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THE DEVIL INSIDE (Hell’s Gate #2) by Jane Hinchey

THE DEVIL INSIDE (Hell’s Gate #2) by Jane Hinchey

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Series: Hell’s Gate #2
Author: Jane Hinchey
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February 24, 2018
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God is missing…

And Heaven is dying.

And if that weren’t bad enough, I’m in a showdown with my brothers. I don’t care if they’re family—they pissed off the wrong sister. Those Arch Angels are going to pay the price for getting my lover, Levi Forrester dragged into another dimension by a vicious soul stealer.

Retrieving Levi won’t be easy, but I’m Hellbent on taking back what’s mine. After all, when you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

Now, with God disappearing, lost souls multiplying, and a new threat on the loose, it’s up to me to make things right.

I’m Lucy, the CEO of Hell, and come Hell or high water, I will get my way.





I woke to the sensation of heat. A lot of it. Rolling onto my back, I checked that I hadnt inadvertently set the room on fire, but there were no flames in sight. Just Levi asleep next to me, radiating an enormous amount of heat. Worried, I placed my palm on his forehead. Shit, he was burning up.

What is it?He mumbled, cracking open one eye to peer at me.

Youve got a fever. How do you feel?Worry tinged my voice. Had he brought back an infection from Xoelax?

What? No way! Im fine.He bounced out of bed, gloriously naked, and strode into the bathroom. I watched the magnificence of his muscled back, tight ass, and long lean legs before letting my hand drop to where hed been laying on the bed only moments earlier. Definitely hot. What was up with him if he wasnt ill?

His head appeared around the door frame and he crooked his finger. Coming?

The promise in his voice had me leaping from the bed and into his arms in record time. Our naked flesh collided, and I reveled in it, in the way every nerve ending sprang to life, from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Threading his fingers through my hair, he angled my head the way he wanted it and kissed me. He kissed me like Id wanted to be kissed my entire lifewith everything he had. That kiss told me he was mine and I was his. That kiss touched my very soul. It branded me. My head swam with it, my knees buckled, and I sagged against him, consumed by him.

Youre so hot,I whispered when his lips left mine to explore across my jaw and down my neck.

So are you, babe.He nipped, then soothed the sting with his tongue. He was doing crazy things to me, things that made my blood heat in my veins.

No, seriously. Youre fucking hot.I placed my palms on his chest and pushed, putting some distance between us. As in, you have a temperature. Your skin feels feverish.




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Author Jane Hinchey

Author Jane Hinchey

About the Author
Aussie Author Jane Hinchey writes sexy, snarky, badass, paranormal romances and urban fantasy novels.

Living in the City of Churches (aka Adelaide, South Australia) with her man, two cats, and turtle, she spends her days writing fantastical stories full of dark sexy vampires, hot shifters, sexy aliens, jaw dropping demons, sinful angels, and magical witches – and while they can be snarky and swear a lot, they mean well and you’ll grow to love them. Honestly.

When she’s not in her writing cave she’s usually playing the Sims, Civilizations or something similar, binge watching Netflix or upping the ante in the crazy cat lady stakes. She loves to hear from her readers, so swing on by her website at www.janehinchey.com and say hi..

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