Welcome to the book blitz for THE PANTHEON PROPHECY, the first book in the adult fantasy series, Paladin, by A. Maureen Burns

Welcome to the book blitz for THE PANTHEON PROPHECY, the first book in the adult fantasy series, Paladin, by A. Maureen Burns. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

THE PANTHEON PROPHECY, the first book in the adult fantasy series, Paladin, by A. Maureen Burns

THE PANTHEON PROPHECY (Paladin Series #1) by A. Maureen Burns

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Series: Paladin Series #1
Author: A. Maureen Burns
Release Date: January 20, 2020
Genre: Adult Fantasy
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We live in a world where demigods , gods, and Ancients from the Pantheon are sworn to protect humanity. So when an exiled member of the Pantheon decides to kill everyone on earth, a demigod knight is given the mission to stop it with the help of a human.

28 year old book store owner, Elspeth, is about to find out she’s a natural born witch when she’s approached by the immortal knight in charge of protecting her.

Luka has been offered ascension into the Pantheon as a god if he completes his mission and stops the moon from colliding with the earth but his charge doesn’t truly know the first thing about her gift of mind-reading or anything about her rightful place within the Pantheon.

Everyone on the planet will die if Elspeth and Luka can’t find a way to trust in their own abilities and work together despite their growing attraction for each other.





Excerpt 2
Looking north he glanced at the mountain that normally brought him peace but today he noticed something standing as tall, just next to it, and he couldn’t make it out. He cupped his hand over his eyes and squinted as he stared. What was it?

Elspeth mimicked his gesture and stared into the distance trying to make it out as well. “What is that?”

It finally dawned on Luka what it was when he heard the gurgling of the water in the river bed again. “It’s a damn wave. Dammit, Els. That’s a tsunami! We’ve got to run!” His chest tightened because he wasn’t quite sure where they would go. He didn’t have the power to hold back a tsunami of that magnitude, even if he knew how to harness Elspeth’s energy with his. They started running south on the road and headed toward High Street.

“What about Missy?” She asked between her struggles with running and breathing.

“I can’t worry about that now Els. Let’s just get through this and we’ll deal with it then.” She nodded at him and he looked back at the wave. It was closing in on them and as they rounded the street. She pointed.

“How about Inverness Castle?” He nodded and looked over to the riverbed. Water was shooting out of the ground like a fountain in places here and there. It was pooling fast. Centuries of training and none of it had been, ‘How to survive a tsunami.’

“Don’t slow down no matter what happens. Don’t look back!” He pushed her ahead of himself and up the stairs to the door to the castle museum.

He was in fit physical shape and his legs were burning so he knew Elspeth had to be exhausted but she just kept going. Probably the adrenaline was making the pain go away but it would hit her hard later. None of that mattered at the moment as long as they made it. He wouldn’t let her see his doubt.

Behind them, people were scrambling down the street and trying to gain ground against the wave. He could hear the crunching of metal as cars slammed into each other. The screams of people as they were taken over by the wave. Luka looked back and the distance had consumed much of the height of the wave but the speed at which it was traveling was destructive nonetheless.

Elspeth heard the screams and slowed down. He knew she would want to help. It was in her nature. He pushed her and yelled over the roar of the wave. “Don’t stop. We can’t help them now.” The foundation of the castle began to shake as they climbed the stairs.

Elspeth was crying as they kept hearing people screaming. “Luka they need our help!” His heart broke for her because she had never been surrounded by death. It was a helpless feeling that he had carried before and it was a burden worse than death.

She was stumbling toward the top and clutching the handrail but she didn’t stop. He ran past her on the last few steps and slammed his entire body weight against the door, opening it so she could run in. A few people that were already on the top of the castle ran past him and started to run down the stairs.

Luka yelled at them. “You can’t go down there!” He grabbed Elspeth’s arm and dragged her until they were on the roof of the castle.

Luka looked at the wave that was just upon them and although the distance had slowed it down, it was still taller than the castle and it would hit them unless he used the last of his energy to protect them. He pulled Elspeth into his arms and closed his eyes just as he heard her screaming.

“Missy!” Luka looked in time to see Missy standing off to one side of the roof of the castle and she was smiling at them but she shook her head at Luka. He clutched Elspeth into his chest and closed his eyes imagining the wave going around them. The wave seemed to last forever and he could feel his power waning but just as he ran out of his magical energy and collapsed, the wave fell to the level of the rest of the water.

He could feel Elspeth kneeling at his side. “Luka?” She was crying and pushing his wet hair out of his face. “Stay awake!”

She pushed her forehead against his and whispered. “What are we doing? We don’t have the prophecy. I don’t even know where to begin looking for it and if I can’t even save a friend, how can I save the world? The gods picked the wrong person when they chose me.”


Author A. Maureen Burns

Author A. Maureen Burns

About the Author
Maureen is an Air Force vet and world traveler. When she’s not hanging out with family, friends, and a menagerie of family pets, she’s dabbling in photography. Reading and writing have been a part of her life for just over three decades and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. This is great because this world-creator has dozens of souls living in her head that are waiting to be written down and shared with the world.





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