Caught Up In You by Colee Firman

Caught Up In You by Colee Firman

4.5 out of 5 stars

Life has a way of shaping you into what it wants you to be, regardless of how much you fight it.

Brantley Prescott is damaged. Scarred by a past she can’t forget. Hiding secrets she’s terrified to share. Searching for a future she doesn’t believe she’ll ever find.

Myles Franco is alone. Burdened by mistakes he’ll never live down. Fostering a deep resentment for the opposite sex. Unleashing his wrath on any girl who gets too close.

Brantley has worked behind the bar long enough to recognize Myles for what he is—a douchebag player with nothing on his mind but keeping a steady stream of girls flowing through his bed. With his messy dark hair, sapphire blue eyes, rock-solid body, and endless tattoos he’s impossible to ignore. But that’s exactly what she plans on doing.

After just one run-in with Brantley, Myles is even more determined to stick to the rules he lives by. She’s mouthy, blunt, and doesn’t back down—no matter how hard he pushes her. She could turn out be the one temptation that drags him down the path he’s been trying to avoid. He won’t let that happen.

Both are content living behind the solid walls they’ve built around themselves. Neither is prepared for what happens when their lives collide.

Due to sexual content and graphic language – 17+ recommended.


My Review
This is one of those cases when you absolutely shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The sweet handholding depicted on the cover doesn’t even come close to capturing the intense, sometimes volatile, emotions between the pages. The tumultuous relationship between Brantley and Myles is anything but sweet, although they do share some very sweet moments. These two clash and collide, battling their way to loving one another.

The passion and fire between them is palpable, as is the angst driven by miscommunication, assumptions, and fear. Author Colee Firman has created a vivid new adult romance filled with well-developed characters. Myles and Brantley struggle to find their place in each other’s lives and the the larger world around them. The premise may not sound groundbreaking, but the storytelling sets it apart from other books in the genre. At least for me.

The plot is straightforward and really well done. I don’t find many straight romances that are page-turners, but this one was. The main story centers around Brantley and Myles, but there is some strong subplotting with each of their backstories as well as their futures apart from their relationship. My only real complaint is the event that forces Brantley to evaluate her feelings for Myles. I would have loved for that to have come about more organically, but it’s a small complaint in an otherwise strong story.

Both Myles and Brantley are tough and emotionally damaged. They both have attitudes to spare, and yet they are still extremely likable, which isn’t easy to do. Both hare really well developed and believable characters. The supporting cast are also well enough developed to be more than just cardboard props for the two protagonists to interact with.

Top Five Things I Loved About Caught Up in You
1. The banter. Myles and Brantley trade barbs with some of the most fiery couples in fiction.

2. The pacing. The way the backstory is meted out, kept me on the hook. I wanted to know about Brantley’s scars and the reason Myles left Princeton because of the way they were introduced. My curiosity was piqued and it kept me deep in the story, turning the pages to find out more.

3. Livvy. She’s the epitome of a best friend — fun, loving, and as loyal as they come.

4. Puck. Every boss should be this cool.

5. The Dempsey Boys. This pack of overgrown frat boys, all sharing a house in Baylor Grove, should be a recipe for disaster. Instead, they’re far more level-headed and responsible than you’d expect, and they’re genuinely good guys. I’m excited to see the next book in this series is about Wyatt Dempsey.

Bottom Line
Caught Up in You is one of the best new adult romances I’ve read. I look forward to reading more by this author. Soon!

I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

About the Book
: Caught Up in You
Series: Caught Up #1
Author: Colee Firman
Release Date: December 14, 2014
Pages: 299
Category: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Links: Goodreads | Amazon


Author Colee Firman

Author Colee Firman

About the Author
Colee Firman has always been a closet writer. As an only child, there were constantly stories swimming around in her head. In 2012, she finally started unleashing them on the world, beginning with The Unbinding Fate Series.

As a Michigan native, she never passes up a chance to escape the winter weather. When she’s not working at her day job or writing, she’s traveling with her longtime boyfriend, reading with her cat, or binging on Netflix.

Where to Find Colee Firman
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