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Welcome to the blog tour for A SIMPLE WEDDING, a Heart’s Landing adult contemporary sweet romance from Hallmark Publishing, by award-winning author Leigh Duncan. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and a link to add it to your Goodreads TBR.

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A SIMPLE WEDDING (A Heart’s Landing Novel from Hallmark Publishing) by Leigh Duncan copy

About The Book
Series: Heart’s Landing Series #1
Author: Leigh Duncan
Publisher: Hallmark Publishing
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 10, 2020
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Fall in love with Heart’s Landing,
a romantic wedding destination,
in the first book of a Hallmark series.

Jenny always dreamed of getting married at Heart’s Landing. But when she finally visits the charming small town, she’s there to make wedding arrangements for someone else: her cousin, who also happens to be her boss and a famous movie star. Her cousin wants a simple wedding, not a media circus. To keep the event top-secret, she’s talked her assistant Jenny into pretending she’s the one getting married. 

Nick, a baker and lifelong resident of Heart’s Landing, is intrigued by this bride-to-be who starts visiting his bakery for sweet treats and conversation. It seems strange that her fiancé isn’t at least little involved with the wedding plans. 

As Jenny tries to keep up with her fickle cousin’s ever-changing demands—which exasperate the florist, the caterer, and several other vendors—she tries to hide her attraction to Nick. Meanwhile, the people in town talk Nick into trying to distract Jenny with a sightseeing tour in order to keep her from changing her mind again. The more time Nick spends with Jenny, the harder it becomes to remind himself that she’s already spoken for. 

Planning this wedding couldn’t be more complicated…and what will happen once the truth comes to light?


Jenny pointed to her empty plate. “No wonder you’re busy. I was beyond thrilled when Denise said you could fit me in for a tasting.”

We make exceptions for certain people.”

“Like people you mow down?”

“Not exactly.” He chuckled, glad to know the day’s events hadn’t doused Jenny’s feisty spirit. “Denise vouched for you, and that’s good enough for me. So, when’s the big day?”

Faint lines around her eyes tightened. “In four weeks? On June thirteenth? At three in the afternoon?”

The tentative answers weren’t what he’d expect to hear from a true Heart’s Landing bride. Determined not to leap to a hasty decision, he gave her one more chance. “Tell me about the ceremony.”

“We’re holding it in the Captain’s Cottage. The roses will be in bloom then. They surround the veranda, climb the trellises, you know.” As if she were standing on the porch surrounded by flowers, a faraway look filled her eyes. Her features relaxed. The taut expression on her face melted. “I’ve heard that the scent is absolutely heavenly.”

There it is.

The dreamy expression on Jenny’s face was exactly what he’d hoped to see. It made her stand out from the other brides who flooded Heart’s Landing during the wedding season.

He nodded. It didn’t matter that her wedding was only four weeks away, that she’d already cost him a dozen cupcakes, or that his schedule was so full he’d have to skip a few nights’ sleep in order to fill her order. He didn’t have a choice. He had to do whatever it took to give this bride the wedding of her dreams. “Have you had a chance to get your bearings yet? I’m free for the next hour or two if you’d like the nickel tour of our little town.” He held his breath, not sure why it mattered but suddenly quite certain he wanted to be the one to introduce her to a few key shop owners.

Across the table, Jenny’s eyes narrowed. “I appreciate the offer, but—”

“Look, it’s no trouble.” A sudden anxiousness rippled through him. Would she turn him down? “We only have a little while before most of the stores close for the day. You can meet some of the owners and get a feel for which ones are best suited to help with your wedding plans. Besides…” He glanced pointedly at blue and green streaks on her jacket. “You owe me.”

“Hey!” Jenny’s eyebrows slammed together. She brushed a hand over her stained jacket. “I think you’ve got that backward.”

“The chance to make it up to you, I mean,” Nick finished, his voice light and teasing.

“Well, there is that.” Grinning, she rubbed at a smudge of blue icing.


Award Winning Contemporary Romance Author, Leigh Duncan

Author Leigh Duncan

About the Author
Leigh Duncan, an Amazon bestselling author and a National Readers’ Choice Award winner, has written over two dozen novels, novellas and short stories, including A Simple Wedding, A Country Wedding, and Journey Back to Christmas for Hallmark Publishing, the Glades County Cowboys series for Harlequin, and her own Orange Blossom series. Leigh lives on Central Florida’s East Coast where she writes complex, heartwarming, and emotional stories with a dash of Southern sass.







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