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SKIES OF OLYMPUS (Skies of Olympus #1) by Eliza Raine

SKIES OF OLYMPUS (Skies of Olympus #1) by Eliza Raine

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Series: Skies of Olympus #1
Author: Eliza Raine
Release Date: May 11, 2019
 Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy
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Twelve deadly Trials. A race for immortality. Her last chance for revenge.

Olympus is a beautiful but dangerous place, controlled by twelve Gods wielding unlimited power. Now they have devised the ultimate entertainment; a chance for their favourites to compete in twelve trials to win the ultimate prize – immortality.

Lyssa didn’t think the Gods knew who she was, until she was chosen to try out for the Trials with the crew of her old but beloved smugglers ship, the Alastor. For her the Trials are about much more than an eternal life. They’re about stopping the monster from her past gaining the one thing that would put her revenge out of reach forever. Can she face her murderous father and stop him from becoming immortal?

Join Lyssa and her crew alongside giants, centaurs, satyrs and Gods in the first of twelve episodes of this brand new YA Fantasy retelling. This is Greek mythology like you’ve never read before.




Excerpt #1
A silence fell over the crowded cargo deck as the last side of the wooden crate was crowbarred loose. Not a comfortable silence, or an amazed silence, but an unpleasant silence. The type that is never followed by anything good. Captain Lyssa of the Alastor stared, tight-lipped, as a being she had never seen before swam gently in wide circles around the tank that had been inside the crate.

It was the same size as a human, with a torso and head that was humanoid. It had no legs though, and Lyssa frowned at the tail-like limb that was there instead. The whole body and face were covered in iridescent white scales that glistened pale purple when the thin shafts of light fell on them. A brisk cough snapped her attention to the woman stood beyond the tank, the Lady Lamia.

‘I’m sorry, my lady. Can we just have a minute alone?’ Epizon said, stepping forward. The covered head he addressed nodded curtly in response. Epizon turned and marched towards the maze of stacked crates filling the back of the ship’s hull. Lyssa walked quickly to keep up with him, his stride much longer than hers. As soon as they were out of earshot, she spoke.

‘Epizon, I know what you’re going to say, and it’s too late. We can’t afford to upset these people.’

Epizon spun to face her, his dark face set and angry. ‘Captain, our code isn’t much, but we’re not slavers!’ His deep voice rose as he spoke, and she glared at him. He looked down, taking a long breath, visibly containing his emotion. ‘Captain, we did not know there was a being in the cargo. We will not sell beings.’

‘She’s already here, with six Cyclops guards and the money. What exactly do you propose we do?’ Lyssa gestured back towards where the Lady Lamia stood, surrounded by the ugly beings. They were large, stupid creatures with one amber eye in the centre of their forehead, and sharp protrusions erupting all over their hairless skulls. A nervous-looking human boy stood behind her, holding an open box of silver drachmas.

‘You know exactly what I think we should do,’ he said, urgency in his low voice. ‘You can’t seriously be suggesting we hand this creature over to her. You’ve heard the rumours.’

Lyssa clenched her fists and looked back towards the Lady Lamia. The daughter of a god, and clearly not all human, she was famous in Olympus for her cruelty. Some of the rumours said she only ate living flesh. Lyssa’s nose scrunched up in revulsion at the thought. Her eyes flicked to the tank, and her stomach lurched. The creature’s huge green eyes were fixed on her. Even from a distance, they were piercing enough to unsettle her. This thing had been alone in the dark for weeks in the hull of the Alastor. Lyssa looked back at Epizon. Any moral turmoil she felt was magnified plainly on her first mate’s face. He looked at her beseechingly.

‘Of course not,’ she breathed, and Epizon’s tense stance relaxed. ‘But we really can’t afford to fight her. That’s why we took this bloody job in the first place; she was paying well,’ Lyssa muttered. Her ‘ask no questions’ attitude suited the captain of a smugglers ship, but this wasn’t the first time it had landed her somewhere she didn’t want to be.

‘Don’t worry, Captain,’ her first mate said, his huge frame filling out as he stood taller. ‘Maybe we can reason with her.’

Lyssa snorted. ‘Ever the diplomat,’ she said, rolling her eyes. ‘The woman is rumoured to be a vampire demigod. The chances of getting out of this with no damage are slim to none.’

Epizon shrugged. ‘Cost of doing the right thing, Captain.’

‘If that cost ends up being our lives, it’s on you,’ she said, turning back towards the tank.

‘I can live with that. Besides, we’ve taken on worse things than her and her Cyclopes,’ he answered, starting towards the lady.

‘I’m more worried about the thing in the tank,’ Lyssa muttered, and followed after him.


Author Eliza Raine

Author Eliza Raine

About the Author
Eliza Raine lives near Reading in England with her husband, three cats and outrageously cute puppy. She has a BA Hons in History and has a deep-rooted passion for all types of mythology and stories about women who don’t need rescuing.

She can usually be found reading fairytale retellings, playing board games or binge-watching Netflix shows.




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