Welcome to the book blitz for WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS, a standalone adult romantic suspense by C. Chilove

Welcome to the book blitz for WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS, a standalone adult romantic suspense by C. Chilove. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS, a standalone adult romantic suspense by C. Chilove


About the Book
Author: C. Chilove
Publisher: Entangled Amara
Release Date: April 19, 2021
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
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Lieutenant Colonel Brenden Jasper lives a life of secrets, danger, and clandestine missions. As commander of the most elite Black Ops unit in the world, nothing is more important to him than protecting the country he loves. But there’s a reason only the toughest, battle-tested, alpha men can call themselves members of the Black 2131 brotherhood. None but those in the highest realms of government even know of its existence, and it’s Brenden’s job to avoid emotional entanglements so he can keep it that way.

Dr. Paige Nichols has spent her life ruled by logic and reason, teaching and analyzing art history, so nothing could have prepared her for the completely overwhelming attraction-at-first-sight when she sets eyes on Brenden. Their chance encounter at a party opens her up to a tantalizing dark side she never knew she had—and leaves her wanting so much more. But a man with a dark side often comes with way too many secrets…ones that could put her life in danger.

Though their chemistry burns hotter than ever, when danger comes knocking on Paige’s door, Brenden will have to walk a fine line between duty, honor, and love.


Excerpt #3
Her feet came back to the ground and she tip-toed, kissing him again. She missed this man in spite of him vanishing for two days without a trace. Looking into Brenden’s eyes was all she needed. She felt safe, free, and now it was possible to breathe again.

“What is it?” Brenden closed the distance between them.

Paige took a deep breath fighting against her crumpling face. “Just happy to see you, that’s all. Two days is too long.”

“Quit being a girl, Nichols.”

“I am a girl, Jasper.” She crooked her head until she could see around him. He stepped to the side giving her a better view of the kids playing with the adorable, little chocolate Lab. “Oh my God.” She stepped closer and kneeled beside the little girl from down the street. “Your dog is so cute!”

“It’s not mine.” The little girl giggled as Raja went up on hind legs and nuzzled Paige in the chest. “It’s his,” she pointed at Brenden.

Paige stroked the puppy a few times before standing. She swallowed hard before coming face to face with Brenden. His beautiful eyes took her hostage and everything she had been upset about from days past vanished. He had come to mean so much to her in a short time and the realization that she meant something more to him was at her feet.

“She’s beautiful, Brenden.” Paige gulped hard, attempting to steady her thrashing heart rate. “What did you name her?”

“Raja,” the little kids chorused beside them.

“She’s yours, Nichols.” Brenden’s deep husky voice plucked a tear from her eye. His long index finger pushed it away as his large hand cupped her neck. “Just like I’m yours. We’re a loyal breed. I’m sorry.”

Paige wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, silencing him with a passionate kiss as he held her body like they were falling against gravity and kissed her back to the depths of her soul.


WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS, a standalone adult romantic suspense by C. Chilove is out now!


Author C. Chilove

Author C. Chilove

About the Author
C. Chilove is a southern girl residing in the beautiful Sunshine State. When she’s not writing, she’s cheering on her little ballerina, being protected by her daring ninja, cooking yummy dishes for her hubby, or exploring flea markets and antique stores for hidden treasures.







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