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Welcome to the blog tour for SAMBA, the fourth book in the adult contemporary romantic suspense series, Sultry Nights, by Melanie Munton. See below for information on the book, buy inks, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

SAMBA (Sultry Nights #4) by Melanie Munton

SAMBA (Sultry Nights #4) by Melanie Munton

About the Book
Title: SAMBA
Series: Sultry Nights #4
Author: Melanie Munton
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 15, 2019
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Samba (n): danced to a quick, fast-paced beat, with rapid steps and a rocking, sexy swaying motion; typically has a dramatic climax.

Whether Sophie Fuentes wants to admit it or not, her life has irrevocably changed ever since undercover DEA agent Max Romano blew into it. And now that she knows the truth about who he really is, everything has changed all over again. Nothing is as she thought it was. There is no one left she can trust. All she knows for sure is that she wants nothing at all to do with Max and his lies.

Max knows he screwed up majorly with Sophie. But he’s not about to let her shut him out, not when her very life is in danger. She can yell at him, she can hate him, but she can’t deny the way her body responds to him. It might be wrong, but he’s going to use the passion that burns so brightly between them to his advantage. He’ll push her to the brink of her desire until she has no choice but to forgive him.

Their fire burns hotter than ever.
The stakes have never been higher.
The danger has never been deadlier.
But what scares Max the most is that he has no idea what’s coming for them next.

**This is a SHORT story series. Each volume is a short story serial and is an average of 30,000 words. This is NOT a full-length novel series.**


Excerpt #3

I put my bag of groceries on the kitchen counter and start grabbing all the pots and pans I’ll need. Twenty minutes later, I’m alternating chicken, sausage, prosciutto, and shrimp to sauté in a pan while cutting up tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and garlic cloves. The scents of dinner fill the house, reminding me of childhood nights listening to my parents cook together in the kitchen while dancing along to their favorite Old World tunes. 

“What are you doing?”

I turn around to find Sophie standing in the middle of the kitchen in a white tank top and striped lounge pants with wet hair. I love seeing her fresh-faced and comfortable like this, when she’s not trying to grab another man’s attention by dressing like a vixen in heels. Ironically, I’m finding it harder to look away from her now than ever before. I’d like to think I’m the only man who has ever seen her like this and who also knows the pleasures of her body.

“Cooking dinner,” I answer, turning back to the stove.


I cringe. My mother would be so disappointed to hear that the woman I’m in love with is shocked I’m cooking dinner for her and her family. 

“Because I want to and because you all need to eat.”

“I-I was going to do it,” she blusters, sounding almost offended. “I can take care of us.”

Ah, there it is. The woman is so bull-headed and prideful and independent. She doesn’t like the implication that she isn’t capable of taking care of her family. God, I love her. 

I look over my shoulder, softening my voice. “No one is saying you can’t. I know you enjoy cooking, but I wanted to give you a break. And maybe I wanted to show off my cooking skills a little.”

She bites her lip, her gaze darting to the stovetop. “What are you cooking?”

“Paella. My mother will roll over in her grave if I don’t impress people with her recipe.”

I focus on bringing the onion and bell peppers to a simmer while she processes. 

After several silent moments, she asks, “Is there anything I can help with?”

It’s a damn good thing my back is to her because my smile is both smug and victorious. “You can open the bottle of wine on the counter.”

I hear drawers open, followed by a pop as she uses the corkscrew. Then a glass full of white wine is held out in front of me. Our eye contact is intense as I take it from her. “Thank you.”

She nods and takes a sip from her glass. “I tried to make paella once.”


She winces. “It basically turned into gumbo.”

I chuckle. “It takes some time to perfect. You want me to show you?”

She’s clearly hesitant but gives in. “Okay.”

Over the next forty-five minutes, I explain in detail each step to creating an authentic Spanish paella dish. She’s attentive and eager to copy what I do or try by herself. I’m working so hard to keep my dick under control, but she’s not making it easy at all. Especially when she sidles up next to me, grazing her breasts against my arm. Or when she insists on taking over and steps in front of me at the stove, placing her ass right up against my crotch. Or when a bit of olive oil pops in the pan and she jolts back to avoid getting burned. 

The fight against an erection is lost after that.

She freezes when she feels the full impact of my hardness. My muscles lock up—I don’t even breathe—as I wait to see what she’s going to do. I was hoping we’d made some progress, even microscopic, after our angry fucking in a filthy alley last night. I feel her begin to melt against me, her ass cushioning my bulge the more she relaxes.

“Smells good in here,” her mother announces from behind us.

Sophie shoots forward, but not before—did she just wiggle her ass against me? I spot the coy smile she tries to hide from me and feel my chest swell about fifty sizes. 

It’s working.

She’s coming back to me. Slowly and—I adjust myself as discreetly as I can, preparing for the blue balls—painfully coming back, but at least it’s happening.


Author Melanie Munton

Author Melanie Munton

About the Author
Traveler. Reader. Beach-goer. St. Louis Cardinals fan. Pasta-obsessed. North Carolina resident. Sarcastic. Bit of a nerd.

Author of the Cruz Brothers, Possession and Politics, and Timid Souls series, Melanie loves all things romance, comedies and suspense in particular because it’s boring to only stick to one sub-genre! From light-hearted comedies to sexy thrillers, she likes to mix it up, but loves her some strong alpha males and sassy heroines.

Go visit Melanie’s website and sign up for her newsletter to stay updated on release dates, teasers, and other details for all of her projects!


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