A Game Worth Watching by Samantha Gudger

A Game Worth Watching by Samantha Gudger

5 out of 5 stars

All her life, people have told 17-year-old tomboy Emma Wrangton that she’s not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to succeed in life. Somewhere along the way, she started to believe them.

Without the promise of a respectable future after graduation, all Emma wants is to cherish her senior year by playing basketball with the guys and spending as much time as possible with her best friend before he heads off to some fancy university, leaving her behind.

But when the high school basketball coach recruits her to join the team—the girls’ team—Emma discovers life is anything but a slam dunk. How is she supposed to know how to be one of the girls when all she’s ever been is one of the guys?


My Review
I absolutely loved this book. Emma Wrangton is one of the most complex young adult characters I’ve read in awhile. She’s dealing with so much, including a sucktastic home life, mean girls at school, and a childhood best friend who she believes will be leaving her behind after graduation. What she doesn’t have, is any faith in herself.

She loves basketball, loves playing it, knows she’s good at it, but doesn’t believe she’s good enough. And that feeling isn’t just about her performance. She doesn’t believe she’s capable of anything. And it’s no wonder, her family is worse than abusive, they just don’t care and it’s heartbreaking.

The primary plot centers around Emma and the girls’ high school basketball team. When the new coach asks her to join the team, Emma not only says no, but ‘hell no and don’t ask me again’. Emma doesn’t do girls. Doesn’t understand them, can’t stand to be around them. Playing sports with them? Nope, not gonna happen. At least until her best friend, Riley, convinces her it’s an opportunity to be seen by scouts, get a college scholarship. Emma doesn’t believe she’ll go to college, or ever leave the garage she calls home. But Riley sees so much in her, and convinces her to try. Nothing goes smoothly. It’s not an easy transition and the girls don’t want Emma anymore than she wants them. She comes close to giving up more than once, but perseveres, and grows as a character as do her teammates.

There are two solid subplots, one involving a romance with Riley and the other centers around her relationship with her family. Both are exceptionally well done and in neither case does the author take the easy way out.

World Building
I don’t know much (anything) about basketball, but author Samantha Gudger so fully immersed me into this world, I felt like I was right there courtside throughout. I still don’t know a whole lot about the sport, but I might actually want to watch a game now. Shocking, I know. If it doesn’t involve a bat or a pigskin, I’m usually not interested, but A Game Worth Watching makes me want to watch. Go figure.

Emma is so layered, deep, wounded, and I absolutely adore her. I want to open up my spare room and let her live here, show her what a real family looks like. I loved watching her develop throughout the story, coming to terms with the things she can change and those she can’t. And what can I say about Riley? His unwavering love and support for his best friend makes him one of the best of the good guys in young adult fiction.

The rest of the characters are equally well rounded with none slipping into stereotype. The girls on the team grow and develop right along with Emma. Emma’s family is as messed up as it gets, and I do love that Samantha Gudger didn’t feel compelled to wrap that all up in a pretty bow. Sometimes broken families stay that way. Not everything is a happily ever after, but the author leaves us with enough hope, that it’s okay.

Top Five Things I Loved About A Game Worth Watching
1. The Opening Scene. We learn a heck of a lot about Emma and Riley in one really well written opening scene.

2. Riley. He is everything a best friend should be. He’s loyal, fierce, protective, warm, gentle, aggressive, affectionate, and sweet.

3. Ashley. The freshman who pushes her way into Emma’s face and worms her way into her heart is adorkable in the best possible way.

4. Basketball. Even though I didn’t come into the book as a basketball fan, I couldn’t help getting caught up in the game and rooting for the underdogs.

5. Riley’s Family. The way his mom and dad open their home and their hearts to Emma is authentic. This is what well-adjusted families do. I never questioned anything they did because it always just felt real.

Bottom Line
A Game Worth Watching is a book worth reading. Filled with complex characters, a kick-ass sports plot, and layered with themes of friendship, acceptance, and forgiveness.


Title: A Game Worth Watching
Author: Samantha Gudger
Release Date: January 16, 2013
Pages: 288
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance/Sports
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Links: Goodreads | Amazon


Author Samantha Gudger

Author Samantha Gudger

About the Author
A former three-sport athlete in high school, Samantha grew up with a ball in one hand and a book in the other. From the moment her first grade teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, Samantha knew she wanted to be an author.

Samantha currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, a ball-obsessed Australian Shepherd, and a cat that can’t get enough cuddle time. Books, writing, sports, music, and marshmallows top her list of favorites.

A Game Worth Watching is her first novel.

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