Because You Exist (Light in the Dark #1) by Tiffany Truitt

Because You Exist (Light in the Dark #1) by Tiffany Truitt

5 out of 5 stars

Life is good for LOGAN MIDDLETON. He’s quarterback of the Shepherd High football team, nephew of the town’s most successful lawyer, and boyfriend of Jenna Maples, a girl who has finally agreed to take their relationship to the next level. But nothing good lasts forever.

With only a few minutes of last period English left between him and a weekend alone with Jenna, Logan blacks out. When he awakens, he finds himself in a future where Shepherd High lies in ruins, nothing is what it seems, and everyone he loves is dead. Logan is a shifter. Chosen to travel through time, it’s up to him to figure out how to stop the terrible events that claimed his once perfect life.

Of course, all of this might be easier if he wasn’t paired with the one girl who’d rather see him dead than help him, JOSEPHINE. A girl he tormented during childhood. Strong-willed with biting wit, who lives in the shadows. Tough and dark, Jo is Shepherd High’s most notorious outcast and Logan’s opposite in every way. Together the two must overcome their many differences to figure out why they’ve been selected for such an overwhelming task, and who selected them in the first place.

Before it’s too late…


My Review
Holy freaking awesome! This book is a recipe for everything I love in a story. Time travel – check, angsty teen drama – check, a flawed protagonist that is hard to like, but you pull for anyway – check and check. Logan Middleton discovers he’s a shifter, someone who can time travel, but with no control over any of it. And to make matters worse, he’s teamed with fellow shifter, Scary Carrie, the worst girl in all of Shepherd High. She’s so awful, he’s spent a great deal of his childhood tormenting her, including her horrible nickname. Now he has to rely on her to survive.

Logan’s the big man on campus, quarterback of the football team, poised to take the team to the state championship. Except he keeps shifting into the future, where a plague has wiped out most of mankind unless he and Scary Carrie, aka Josephine, can find a way to stop it. His teammates think his newfound interest in Jo is sexual. Even his uncle has a weird obsession with his relationship with Jo. Only Logan’s perfect, cheerleader girlfriend seems to understand that Logan’s relationship with Jo goes deeper.

The plot is complex and fascinating. On the surface, it’s about Logan and Jo finding a way to save the world, but it’s more than that. There’s the mystery over what happens in the future and how they can possibly stop it. There’s the questions over why they were chosen to be shifters, and how shifting occurs. Plus there are other shifters as well as a handful of future survivors who want to kill and eat the shifters. And it’s about two damaged kids who develop a true friendship based on a common goal as well as genuine affection for each other.

There is so much going on in this story, but it’s never confusing. Tiffany Truitt weaves in the subplots so expertly, everything is seamless. Tension run high throughout the story, and I found it incredibly hard to put down. While it’s the first book in a series, the ending is well done, wrapping up enough of the story goal to satisfy me, but also leaving me dying for more. This is the first book in awhile that I’ve been this anxious to get my hands on the sequel.

World Building
The world building is intense and thorough with shifting and guides, light and dark shifters, and conductors. And all of it is really well developed. The future as well as the past are just as three-dimensional as the present world Logan and Jo inhabit most of the time, I’m impressed with the level of detail woven in. At no time does the world building feel like anything other than an extension of the plot.

I love how beautifully crafted the characters are. Jo and Logan, especially, are deep, layered, and intense. Both of them grow and develop so much over the story in natural, believable ways. In fact Because You Exist at times feels like its equal parts character-driven and plot-driven. What it is, is exceptionally well balanced.

Logan is utterly heartbreaking as the kid who leads a charmed life, popular, in love with the girl of his dreams. He tears everything apart trying to be who he thinks he should, only to to finally admit he’s a complete asshole. And he is. At times. And yet, I still want him to do the right thing. I still believe he will.

Jo is damaged beyond what anyone should be. Her story unfolds slowly throughout the novel. With every new piece of information I learn about her, the more I love her. And it only makes me want Logan to do the right thing by her even more. Oh, Logan…please, please pull your shit together in book 2!

Top Five Things I Loved About Because You Exist
1. Time Travel. It is my number one favorite genre, whether it’s books or movies.

2. The Ending. It ripped my heart out and left me craving more.

3. Logan and Jo. Because they are just so cute together, even though they aren’t “together” together.

4. Randall and Ben. Best bromance I’ve read in a long time.

5. 1996. Because it was a very good year and because did I mention I love time travel?

Bottom Line
Because you Exist is a phenomenal time-travelling young adult romance that raises the bar for the genre.

I was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


About the Book
Title: Because You Exist
Series: Light in the Dark #1
Author: Tiffany Truitt
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Pages: 294
Genre: Young Adult SciFi/Paranormal
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Links: Goodreads | AmazonBarnes & NobleLimitless Publishing


Author Tiffany Truitt

Author Tiffany Truitt

About the Author
Tiffany Truitt received her MA in literature from Old Dominion University.

Her debut Chosen Ones, first in the Lost Souls trilogy, is a searing look at what it means to be other and how we define humanity, as well as a celebration of the dangerously wonderful feeling of falling in love.

Where to Find Tiffany Truitt
Goodreads │ Website | Twitter │ Facebook

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