The Hurricane by Jennifer DiGiovanni

The Hurricane by Jennifer DiGiovanni

5 out of 5 stars

Travis and Becca grew up within shouting distance of each other, but led very different lives. When quiet Travis leaves for college, Becca senses that part of her life has chipped away, one she never expected to miss.

In the midst of a major hurricane, Travis returns to his shuttered hometown to check on his father. After months apart, Becca sees Travis again and realizes that something has shifted between them. Will it take the combined forces of nature to finally bring them together?

The Hurricane is a modern tale of unrequited love filled with complex characters, difficult family relationships, and a secret from the past that becomes the key to a young couple’s future.

My Review
I love The Hurricane. It’s a sweet romance with enough teen angst thrown in to keep me turning the pages. Becca discovers that the boy next door is more than just the caretaker’s son when he rescues her in the middle of a devastating hurricane. Like many girls in this situation, she wonders how she overlooked him for so long.

Becca Thompson comes from a different world than Travis Brennan, even though they live next door to one another. Becca’s family has money and Travis’s family works for the Thompsons. Travis has to work to put himself through college while Becca attends an exclusive prep school. Yet, they’ve known each other their whole lives.

As Becca begins to see Travis in a new light, she realizes he’s always known everything about her and she knows nothing about him. Over the holidays, they build on a lifelong friendship and it grows into something more. But the two different worlds they come from becomes a bigger issue when Becca’s parents, wayward documentary filmmakers, suddenly decide to exert parental control.

For a teen romance, the plot is more multi-faceted than many in the genre. There is a lot standing in the way of Becca and Travis’s happiness, not least of which are the class differences. But there are also ex-girlfriends, Travis’s reputation as a heartbreaker, Becca’s parents, and as is typical with teens, rampant misunderstandings.

No one does characters quite like Jennifer DiGiovanni. Becca is loveable and sweet, Travis is as patient as he is hot, and might just be the perfect boyfriend. But by far, my favorite character is Becca’s younger sister, Avery, who is hilariously spunky. As Travis says to Becca about Avery, “I like your sister. She’s a shorter, louder version of you.” I love the fun, funky, and quirky supporting cast. Best friends, snobby neighbors, and even controlling, yet mostly absent, parents are more than just stereotypes.

Bottom Line
I loved The Hurricane so much the first time I read it, that I read it again after the author revised it. I smiled, laughed, and cried. Both times I read it. It’s a quick read, full of light moments as well as some pretty emotional ones. And it’s damn hard to put down.

Title: The Hurricane
Author: Jennifer DiGiovanni
Publisher: N/A
Pages: 229
Category: Young Adult Contemporary
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
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