Welcome to the book blitz for DEFY THE STARS, a standalone young adult fantasy by Cathrina Constantine

Welcome to the book blitz for DEFY THE STARS, a standalone young adult fantasy by Cathrina Constantine. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

DEFY THE STARS, a standalone young adult fantasy by Cathrina Constantine

DEFY THE STARS by Cathrina Constantine

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Author: Cathrina Constantine
Release Date: January 13, 2023
Young Adult Fantasy
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Circus grunt. Charmer. Fire wrangler.

Growing up within the grind of the enchanted Circus Faire, Crew’s unique talents have blossomed. Though, he’s been warned that the King of Hawkswing is determined to eradicate a certain species, and for his own sake Crew must keep his formidable gifts under wraps.

Relations between interspecies caused an imbalance of power and now are strictly forbidden. Dolorans, like Sage and her sister, are being hunted and persecuted because of their intense powers, leaving them no choice but to run to escape the genocide of their kind.

She possesses a forceful energy for good and evil.

His untapped powers are growing stronger by the day.

Survival will demand they rely on each other.

When Crew learns a dark wizard is holding his brother captive, he enters into a deal with him in hopes of getting close enough to free those he has imprisoned. Yet, what he uncovers is far more sinister than Crew could ever imagine. Can Crew harness the strength within him to save his brother and Sage and all those in the wizard’s clutches? Or will he be trapped by the wizard’s wicked plan?


Teaser from DEFY THE STARS, a standalone young adult fantasy by Cathrina Constantine


Excerpt #3
Crew spun at the sound of her voice. The hag in all her ungodly glory, a decrepit example of a woman, materialized a mere yard from him. Short in stature, her hunchbacked-frame leaned on the staff for support, and up close, her cat-eyes glared at him. Folds of wrinkles poured down her face, but what drew his sight was a cambered bone piercing the septum of her nose. “I’m too tired to play your games, woman.” He fingered the ring on his pinkie.

“No!” Her robed arm shot out, hands gaunt. “I know your ancestry. Intrigued, are you not? I feel it, in the racing of your heart, the flow of your blood.”

He left the ring on, turning it.

“Boy—I am your grandmother.” Her smile looked painful on her face. “Many generations removed.” Attempting a snicker, it came out as a wheeze. “I am Queen Esta. Sovereign Ruler of Misbegottens. Souls conceived by the mightiest, indomitable beings of creation. Our kinfolks were feared and revered by everyone, great and small.” With each spoken word the hag’s stooped vertebrae realigned. Chink by chink, her backbone straightened.

“This is your world, then.” Crew took a gander at Griggan, who was trimming his clawed nails with the tip of his sword. “You are a witch, a sorcerer—a deceiver? Am I supposed to be impressed, reverent even, to be in your presence? This is my ancestry, my inheritance? Well I think I’ll go back to being a grunt in the—”

“You profane, insolent shit.” The planes of her face changed, as if a potter’s fingers were molding, reshaping her skin. Stretching and tightening it over the bones of her face. The hood slipped off her head, bunching on her shoulders. Bedraggled locks were replenished with a growth of satiny snow-white hair. Her cat eyes flashed him a silvery wink. “Don’t trifle with me, boy.”


Teaser from DEFY THE STARS, a standalone young adult fantasy by Cathrina Constantine


Author Cathrina Constantine

Author Cathrina Constantine

About the Author
I am blessed with a loving family and forever friends. My world revolves around them.

I grew up in the small village of Lancaster, NY, where I married my sweetheart. I’m devoted to raising 5 cherished children, and now my grandchildren.

I love to immerse myself in great books of every kind of genre, which helps me to write purely for entertainment, and hopefully to inspire readers. When not stationed at my computer you can find me in the woods taking long walks with my dog.





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