Prom and Prejudice (Snark and Circumstance #4) by Stephanie Wardrop

Prom and Prejudice (Snark and Circumstance #4) by Stephanie Wardrop

4 out of 5 stars

Georgia Barrett is beginning to realize that her arch-preppie lab partner, Michael Endicott, is not at all the snob-hole she once thought. Too bad Georgia doesn’t see him for who he really is until he starts dating a poised and polished senior.

Georgia knows she should settle for his friendship, especially since telling him how she really feels would mean risking losing him altogether. But her heart tells her a chance at love might just be worth dropping her trusty shield of snark. And Georgia’s determined to find out.

My Review
In the post-date-rejection-phase, Georgia wonders more than once if she misjudged Michael. Sure, he asked her out in a spectacularly cringe-worthy fashion that made even Darcy’s attempts with Lizzie appear polished. But as she replays their relationship from the day they first met, she can’t help realizing that he has more good in him than snobbery. The problem is, it might be too late because Michael appears to have moved on after Georgia’s rejection, spending an awful lot of time with beautiful senior, Darien Drake.

As all of Georgia’s sister prepare for the prom, she tries to be happy for them and their big night. Knowing that Michael is going with Darien doesn’t help, but she’s determined to at least be a friend to him if nothing else. So when he invites her to his house to talk on the evening of prom, she can’t decide if she wants to go, knowing that it will be hard to see him leave to pick up his date, or blow to just him off.

This book winds up the main plot lines of the original Pride and Prejudice, as Georgia, as our modern-day Lizzie, realizes she misjudged her Darcy and gives him another chance. But it’s not as smooth as the Jane Austen version as Georgia’s mouth gets her into trouble more times than not, and it’s one of the things I love most about her. Other plot lines that are tied up are the fallout surrounding Cassie’s indiscretion, the real reason Jeremy was kicked out of Pemberley, and younger sister, Leigh’s, relationship with Alistair. And once again, in true Georgia fashion, she tries to make things better by doing things all the wrong way.

I love that while both Georgia and Michael have shown incredible growth through the series, Stephanie Wardrop still keeps them true to who they are, adorably flawed and incredibly real.

Top Five Things I Enjoyed About Prom and Prejudice
1. The Scarlet Letter. Georgia’s attempt to help her sister backfires in the most hilarious way.

2. Mother/Daughter Bonding. A long-overdue heart-to-heart between Georgia and her mother is sweet and at times, funny, and it explains a lot of why Georgia is the way she is. At least to me.

3. Trey. Tori’s boyfriend is definitely on Team Michael and when he gets involved with all of his guy-ness, it’s a hoot.

4. Michael. In all of his socially awkwardness, he comes through in true Michael form that is as dorky as it is endearing.

5. Georgia. She is who she is and I so love her, smart-mouth and all!

Bottom Line
Prom and Prejudice lived up to my expectations to complete this first part of the series in laugh-out-loud fashion. I can’t wait to start on Snark and Stage Fright.

About the Book
: Prom and Prejudice
Series: Snark and Circumstance #4
Author: Stephanie Wardrop
Release Date: March 23, 2014
Pages: 66
Category: Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
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Author Stephanie WardropAbout the Author
Stephanie Wardrop grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, a town mostly famous for being a railroad card in Monopoly. After giving up on her childhood goal of becoming a pirate, she decided to become a writer but took a detour through lots of college and grad school and ended up teaching writing and British and American literature.

She’s the author of the Swoon Romance e-novella series Snark and Circumstance, based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and lives in western New England with her husband, kids, cats, and gecko.

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