Welcome to the book blitz for DARKNESS, the 15th book in the adult urban fantasy series, Freya Snow, by L.C. Mawson

Welcome to the book blitz for DARKNESS, the 15th book in the adult urban fantasy series, Freya Snow, by L.C. Mawson. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway. For a limited time, you can pick up HUNT, book 1 in the series, for free.

Cover to DARKNESS, the 15th book in the adult urban fantasy series, Freya Snow, by L.C. Mawson

DARKNESS (Freya Snow Series #15) by L.C. Mawson

About the Book
Series: Freya Snow Series #15
Author: L.C. Mawson
Release Date: March 27, 2020
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
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Freya thought her fight was over.

She was wrong.

After finally defeating Lord Uther, Freya fell into a holding pattern. With her husband and daughter gone, there was nothing for her to do except wait for change.

But when her girlfriend lights a rescue beacon, it becomes apparent that all is not as quiet as Freya thought.

And saving those she cares about might mean facing the darkness that has always plagued her…

DARKNESS is the fifteenth and final book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series, which starts out as YA and follows Freya’s magical adventures through to university and into adulthood. If you like kick-ass, sarcastic heroines, immersive magical worlds beneath our own, and love that crosses the lines of magical feuds, then you’ll be instantly hooked on L.C. Mawson’s fast-paced urban fantasy series.


Excerpt #2
Sarah led Freya down to the main city, in the centre of which was a large, circular building.

They headed through the main door, where many other Witches were passing through in both directions.

As they entered the building, Freya saw that they were in a large corridor, with portals lining the walls on either side.

“Come on,” Sarah signed, leading Freya, Damon and Alex deeper into the winding corridor. “The portal we need is down here.”

Freya nodded as she realised that the corridor was forming a spiral, leading them to the heart of the building.

She expected Sarah to stop at one of the portals.

But no, they kept going.

Eventually, they reached what Freya figured must be the heart of the building, and the corridor ended in a door.

Sarah stepped over to the door before taking a dagger from her belt and drawing it across her palm.

She then reached out to the door, smearing the blood from her palm across the dark wood.

Once she pulled her hand away, the blood glowed white and then disappeared from the door before it clicked open.

Sarah led them through to a circular room, with just enough room for four portals.

“This place is really seriously protected, huh?” Alex asked as she regarded the portal Sarah stepped towards.

Sarah nodded. “Everyone thinks of Witches as scholars and healers. A reminder that the largest coven in the world was built on a foundation of blood is one that is kept close to the chest.”

“Why haven’t they just gotten rid of it?”

“Because the reminder is still important, even if we don’t want other factions using it against us. Now, come on. Our destination is through here.”

She stepped through the portal and Freya followed.

Alex and Damon arrived just behind her, into the barren stretch of land that ended in cliffs across three sides, and a large wall on the other, with no entry or exit aside from the portal.

“What is this place?” Freya asked as she walked over the dry and broken ground.

Her sense of nature was dull here, as if there was no life.

“The Amazons were founded here,” Sarah signed. “Back when magic was not so closely guarded, they were attacked by Humans. This island used to be attached to the mainland, but the Amazons killed their attackers and used their blood to cause the island to break away.”

Alex shuddered. “Their blood? You can use Humans as spell components?”

Damon nodded before Sarah could answer. “Most magical organisations and communities have outlawed the practice, but this was millennia ago.”

“Still,” Sarah signed, “it was not becoming of Witches. Nothing more can grow on this land and the Amazons have never tried to reverse the damage, lest they forget the price of their freedom, and where conflicts will inevitably lead if allowed to fester.”

She turned to Freya. “Death permeates this place. If there is anywhere that you can call to him, it will be here.”

Freya nodded before closing her eyes, trying to focus on her memories of her great-grandfather, trying to call to him.

“Death?” she asked, her voice barely coming out as a whisper, afraid that he might remain silent. “I’m here. Please, answer me.”

But there was no reply.

A crackle of Dark Energy sounded next to her and Freya turned to see the dark lightning racing over Damon’s skin, his eyes glowing red.

“Damon,” Alex said softly, but he shook his head.

“Uther has my daughter, Alex. And this clearly isn’t working.”

Freya stepped forward, but then stopped, not wanting to get too close.

Sure that he wouldn’t want her to.

“We’ll get her back,” Freya promised.

Damon met her gaze and for just a moment, she could swear that she could feel him through their marriage bond again.

It had never completely faded, but it was so faint that it might as well have.

But not now.

No, now she could feel his anguish as acutely as her own.

But then Damon looked away and the moment was gone.

Freya was partly glad he had looked away. She’d never liked making eye contact, and she would have had to do the same in a moment anyway.

But feeling the bond again…

She sighed at herself. She hadn’t felt the bond that strong in almost two years.

Probably because feeling it like that was impossible now.

No, she’d probably just imagined it out of a desperate want to connect with him again.

“You should try to call Death again,” Damon eventually said.

Freya nodded before turning away from him.

She was certain that it wouldn’t work this time, just as it hadn’t the last two times, but still she called out, hoping with everything she had that she was wrong.


DARKNESS, the 15th book in the adult urban fantasy series, Freya Snow, by L.C. Mawson is Available Now


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Author L.C. Mawson

Author L.C. Mawson

About the Author
Some say she’s an ancient creature of nightmare that was unleashed from beneath the ocean, come to devour the souls of men. Others say that she’s a cosmic being from the beyond the stars that has taken corporeal form to learn our ways for some unknown end…

In truth, L.C. Mawson lives in a tower in the middle of a haunted forest, far from civilisation and is definitely (probably?) not a witch who curses those who trespass upon her land. And she definitely cannot turn into a dragon that flies over cities in the dead of night and whose cries are often mistaken for an approaching storm. Where did you hear that? That’s absurd…

The only contact she has with humanity is publishing a book once a month, which is definitely just for fun and not part of an ancient contract with a trickster god..

Where to Find L.C. Mawson
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