatively sensible husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat—Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.






Where to find Annette Marie
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – THE DEVIL TO PAY (Shayne Davies) by Jackie May


Welcome to the book blitz for THE DEVIL TO PAY, the first book in the adult urban fantasy series, Syane Davies, a companion series to Nora Jacobs, by Jackie May. See below for information on the book and series, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on their giveaway.

THE DEVIL TO PAY (Shayne Davies #1) by Jackie May

THE DEVIL TO PAY (Shayne Davies #1) by Jackie May

About the Book – Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited
Series: Shayne Davies #1
Author: Jackie May
Release Date: September 18, 2018
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

When it comes to talented new recruits at the Federal Underworld Agency, Nora Jacobs is only half the story…

The Devil to Pay is the first book in Jackie May’s companion series to Nora Jacobs, set in the same urban fantasy Detroit, sharing several supporting characters (hello, Nick Gorgeous), but with a new main character, Shayne Davies. This series can be enjoyed on its own, but readers of the Nora Jacobs books will be more familiar with the world and its characters.

As a fox shifter, Shayne Davies gets no respect in an underworld run by the fearsome and powerful—werewolves and vampires, sorcerers, demons, and mythical faerie creatures. Even at home, Shayne is still treated like the brat of the pack. Her mom constantly nags; her intended (but unwanted) mate ensures plenty of awkward silences, and Shayne is even expected to act submissive to the pack’s future alpha…a six year old.

Yeah. Time for Plan B.

All Shayne wants is to prove that she’s got what it takes to run with the big dogs, which is why she is constantly hounding Nick Gorgeous to make her an agent at the “Double D”, the Detroit Division of the FUA. That’s an easy “No” for Gorgeous, who keeps a strict “No Shayne Davies” policy. Well, never say never. When mysterious underworld criminals steal a load of bomb materials, the FUA picks up a messy case nobody wants to touch. It’s bad enough that a demon horde is involved, but now the annoying FBI has sent out an agent to babysit the investigation. To make matters worse, the notoriously uncooperative master vampire Henry Stadther has control over what may be the only key to breaking the case: a handsome human detective.

The whole thing’s a hopeless disaster.

So guess what, Shayne? You’re hired!




The pill is small, so I decide to be cool like people in movies and pop it in my mouth without a drink. When I swallow, the pill sticks to the back of my throat. It’s not big enough to block my air, but I’m full-on gagging and hacking when I see a guy in a white shirt and tie duck past my window, open the rear door, and let himself into the backseat.

“Hey,” I croak, “you’re just in time to pass me that soda at your feet.” Which doubles in heavily-accented snark-talk for Who and/or what the hell, random guy?

But he’s not bilingual, so he only searches at his feet and passes up to me a half-empty bottle of soda. After a drink, I cough out: “Sorry, I wasn’t ready just then to host a mugging. But I’m good now.”

“Um,” he says, unsure, “okay, I think I might have made a mistake.”

“It’s true, I’m not a hooker.” In the rearview I can see a pristine wedge of blonde hair above pleasing green eyes. But very concerned eyes. Haunted, even.

He says, “I thought you were trying to take me.”

“Again, not a hooker.”

“But there’s no room back here to take somebody. I can’t even sit down. Are these all your clothes?”

“It’s laundry day,” I lie. “And let me get this straight. You were afraid I might be here to take you away in my car, and so…you got into my car?”

“Yeah, but I was going to do this.” He jabs a gun into the back of my neck. His voice is shaking. “Now look to your left. See those guys?”

“Wait, you were going to do this, or you’re actually doing it now?”

“Just look!” He quickly adds, “Please.”

“Well, since you said please…”

“You see them?”

I do. Up ahead, just beyond the light of the blue street lamp, stand two tall figures, deep black silhouettes against a lighter black night. They appear to be facing us. Just watching. “Yeah, I see ’em.”

“Can you call them off?”

“Hey, remember that one time when you were saying you might have made a mistake about me?”

“I know, but now I figure maybe even vampires gotta have laundry day, right?”

I take another look at him in the mirror. He’s sweating. Eyes darting. His aggression is coming from fear, not anger. I know he’s human, because I can’t feel any underworld in him, and I definitely would feel something from this close.

“And now I figure,” he says, “that when I say vampire and you say nothing, that tells me that maybe I didn’t make a mistake.”

“Could be I’m just speechless because I think you’re a crazy person. Or I could be waiting for you to look at me in the rearview mirror…” His eyes go to mine in the mirror. “…so I can use my Dracula mind-control powers on you.”

He quickly turns away and digs the gun deeper into my neck. Ow. “You might be supernaturally fast, but can you dodge a bullet?”

Human. White shirt and tie. Knows about vampires… “You’re from Washington?”

“Washington state? Is that a vampire thing? Makes sense. Lots of rain there, not much sun.”

Okay, I’m going to shut up now. This guy’s either the world’s greatest bullshit artist, or he’s just a human who found out way too much, and those two shadows under the streetlight really are vampires, in which case they’ll either wipe his mind or kill him.

“I’m Detroit PD, Homicide,” he says. Not the bullshit artist, then. Nice knowing you, guy. “Two days ago I’m assigned to a hooker from Corktown, and there’s no—”

“When you say assigned, you mean she’s dead?”

“I mean, her body was found with her throat ripped out, only there’s no blood at the scene, because there’s no blood in her body. Like it’s been sucked out.”

“By vampires.”

He eases up on the gun. “Right? Is that what you think?”

“I’m saying that’s what you think.”

“I don’t think, I know. Just like I know you’re either a hooker or a vampire, and probably both.”

“Try neither, and definitely not a hooker.”

“Yeah, you said that already. Very first thing when I got in your car was ‘I’m not a hooker.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, is your name also Methinks?’”


“Methinks, Methinks! It’s like a famous internet meme or whatever, and she protests too much about the thing that’s obviously true. I’m not a hooker, I’m not a hooker! Then why are you sitting out front of Dario Machlin’s apartment?”

“Dario? You’re here for Dario?”

“You tell me.” He pulls the gun away, and my shoulders can finally relax. After another glance at the shadow figures—yep, still there—he takes a breath, collecting himself. “Vampire or not—”

Hooker or not.”

“—you have to know something. Last night you got into Underworld, which I’m pretty sure is a hangout for vampires. And you came home with Dario Machlin. You stayed all night.”

“What, so you’ve just been spying on us? Did you peek through his window at any time last night? Because you could have learned some things your girlfriend will appreciate.” I put the car into drive.

He flinches. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking us around the block. Unless you want to have a chat with those guys?”

He sucks in a breath when he sees that the shadow figures are now on the move toward us. As they pass beneath the light of the street lamp, I recognize them, and yes, they are vamps, and yes, my night just got shot to hell.




Don’t Miss the Nora Jacobs Series

Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU


Author Jackie May

Author Jackie May

About the Author
Jackie May is a pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team. Josh and Kelly live in Phoenix, Arizona with their four children and their cat, Mr. Darcy. Jackie May is their only daughter. (And she keeps asking for her cut of the profits since we’re using her name.)






Where to Find Jackie May
Goodreads Website | Twitter | Facebook


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Book Blitz – Teaser + Giveaway – UNEXPECTED HOSTAGE (Unexpected) by Layla Stone


Welcome to the book blitz for UNEXPECTED HOSTAGE, the first book in the adult science fiction romance series, Unexpected, by Layla Stone. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive teaser, and details on her giveaway.

UNEXPECTED HOSTAGE (Unexpected #1) by Layla Stone

UNEXPECTED HOSTAGE (Unexpected #1) by Layla Stone

About the Book – Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited
Series: Unexpected #1
Author: Layla Stone
Release Date: September 9, 2018
Adult Science Fiction Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Everyone says he’s dangerous.

Everyone is wrong.

My new cabin-mate is a telepath and the whole ship’s scared of him. I was too, for about three seconds. He’s quiet, but once I get him talking he’s the most fascinating man I’ve ever known. He shouldn’t be in that cage. He didn’t do anything wrong. But good thing he is, because I would love to snuggle down for a long night with a body like his.

Everyone thinks they’re safe.

Everyone is wrong.

My race is known for being peaceful, and I was too…until I was electrocuted, kidnapped, sold, and then put in a cage. I’ll get out of here soon, but while I plot my escape, I’ll enjoy my cabin-mate’s attention. She thinks she has figured me out. She’s not even close.

The ship is being attacked, a perfect diversion. There is only one problem…I want to take my cabin-mate with me.

Note to readers: This is a full length Sci-fi Romance Novel with action, adventure, adult humor and a steamy romance. Mature readers only.






Author Layla Stone

Author Layla Stone

About the Author
Layla Stone is an unapologetic romance junkie. As a self proclaimed Modern-Day Casanova of fictional men, she spins stories to create unique lovers with the plethora of races she’s dreamed up.

Southern California is where she lives with her geeky husband and two rambunctious children.





Where to Find Layla Stone
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – SCANDALOUS (Alpha Bodyguard) by Sybil Bartel


Welcome to the book blitz for SCANDALOUS, the first book in the latest adult contemporary romance series, Alpha Bodyguard, by Sybil Bartel. See below for information on the book and series, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

SCANDALOUS (Alpha Bodyguard #1) by Sybil Bartel

SCANDALOUS (Alpha Bodyguard #1) by Sybil Bartel

About the Book
Series:Alpha Bodyguard #1
Author: Sybil Bartel
Release Date: September 10, 2018
Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooksKobo

Bodyguard. Babysitter. Chauffeur.

Not what the hell I thought I’d be doing with my life.

Especially not for a spoiled Hollywood actress on location in Miami Beach. But triple pay and carrying a gun had its advantages. I’d shove away paparazzi and screaming fans for a lot less. The Marines trained me to be Force Recon—intimidation and crowd control was child’s play compared to four tours. This assignment should’ve been easy money.

But the doe-eyed starlet with the perfect ass dragged me down her rabbit hole. Living for the spotlight, she leaked the perfect scandal. I warned her making headlines wasn’t in my job description, but she kept smiling for the cameras.

Now she was going to find out just how scandalous a bodyguard could be.

*SCANDALOUS is a sexy standalone book in the new Alpha Bodyguard Series!

The Alpha Bodyguard Series
SCANDALOUS – Tank’s story
MERCILESS – Collins’s story
RECKLESS – Tyler’s story
RUTHLESS – Sawyer’s story




Excerpt #2
“Do you like me?”

A bite halfway to my mouth, I froze for a fraction of a second. Then I chewed slowly and kept my eyes off her, because it was all part of the game. “You don’t strike me as the insecure type.” I took another bite, not knowing if I should be disappointed in her lack of confidence, or watching her for whatever game she was trying to play me with.

“This isn’t about insecurity,” she countered.

Bullshit. She was wondering why I’d said what I’d said. Horny as fuck, bored with talking, I dropped my fork and grasped her nape. Then I put my eyes on her.

She drank me up like she was starving.

Deliberately, I picked her fork up, stabbed some food and brought it to her lips. Lowering my voice, I tested her. “Open your mouth.”

For two heartbeats she stared at me.

Anticipation surged, wondering if she’d comply, but ultimately hoping she wouldn’t. I bent women. I made them cave to my commands, then I gave them the mind-blowing orgasms they wanted. But it was never a challenge. It hadn’t been for years. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time a woman had been a challenge.

That alone should’ve been a warning. But add in the fact that I wanted this young-as-fuck, spoiled, hot mess of a woman to be my own personal fuck toy, and I should’ve been calling Luna to tell him to pull my ass off this assignment.

The only smart move was to disengage.

But I didn’t fucking do it.

I increased the pressure on the back of her neck, I touched the food to her lips, and I actually put fucking effort into my command. Stroking her neck, taking the threat out of my tone, I dropped my disinterested expression and let her see how goddamn much I wanted her. “Eat the food, Audrina.”




About the Author
Sybil Bartel grew up in Northern California with her head in a book and her feet in the sand. She dreamt of becoming a painter but the heady scent of libraries with their shelves full of books drew her into the world of storytelling. She loves the New Adult genre, but any story about a love so desperately wrong and impossibly beautiful makes her swoon.

Sybil now resides in Southern Florida and while she doesn’t get to read as much as she likes, she still buries her toes in the sand. If she isn’t writing or fighting to contain the banana plantation in her backyard, you can find her spending time with her handsomely tattooed husband, her brilliantly practical son and a mischievous miniature boxer…

But Seriously?

Here are ten things you probably really want to know about Sybil.

She grew up a faculty brat. She can swear like a sailor. She loves men in uniform. She hates being told what to do. She can do your taxes (but don’t ask). The Bird Market in Hong Kong freaks her out. Her favorite word is desperate…or dirty, or both—she can’t decide. She has a thing for muscle cars. But never reply on her for driving directions, ever. And she has a new book boyfriend every week—don’t tell her husband.

To find out more about Sybil Bartel, be sure to follow her on Twitter (she loves to hear about your favorite book boyfriend!), visit her website, like her on Facebook or join her Facebook group Book Boyfriend Heroes for exclusive excerpts and giveaways.

Where to Find Sybil Bartel
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Book BoyfriendsTwitter | Amazon


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – CASINO GIRL (Baxter and Holt) by Leslie Wolfe


Welcome to the book blitz for CASINO GIRL, the second book in the adult mystery/thriller series Baxter and Holt, by bestselling author Leslie Wolfe. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on his giveaway.

CASINO GIRL (Baxter and Holt #2) by Leslie Wolfe

CASINO GIRL (Baxter and Holt #2) by Leslie Wolfe

About the Book – Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited
Series: Baxter and Holt #2
Author: Leslie Wolfe
Release Date: August 31, 2018
 Adult Mystery/Thriller
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU 

In Las Vegas, secrets are deadly.

Detectives Laura Baxter and Jack Holt are members of the elite: Las Vegas Metro PD, one of the toughest and most respected law enforcement agencies in the United States. In the middle of a city with two million residents and 43 million annual visitors, they’re hunting for a killer. 

The girl

When a beautiful, young girl is killed in the high-roller Pleasure Pit of the exclusive Scala Casino, the news reverberates for hours among the ritzy clientele. Before taking the stage where she found her death, Crystal was last seen boarding an unmarked helicopter for a late-night flight to an unknown destination.

The money

The stakes are high at the roulette table, and the players are hot-blooded. Among them, a stone-cold killer watches, waits, and kills without leaving a single trace of evidence. Rien ne va plus but death.

The game

The name of the game is murder, and it doesn’t stop with Crystal’s demise. Anyone who threatens to expose the killer’s identity will soon find they’re being targeted.

In Las Vegas, secrets can kill. 

Two mavericks make an intriguing team. Baxter and Holt trust each other with their lives, only not with their darkest secrets. 




Excerpt – Chapter One: Odds
They’re called quasi-strippers.

They don’t really bare it all, like real strippers do behind the darkened glass doors of specialty adult clubs, but they aren’t exactly fully dressed either while they perform.

Crystal preferred the term exotic dancer. Five nights a week she took the small stage at the center of the high-limit blackjack tables, in the glamorous Scala Casino. Five nights a week she danced and smiled and undulated her perfect body to the rhythm of sultry songs, carefully chosen to lure the gamblers’ attention away from the cards and the ever-diminishing stacks of their chips. In the background, nothing is more Vegas than the Scala Casino floor, filled with a million noises, dazzling lights, and excess adrenaline. Nothing is more alive.

That’s where she belonged, among the glitter and the gold, the glitzy and the rich.

She wore strappy lingerie with black and gold lace accents on beige silk, designed to trick the mind’s eye into believing she was naked. Black, knee-high stiletto boots completed her attire, her black, garter-belt straps attached to them, sexy and kinky and fun. The appreciative looks she basked in that night told her she’d chosen her ensemble well. It was going to be a profitable evening.

The familiar music seemed a bit too loud, making her wince, a little dizzy. She grabbed the pole tighter, aware she was dancing out of rhythm, but knowing the customers were too far gone to notice. It was almost four in the morning, and by that time, most of them were pleasantly inebriated, high on their own excitement and maybe more, living the Vegas dream.

The only danger was that asshole, Farley, a fat, lewd pig who liked to scream at the girls, giving them a hard time for everything they did, right or wrong regardless. Two minutes of being late or changing clothes mid-shift and she’d get pulled inside the pit manager’s office for another scolding session.

But she held her head up during those moments, aware they were going to pass and even more aware they were meant to intimidate her into offering sexual favors in return for a privileged work atmosphere.

Oh, hell, no.

Not ever. Not even if the prick turned blue in the face from too much screaming, or his waiting-to-happen stroke knocked him dead right before her eyes.

But even Stan Farley was looking away that moment, focused on a newly arrived high roller who’d taken a seat at one of the blackjack tables with a view of the stage. She didn’t know that one, but judging by the way Farley fawned over him, he must’ve been someone important.

Someone rich.

Someone who didn’t care that the odds at his blackjack table were stacked higher against him, just because the table came with a view of full inviting cleavage and tight little buns.


She felt beads of sweat bursting at the roots of her hair and forced some stale air into her lungs. Maybe the air conditioning was off, or something. The cigar smoke made it almost unbreathable, but it was an acceptable tradeoff for being allowed to work the high roller pit, not some fifty-cents-minimum roulette floor, where the tips were always Washingtons, never a Franklin and rarely a Lincoln, and not a whole lot of them to count at the end of a shift anyway.

No, she’d been lucky, and her luck had started to play in her favor about a month after she’d been hired. For that she probably had Devine to thank.

Her sweaty palms made it difficult for her to get a good grip on the shiny, chrome pole, but she managed a back hook spin and landed facing Devine. Her best friend danced some 30 feet away, on a small, elevated stage set among four, high-limit, roulette tables.

She waited until she could make eye contact with Devine and waved discreetly at her best friend. Just seeing her smile back made her feel less lonely, less vulnerable. Maybe she was going to be okay. Maybe things would work out after all.

Without realizing, she put her palm on her belly in a soft, caressing gesture, aimed to comfort the tiny sparkle of life growing inside her. She wasn’t showing a baby bump yet, but soon that would change, and with it, her entire life as she knew it.

She skipped out of rhythm again, but soon snapped out of her trance, motivated by Farley’s mean glare. She focused on her customers for a while and, within a few minutes of smiling provocatively and wiggling her rear, a crisp fifty-dollar bill landed under the thin strap of her thong, delivered by long, hairy fingers that reached lower and lingered longer than was necessary.

Sometimes she was happy the payout was 6:5 instead of 3:2 on a blackjack at the tables facing her; those jerks deserved to pay.

But she smiled at the man who’d delivered the tip and mocked a reverence without letting go of the pole. Then she let herself fall into a back bend and frowned when she saw Farley was approaching.

“What the hell is wrong with you, huh?” he snapped, after grabbing her arm and pulling her close. The music was loud, and no one could hear his words; not that anyone would care if they did. “Could you be bothered to do your job tonight? A deaf penguin has more rhythm than you.”

“I’m working it, Stan, what the hell? I haven’t taken a break in two hours.”

“The hell you are, bitch. You see those bozos? If they’re looking at their cards instead of your ass, you ain’t earning your keep.”

He let go of her arm and disappeared before she could say anything. He was a two-faced creep; with her and the other girls he showed his real charm. For all the patrons and the rest of the Scala staff, he was a perfect gentleman, always dressed in an impeccable suit and starched, white shirts, pleasantly smiling and accommodating.

She knew better than to let him get under her skin.

But her head was spinning, and she held on tight to the pole, not as part of her routine, but for much-needed balance. The music changed, and she welcomed the new beat, one of her favorites. She knew the playlist by heart; the casino had a limited supply of premixed tracks, but the customers didn’t seem to care.

Cheers erupted at the table in front of her, and one of the players lifted his arms in the air, beaming. The croupier pushed an impressive pile of chips in front of the man, and she quickly flashed her megawatt smile and made lingering eye contact. He didn’t disappoint; he picked one of the chips and sent it flying her way. She caught it gracefully, then placed it on the floor, next to the pole. Her barely-there panties weren’t made to hold casino chips.

When she looked up, she startled.

It was him. It was Paul, and he was furious, by the angle of his eyebrows, by the deep ridges flanking his mouth.

He stood right there, next to her stage, glaring at her with a loaded gaze filled with such hatred that her breath caught. He beckoned her to come closer without making a single gesture. She approached him hesitantly and crouched to bring their eyes on the same level, aware not even Farley would dare say a word. She shot a quick glance toward Devine’s stage, but she was gone, nowhere in sight.

His eyes drilled into hers, close enough she could see his dilated pupils. Without a word, he shoved a purple and white chip deep inside her bra, then grabbed the thin strap, pulling her closer to him. He said something, keeping his voice low and menacing. She couldn’t make out his words but didn’t dare to ask. She wanted to explain herself, wanted him to understand her motives, but she couldn’t find her words.

She didn’t want his money, and she didn’t deserve his anger.

When he finally let go of her strap and pushed her away, she almost fell. Her knees were shaking, and she felt the urge to sit for a moment, to catch her breath. She grabbed the pole tightly and did a clumsy back slide against the shiny surface, landing hard on her butt, then folded her legs to the side. She let her head hang low, and her long, wavy hair covered her face, hiding the fear in her eyes until it subsided a little.

Then she wrapped her hands around the pole again, planning to stand and do a pirouette, but her arms and legs felt numb, listless. She tried to breathe, but air refused to enter her lungs. Frantic, she looked around, searching for someone, anyone, who could help. Only one man was looking at her, but her desperate and silent plea was misunderstood.

The man licked his lips, arranged his crotch with a quick gesture, then looked away at another dancer.

She gasped for air a couple of times, then the bright lights of the casino seemed to dim, inviting darkness to engulf her view of the lively floor. Silence came, heavy, palpable. Against it, not even her own heart beats could be heard.

Defeated, she let go. Her body landed on the stage floor with a loud thump that no one heard. Unnoticed, a white and purple casino chip fell out of her top and rolled onto the floor, stopping under a table.

For a long moment, Farley thought the immobile pose was part of Crystal’s routine, some new dance move that she was trying. Customers really enjoyed seeing girls crawling on the stage; it made the viewers feel powerful, superior, in control. By the time Farley realized he’d been wrong, she was already gone. His chubby fingers felt for a pulse and found nothing.

Now he’d have to call the cops and close the pit. His worst nightmare.


Author Leslie Wolfe

Author Leslie Wolfe

About the Author
Bestselling author Leslie Wolfe is passionate about writing fiction, despite spending a significant number of years climbing the corporate ladder. Leaving the coveted world of boardrooms for the blissful peace of the Florida-based “Wolves’ den,” Leslie answers one true calling: writing.

Leslie’s novels break the mold of traditional thrillers. Fascinated by technology and psychology, Leslie brings extensive background and research in these fields that empower and add texture to a signature, multi-dimensional, engaging writing style.

Leslie released the first novel, Executive, in October 2011. It was very well received, including inquiries from Hollywood. Since then, Leslie published numerous novels and enjoyed growing success and recognition in the marketplace. Among Leslie’s most notable works, The Watson Girl (2017) was recognized for offering a unique insight into the mind of a serial killer and a rarely seen first person account of his actions, in a dramatic and intense procedural thriller.

A complete list of Leslie’s titles is available at http://wolfenovels.com/titles.

Leslie enjoys engaging with readers every day and would love to hear from you.

Become an insider: gain early access to previews of Leslie’s new novels.

Where to Find Leslie Wolfe
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – THE RETURN HOME (Sarich Brothers) by Jen Talty


Welcome to the book blitz for THE RETURN HOME, the fourth book in the adult contemporary romance series, The Aegis Network: Sarich Brothers, by Jen Talty See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

THE RETURN HOME (Sarich Brothers #4) by Jen Talty

THE RETURN HOME (Sarich Brothers #4) by Jen Talty

About the Book – Read for free with Kindle Unlimited
THE RETURN HOME: THE AEGIS NETWORK (Sarich Brothers #4) by Jen Talty
Series: Sarich Brothers #4
Author: Jen Talty
Release Date: September 6, 2018
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Major, Dylan Sarich, knows only one thing: Delta Force. He has dedicated his life to the Army and his country and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Until the unthinkable happens.

During a top-secret operation, Dylan is nearly sent home in a body bag with the rest of his team. With his wounds still fresh and on extended medical leave, Dylan returns to his hometown in Jupiter, Florida to heal his body. However no amount of physical therapy will destroy the demons lurking deep in Dylan’s soul.

Dr. Kinsley Maren is an expert in PTSD and brain trauma. When her neighbor comes to her, begging for help with her son, Kinsley can’t say no, especially when she meets Dylan. She’s certain she can break through the anger and help restore his confidence and mend his broken heart. Only she never expected he’d steal hers.




Excerpt #1
Two things needed to be accomplished during Operation Stingray. First, find and rescue three marines.

Second, make sure his men got out alive.

Mission failed.

On all accounts.

Major Dylan James Sarich closed his eyes tight, trying to erase the memories. But even if he could make the images disappear, he’d never be able to stop hearing his men, good men, scream while being tortured. The smell of burnt flesh lingered in his nostrils.

It had been four weeks since he’d woken up in a hospital in Germany, having no idea how he’d gotten there. Now he sat in the back of a small, private jet, donated by his oldest brother’s in-laws, waiting for the cabin door to open.

He glanced out the window. His mother, three brothers, and their families stood on the pavement. His niece, Abigail, helped her cousin, Kaylee, blow kisses while his nephew, Tyler, ran in circles around a stroller holding Michael, who looked to be passed out cold.

His mother held the newest addition to the Sarich family, Nick and Leandra’s second son, Emmerson, only two months old.

Behind his family, a large crowd had gathered, waving American flags, holding signs, welcoming home a hero.

Some hero.

Nine soldiers’ blood was on his hands. It didn’t matter that the President of the United States had called him to thank him for his service. The president had even gone as far as to say that Dylan deserved a medal.

For what?

Surviving torture, while other men died?

Nothing to be proud of.

“Are you ready?” the Army nurse who accompanied him from Germany to the Palm Beach International Airport asked.

What was he going to say, no?

At least he’d be able to walk down the stairs. It would hurt like hell, but nowhere near as bad as being electrocuted. The skin on his chest tightened, and he swore he could still feel the current tear into his muscles.

Carefully, he pushed to a standing position, grimacing the entire time.

He took the hand the nurse offered and hobbled with his broken ankle still in a removable boot. The stitches that had covered much of his body, including the ones that curved down the side of his face, had been removed. The burns on his chest and back were healing nicely, according to the doctor.

His family understood the military, and knew it would be weeks, maybe even months before they released a statement as to what really happened. His brothers, even when they saw his wounds, would refrain from asking him about any part of the mission.

Didn’t matter if he could talk about it.

He didn’t want to.

“You’ve got a lot of people out there happy to see you home,” the nurse said.

“The town of Jupiter is a tight-knit community.” He inhaled slowly so as not to shift his broken ribs, two of which had punctured a lung. “Let’s get this over with.” Standing on his own two feet still took more energy than he cared to admit. His back felt as though he’d been snapped in half. Every muscle shook and ached with each calculated step.

The pilot opened the door. “Thank you for your service.” He pulled up his sleeve, showing off a marine tattoo.

“Semper Fi.” Dylan nodded, grateful to have been flown back by a brother, but shame filled his heart.

Three marines and six members of Delta Force, dead.

They were the ones who should be given the hero’s welcome. Instead their wives, parents, children, and other loved ones buried what had been left.

The second Dylan’s feet hit the stairs leading to the pavement below, the crowd erupted in cheers.

His mother handed the baby over to his brother Nick as she raced to the edge of the staircase where another nurse and a wheelchair awaited.

Hell no. If he could walk down these steps, he’d walk to the fucking limo.

All he could hope for was that he didn’t fall.

‘Hi, Mom.” At six four, he towered over his mother, who wasn’t short by any means at five-foot-seven.

“I want to squeeze you like a bug, but I’m afraid that will hurt.”

He laughed. “A hug would be nice.”

Holding his mother gently in his arms, he blinked his eyes closed. There were nine mothers who would never get to hug their boys again.

“Sir, let me help you,” the nurse standing behind the wheelchair said.

“I’ll be walking.” Dylan draped his arm over his mother’s shoulders. He’d been a teenager when his father had died and through it all, his mom had been the glue that held this family together.

He and his brothers had always been close and had all served in the military, but Dylan felt like the outcast. It wasn’t just because he was the youngest, or that his career with Delta Force had been very different from his brothers and their time in the service. No. Dylan felt alone in a sea of marital bliss. He didn’t begrudge any of his brothers their wives or children. He loved them all and couldn’t imagine life without them anymore. However, that didn’t mean he wanted that life.

“You were always the most stubborn,” his mother said with her arm around his waist as they made their way across the tarmac.

His three brothers stepped forward and snapped to attention, saluting him. Tequila, his brother Ramey’s wife, also saluted as she’d served in the Air Force.

“Uncle Dylan!” his nieces and nephews shouted, jumping up and down, waving frantically, their mothers holding them back from racing forward and attacking. It had been months since he’d last seen them all, and every single one of them looked different.

“I hope we aren’t all staying at home,” he whispered.

His mother laughed. “Just you and me. Mia’s parents put up everyone else.”

Logan’s wife, Mia, came from boatloads of money, but you’d never know it by talking to her. She was one of the most down-to-earth women Dylan had ever met.

And she was perfect for his oldest brother.

“I won’t be staying here long.”

“You’re on mandatory medical leave for two months, where the hell are you going to go?” His mother had never been one to mince words.

He let out a long breath, saying nothing. Hurting his mother’s feelings wasn’t something he wanted to do, but he didn’t think he could stay with her for more than a week. He loved his mother too much to put her through the torment that raged inside his head.

“Baby Dyl,” his brother Ramey said. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks.” Dylan wanted to look away. He couldn’t stand to see the pain in his brother’s eyes. He and Ramey had a special bond having both gone to West Point. Not to mention they had shared a room their entire lives.

“You look like shit,” Nick said, sporting a forced grin.

Where Ramey had been the prankster of the family, Nick had been the most mature, and never much liked Ramey’s odd sense of humor. But over the last few years, Nick had loosened his reserve and that had been because of his wife, Leandra. She brought out the best in Nick.

“I look better than I feel,” he admitted, slapping his brother on the back. Nick had suffered great losses in his life, but he managed to find love again.

Dylan couldn’t love. Not that he’s really ever tried. Loving a woman just wasn’t in his wheelhouse.

He kissed each of his sisters-in-law and their children, fighting the desire to hold them so tight he sucked the life right out of them.

“You must be exhausted,” his oldest brother said while placing his arm around Dylan’s waist, forcing him to lean on Logan’s strength.

Logan had been a free spirit most of his life. Nothing much got under his skin. Then again, life had always come easy to Logan. Even when he lost an athletic scholarship, he managed to make it all work.

Dylan wanted to pull away. The idea he needed someone to lean on made him want to vomit, but truth be told, if he had to stand on his own accord any longer, he’d fall flat to the pavement.

“It has been a long few weeks,” he said, heading toward one of the limos. He figured he could sleep for a week, and he might just do that. His mom had promised him peace and quiet. His brothers had only come for the night, to welcome him home.

And make sure he was actually in one piece.

Only he’d left a large piece of himself in an undisclosed location on a mission he couldn’t talk about.

His brothers would return for the Fourth of July parade. The one Dylan hoped he would be able to get out of participating in.

“Can you manage dinner with everyone?” Logan asked.

“If I can get in a nap for about a half hour, sure. Actually, I’d like that,” Dylan admitted. Being around family for short bursts between missions had always been something he looked forward to. He could get a dose of what family life was like for everyone else, and then go back to what he loved more than anything.

“Good.” Logan held the limo door open. “We’ll do something at Mia’s parents’ house and you can leave whenever you need to.”

“Sounds good.” Dylan had known Mia and her family for most of his life. They were good people and treated him like family.

A sharp pain shot through his spine as he adjusted himself in the limo. His three brothers climbed in with him, closing the door.

“Mom’s not coming with us?” Dylan glanced out the window. His mom helped the grandchildren into the other limo, before looking over her shoulder.

“She thought we’d all like some male bonding,” Logan said.

“I’ve bonded enough with you idiots over the years,” Dylan said, rubbing the back of his neck, knowing exactly where this conversation was headed.

The Aegis Network.

All his brothers had left the military and now worked for the special organization located in Orlando, Florida. No visit went without an invitation to come work with them, so why would this be any different?

“Mom is thinking about moving to Orlando,” Nick said. Of all his brothers, Nick had always been the most serious.

And the most damaged.

Until he met his wife. He still sported a serious attitude, but he’d become a much happier man.

Dylan wasn’t unhappy. Delta Force gave him purpose, and he loved what he did.

Well, he didn’t love being captured and tortured, but everything else was pretty cool and rewarding.

“She should be with all of you living there.” Dylan stretched out his good leg. Well, the leg that hadn’t been broken. Instead, he had twelve scars from where some asshole thought it would be fun to run a hot metal blade across his skin. “She could see her grandkids all the time.”

“She comes down every weekend as it is,” Ramey said. Talk about the least likely to get married and have kids. That was Ramey. Even more so than Dylan, or so everyone thought. “Puts everyone in one central location.”

“Except you,” Logan said.

The limo rolled through the gate. The sea of people that had gathered made room for the vehicle.

Dylan rolled down the window and waved as they passed through before getting on Interstate 95 for the twenty-eight-minute drive to his childhood home in Jupiter, Florida.

“I can make Orlando my only stop in Florida,” he said, catching Logan’s gaze.

“You’re homeless.” Logan shook his head.

“I’ve quarters in Ft. Bragg when I need them.” If Dylan spent twenty nights there in a year, it would be a miracle.

“That’s not a home,” Nick interjected, glaring with those deep intense blue eyes. “Not to mention the possibility that your career could be over.”

“I’m not even thirty yet. My career is far from over.” Only, Dylan knew that wasn’t true. Besides the damage to his body, his brain wasn’t functioning properly. The neurologist told him the symptoms were most likely temporary, and he had been doing better, but only time would tell.

“I know what it’s like to have an injury destroy your dreams.” Logan leaned forward. In college, he’d lost his athletic scholarship and a chance to be a pitcher in the major leagues when a shoulder injury benched him for a season. “But you have other options and I’ve already talked to Bain Asher and Decker Griggs, and they’d welcome you to the Aegis Network family.”

“The job is yours, if you want it,” Nick said.

Dylan understood why his brothers thought he should consider the job offer. He’d be lying if he didn’t get a little excited about working side by side with his brothers. The few ops they’d worked together on the side, had been some of the best times he’d ever had working.

But it wasn’t Delta Force.

And he didn’t have a wife or kids.

Nor did he want them.

“I appreciate it, but I plan on staying in the Army, with Delta Force.”

“I want you to do me one favor,” Logan said, leaning back, crossing his arms. “Take a month to recover, and then let’s have this conversation again.”

“I won’t change my mind,” Dylan said.

“Maybe not, but what happens when the Army pulls you from missions because your body can’t handle it anymore?” Ramey asked.

“Or your brain injury isn’t temporary,” Nick said with an arched brow.

“I’m only a few weeks out from the blown mission. I’m on leave so I can heal, which I will. So let’s not get into the doom and gloom, because I’m not dead and in a few weeks’ time, I’ll be able to kick all of your asses at once.”

“Doubtful, baby Dyl,” Ramey said with a chuckle.

“Call me baby Dyl again, and I’ll ram this boot where the sun doesn’t shine.” Careful not to shift his shattered ankle, he lifted the foot that sported the boot, shoving it dangerously close to his brother’s crown jewels.

“Hey, it’s better than when what’s-her-name called you baby dildo.” Ramey grinned.

“Her name was Vicki, and she didn’t use the word big, not baby. It was not meant as a dig.” Dylan’s laugh cut short when the pain in his side reminded him of the steel beam that had crushed his chest.

The limo pulled into his childhood neighborhood, a trailer park on North Highway, A1A on the Intracoastal Waterway, and across the street from the beach. A few of the neighbors stood at the gate and a big welcome home sign hung over his mother’s double-wide that overlooked the water.

Logan opened the limo door, helping Dylan to his feet. “I’ll send the limo back in about an hour.”

The driver popped the trunk and set his rucksack on the front porch. Logan quickly opened the front door, taking the bag.

Dylan took the two steps slowly, gripping the cane, turning his knuckles white. He had a bottle full of pain pills but hadn’t taken a single one. He didn’t like how they made his mind fog over. If he was going to get through this, he needed to know what his body could really handle, and when.

He also needed to keep his mind as sharp as possible, and doping up would only make things worse.

“I put your bag in your old room, and Mom has the fridge fully stocked.” Logan stood at the front door with his hands on his hips. “Do you want us to stay until dinner?”

“No. I told Mom I wanted to nap, so I appreciate you all giving me a little space.”

Logan nodded and left, leaving Dylan alone with his thoughts.

He hobbled to the bookshelf and pulled down the picture of him, his brothers, and his father on the last day they’d seen their dad alive.

Stick together, boys. Make sure you always have each other’s back.

A dryness rubbed across his eyes. “I miss you, Dad.”




Author Jen Talty

Author Jen Talty

About the Author
Jen Talty is an award-winning author of Romantic Suspense. Dark Water hit #10 in Barnes and Noble and her books have been in the top 50 on Amazon. Jennifer grew up in Rochester, New York. She recently retired from being a full-time hockey mom as her children hung up their skates. She and her husband still live in Rochester while her children travel globe. Jen was the co-founder of Cool Gus Publishing with NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer. For more information about Jen Talty please visit: jentalty.com.





Where to find Jen Talty
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – A COURT OF BLOOD AND VOID (War of Gods) by Meg Xuemei X


Welcome to the book blitz for A COURT OF BLOOD AND VOID, the first book in the adult fantasy romance series, War of Gods, by Meg Xuemei X. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

A COURT OF BLOOD AND VOID (War of Gods #1) by Meg Xuemei X

A COURT OF BLOOD AND VOID (War of Gods #1) by Meg Xuemei X

About the Book – Read for free with Kindle Unlimited
Series: War of Gods #1
Author: Meg Xuemei X
Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing
Release Date: September 4, 2018
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

They call me beautiful. They call me a monster. Soon, they’ll call me death.

As a direct descendant of the God of Death, Cassandra Saélihn is considered the most dangerous monster of all time. Her own mother locks her in a cage to protect the world from her lethal potential. Cass thought this imprisoned life would be her fate, but then four sexy, formidable warriors–a vampire lord, twin fae princes, and a demigod–find her.

They claim she’s not a monster, but a powerful weapon, one who can kill the Olympian gods, who have returned to Earth with a vengeance. But Cass has a mind of her own and can’t be told what to do, no matter how drawn she is to her four warrior saviors. To their dismay, the four warriors can’t tame the wild, cunning, and volatile Cass. But they have a bigger problem–their growing attraction toward her.

To turn the woman they desire into the ultimate weapon and ensure Earth’s survival, they’ll have to conquer her body and heart, which seems even more impossible than winning the war against the atrocious gods. But nothing turns these alpha males on more than an impossible dare. And nothing turns Cass on more than being stalked.

Warning: This is a full-length reverse harem fantasy/paranormal romance that features one hell of strong woman and her four powerful supernatural mates. It contains brutal battles, explicit love scenes, raw language, magic, swordfights, Greek gods, dark fae, vampires, shifters, and a lot of assholes.


Excerpt #1
hy did he suddenly have a heartbeat? I purred, and the vampire’s heart started pumping.

The panther snapped his head toward the vampire lord and bared his teeth in a half-snarl. I hadn’t been mistaken. The panther heard the vampire’s heartbeat as well and he wasn’t thrilled.  

The vampire stumbled back, clutching his hand over his heart. An instant later, he realized his own reactions and quickly removed his hand from his muscled chest.

His expression became unreadable once again. He stepped toward me aggressively and stopped a foot from my cage. I didn’t back down, but shock slammed me silent as heat rushed between my thighs as he entered my proximity.  

His nostrils flared, as did the panther’s.

Intense heat materialized in both the vampire’s and the panther’s eyes.

What kind of freak show is this?

Despite my fatigue from being starved, I clenched my fists on my side to stave off the liquid fire that continued to twirl around my lady bits, teasing and taunting my awakened lust. I’d never experienced anything like this. My body was out of control, and I didn’t like it one iota.

“What the fuck did you do to me, vampire?” I hissed. “And why has your heart suddenly started beating? You’re supposed to be undead, just like any other bloodsucker, right?”

His gray eyes narrowed, flashing with dangerous light that concealed his increased interest in me. “I didn’t expect you to have such a foul mouth and horrible manners.” His voice was rich and stern; he was used to everyone obeying him. “That’s exactly my question to you, girl. What did you do to end up here? And who are you?”


Author Meg Xuemei X

Author Meg Xuemei X

About the Author
Meg Xuemei X is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy paranormal and sci-fi romance. She finds it dreamingly delightful to be around drop-dead gorgeous alpha males who are forever tormented by her feisty heroines, formidable alien angels, wild shifters, haughty fey, dark vampires, and cunning witches.

She’s visited the universe of The Empress of Mysth, The First Witch, Shifter’s One True Mate, and Dark Chemistry. Next she’ll boldly go to the badland of The Wickedest Witch. At this moment, in her southern California abode, she’s packing as many forbidden weapons as she can carry. Her favorite one is a magical whip.

She is always happy to hear from readers and welcome new friends on Facebook.
Facebook: facebook.com/MegXuemeiX
Email: megxuemei AT gmail.com
She’ll be giddy if you sign up to her mailing list at eepurl.com/YxOcn to hear about her new release, discounts, giveaways and fun stuff!.

Where to find Meg Xuemei X
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – TRUTH IN LIES (The Generators) by Jennifer DiGiovanni


Welcome to the blog tour for TRUTH IN LIES, the second book in the young adult paranormal romance series, The Generators, by Jennifer DiGiovanni. See below for information on the book and series, buy links, the book’s playlist (which I’m in love with, by the way), and details on her giveaway.

TRUTH IN LIES (The Generators #2) by Jennifer DiGiovanni

TRUTH IN LIES (The Generators #2) by Jennifer DiGiovanni

About the Book
Series: The Generators #2
Author: Jennifer DiGiovanni
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Release Date: September 7, 2017
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords

Cara Scotto is living a secret life. She hates holding back the truth about her supernatural powers from her family and friends, but tells herself it’s the only way to protect them. When she struggles to control her surging energy levels, she fears someone will uncover pieces of the truth in her lies.

Intent on learning how to best use her new abilities, Cara trains with her boyfriend Alex, hoping to increase her speed and strength. Though Alex and Cara vow not to let fear rule their lives, they can’t forget Ian, the supernatural scientist intent on uncovering Cara’s true potential, and wonder what his next step will be. They won’t need to wait long before he strikes again.

Soon, the answer becomes clear—someone needs to step up, eliminate Ian, and replace him. Until now, Alex has avoided the underground supernatural networks, but he realizes that agreeing to take over Ian’s position may be the only way to secure the future he and Cara dream of having.



Unstoppable – The Score

Never Be the Same – Camilla Cabello

Whatever it Takes – Imagine Dragons

Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

Come Alive – Greatest Showman Soundtrack

Warriors – Imagine Dragons

Who Do You Love – Marianas Trench

Confident – Demi Lovato

I Lived – OneRepublic

Natural – Imagine Dragons

Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers, Coldplay


Author Jennifer DiGiovanni

Author Jennifer DiGiovanni

About the Author
Jennifer DiGiovanni is the author of the School Dayz Series. When she’s not writing or reading, she likes to try new sports and activities from archery to ballroom dancing, with varying degrees of success.






Where to find Jennifer DiGiovanni
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – FOR THE KINGDOM OF DRAGONS (Dragons of Eternity) by Julie Wetzel


Welcome to the book blitz for FOR THE KINGDOM OF DRAGONS, the fifth book in the new adult paranormal romance series, Dragons of Eternity, by Julie Wetzel. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

FOR THE KINGDOM OF DRAGONS (Dragons of Eternity #5) by Julie Wetzel

FOR THE KINGDOM OF DRAGONS (Dragons of Eternity #5) by Julie Wetzel

About the Book
Series: Dragons of Eternity #5
Author: Julie Wetzel
Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing
Release Date: September 4, 2018
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

It’s a dark day for the kingdom of dragons.

Kyle Markel, the King of Dragons, is presumed dead when his plane disappears over the cold waters of the Northern Sound. To make matters worse, his sister, Carissa Markel, has been given undeniable proof that Kyle’s longtime friend, Daniel Callaghan, has been sabotaging the largest investigation Eternity has ever had. He may have also been involved with Kyle’s disappearance.

But all is not what it seems.

That’s something Angela Lewis discovers when she’s awoken in the middle of the night by a strange and violent ceremony. Her quick thinking frees the handsome man tied to the table, but the knife in his chest makes his survival questionable. Unsure who to trust, she finds herself running to the only place the stranger is willing to go—The Dragon’s Wing.

Can Angela find someone to save him? And without their king, what will become of the kingdom of dragons?


Excerpt #2
Angela woke to the sounds of people talking. The steady rise and fall of voices were somewhat soothing yet annoying at the same time. She pulled the blanket tighter around her, rolled over, and tried to get back to sleep, but an uncomfortable tingle filled the air. There was no way she was going to sleep through this.

Throwing the blanket back, Angela got up from the bed and found her shoes. She stormed out of the room, searching for the source of the noise. It was fuck-all late and no one should be up at this time of the night. Especially out in the barely used barn. She turned and followed the chanting back to the steps that led to the main floor. What the hell was going on down there?

Angela was only halfway down the steps when she started having second thoughts. The scene that met her eyes made her stop. She squatted on the steps and stared out into the dimly lit room trying to understand it.

Power tingled up Angela’s spine as she watched four figures in dark robes sway to the rhythm of some strange language. Between them was a large wooden table. Angela’s heart started to race when the figures moved, and she saw the man tied to the table. The back of her mouth went dry as she crouched on the stairs, afraid to move. There was something very wrong going on here.

The activity on the floor reached a fervent pitch, and one of the cloaked figures raised a wicked blade over the captured man’s chest.

Angela pressed her hand over her mouth to hold in the scream working its way up her throat. She jumped as the blade rammed down into the bound man’s chest. Tears streamed from her eyes as she watched the four figures committing murder, but she didn’t dare move from her hiding spot.


Dragons of Eternity Series


Author Julie Wetzel

Author Julie Wetzel

About the Author
Originally from Ohio, Julie always dreamed of a job in science. Either shooting for the stars or delving into the mysteries of volcanoes. But, life never leads where you expect. In 2007, she moved to Mississippi to be with her significant other.

Now a mother of a hyperactive red headed boy, what time she’s not chasing down dirty socks and unsticking toys from the ceiling is spent crafting worlds readers can get lost it. Julie is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of big words. She likes hiking, frogs, interesting earrings, and a plethora of other fun things.

And with the Kindling Flames series, she is now an Internationally Best-Selling Author..

Where to find Julie Wetzel
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Sale Blitz – FREE for a Limited Time – A PINCH OF SALT (Three Sisters Catering) by Bethany Lopez

Three Sisters Trilogy Sale

For the first time, you can pick up A PINCH OF SALT, the first book in the adult contemporary romance series, Three Sisters Catering, by Bethany Lopez, for FREE! See below for information on the book and series and buy links.

PINCH OF SALT (Three Sister’s Catering #1) by Bethany Lopez

PINCH OF SALT (Three Sister’s Catering #1) by Bethany Lopez

About the Book
Series: Three Sister’s Catering
Author: Bethany Lopez
Release Date: August 21, 2017
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords | Pinterest Board

For the past year, talented chef Millie has been consumed with running her new catering business with her sisters, Dru and Tasha. It isn’t until Jackson walks through their door that she realizes something may be missing in the recipe of her life.

For the past year, Jackson has been dealing with the fallout of his wife’s abandonment. He’s had to learn how to be a single father to their eight-year-old daughter, and will do anything to fill the void her mother left. It isn’t until he commissions Millie for his daughter’s birthday party that he realizes he’s forgotten that he’s not only a father, but a man.

They both think they’re content in their lives, but sometimes the right amount of spice can turn an okay dish into a magnificent one. A Pinch of Salt may be all that’s needed to bring Millie and Jackson the flavor they’ve been missing.







Read the entire series

Book 1: A PINCH OF SALT – FREE for a Limited Time
Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

Book 3: A SPLASH OF VANILLA – Preorder Now
Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords


Author Bethany Lopez

Author Bethany Lopez

About the Author
Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She’s a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn’t reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In-N-Out burgers.







Where to Find Bethany Lopez
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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – JACLYN AND THE BEANSTALK by Mary Ting


Welcome to the book blitz for JACLYN AND THE BEANSTALK, a young fantasy, by Mary Ting. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway. For a limited time, you can pick up the eBook for just $1.99.



About the Book
Author: Mary Ting
Publisher: Vesuvian Books
Release Date: September 4, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

What Fate Awaits A Girl Who Hears Monsters At Night…

Sixteen-year-old Jaclyn looks up to her father. An honest man who once fought for the king, he now teaches Jaclyn how to use her wits—and her sword. But he has a secret. And his secret may have a connection to the one thing Jaclyn is hiding from him.

Upon hearing “monsters” are terrorizing the small villages around Black Mountain, Jaclyn’s father and his friends head out to hunt them … but they don’t return.

Armed only with her sword and three magic beans—a gift from a mysterious old woman—Jaclyn sets out for Black Mountain to save her father. On her climb, one bean drops and grows into a beanstalk, catching her when she falls.

She isn’t the only one that takes the ride. Jack, her childhood friend and secret crush, is following her.

Together, Jaclyn and Jack must battle to save not only their fathers, but the townspeople the beasts plan to lay waste to before it’s too late.


Teaser 1


Excerpt #2
I reached out, and just before I touched the brush, the old woman grabbed my wrist. Her probing fingers seemed to be seeking something. I gasped and jerked away from her sharp nails and the coldness of her touch.

“I apologize.” I tugged at my sleeve, even though it was already down, for fear she had seen my birthmark.

Her hood shifted and her dark, snapping eyes assured me she had. But when she peered up at me with a small smile, she eased my mind.

“Have a care, please.”

Her raspy voice stunned me, as she continued to stare, examining me like I was some kind of novelty.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized again. “I want to buy the set for my mother. I have a silver coin.”

I showed it to her. Perhaps she thought me a thief like the hat seller.

“Which one suits your fancy?”

She reached underneath her cloak for something—a dagger maybe?

My pulse raced. My mind became unsteady. Defeating an old woman would be easy, unless she was a witch. I had heard tales of witches in my younger days, but I’d never paid attention. I wished I had.

I pointed. “That one, please.”

She handed me the brush first and then the mirror. I ran my finger across the vine from the bottom, feeling the curves and indentations and the fine texture of the smooth wood. Admiring its beauty, I knew Mother would be pleased.

The old woman’s eyes stayed on my covered wrists. No fear showed through them, only recognition or something else unexplainable. Before she could ask me a question, I placed the silver coin in front of her and turned to leave.

“Stop,” she said.

I gulped fear down my throat.

Have I done something wrong? What will she ask of me?

All my life, no one had asked me about my birthmarks. I hid them well.

“Yes?” I turned to her, smiling.

“Here, I have a gift for you.”

I was foolish enough to think she would give me a silver back, so I opened my hand to her. She dropped three beans in it and closed my fist. When her hand touched mine, she gasped sharply, and her eyes rolled back.

I shuddered at her expression. I wanted to run far from her, but I remained calm when no trickery played from her. But why beans? Not a bag of beans, but three shriveled, gray, speckled beans.

“Nay, thank you.”

I tried to open my hand to return them to her, but she held steady onto me. The old fool giving me beans—she must be mad. And I needed to head back to Father.

“You look like your mother. Have ’em.” Her eyes bored into mine, and then finally let go. “You’d be wise to hold these fast. A time will come when you are in need. Use them wisely.”




Author Mary Ting

Author Mary Ting

About the Author
International Bestselling Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.





Where to find Mary Ting
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Book Blitz – Excerpt + Giveaway – TWELVE MONTHS OF AWKWARD MOMENTS by Lisa Acerbo


Welcome to the book blitz for TWELVE MONTHS OF AWKWARD MOMENTS, a new adult romantic suspense, by Lisa Acerbo. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.



About the Book
Author: Lisa Acerbo
Publisher: Torrid Books
Release Date: August 30, 2018
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble

Dani can’t wait for senior year at college. A straight-A scholar whose anxiety is a daily struggle, being awkward, introverted, and studious has become a way of life. She vows this year will be different. It’s time to move beyond her comfort zone, but that’s not easy.

Dani’s wild roommate and handsome best friend hate each other; her crazy family won’t leave her alone; and a new job forces her to be social. Unfortunately, when college romance finally calls, Dani is unable to answer thanks to a stalker who has her all tied up.

Can she stay alive long enough to find love and graduate?





Excerpt #2
There was never supposed to be a fairytale chance that I’d be the one in serious trouble. I’m the studious introvert. The college student who actually went to school to get a degree in something I love. The rule follower. The good girl. The last one asked to the party.

Evil doesn’t care when bad things happen to good girls. Someone like me isn’t supposed to have a stalker, a man who makes panic track through me like a virus, a man who devours me like the cat in the Grimm fairytale. But here I am.

I try to twist my head away, his palm smashes into my face, hitting my cheek and ear. Pain rings through my head. He draws back, knowing I’m trapped in my own living room. Dread coils in my stomach. Nausea ripens like week old bananas.

“This is what you want.” He spits the words. “This has always been what you wanted from the first day we met. I hate when women play games. For a while, I believed you might be different, but you’re not.”

He inches towards me again, his fist raised, clenched and trembling. I’m unable to speak. I gag on my breath.

“Or is this what you want?” His hand squeezes my arm so hard, I yelp. One small part of my brain realizes this might be my last chance to act. A sob escapes as I rip my arm away and run. But where can I go? I’m terrified of what follows.

“Damn it, Dani! There is nowhere to go. What do you think you’re trying to do?” His voice is placating and whiny at the same time. Time slows as I sprint from the living room to the bedroom. My thoughts flee back to my ordinary life a few months ago.


Author Lisa Acerbo

Author Lisa Acerbo

About the Author
Lisa Acerbo is a high school teacher and adjunct faculty at the University of Phoenix. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughters, two dogs, and horse. When not writing, she mountain bikes, hikes, and tries to pursue some type of further education.






Where to Find Lisa Acerbo
Goodreads | WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram


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