The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game #1) by J. Sterling

The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game #1) by J. Sterling

3 out of 5 stars

He’s a game she never intended to play. And she’s the game changer he never knew he needed.

The Perfect Game tells the story of college juniors, Cassie Andrews & Jack Carter. When Cassie meets rising baseball hopeful Jack, she is determined to steer clear of him and his typical cocky attitude. But Jack has other things on his mind… like getting Cassie to give him the time of day.

They’re both damaged, filled with mistrust and guarded before they find one another (and themselves) in this emotional journey about love and forgiveness. Strap yourselves for a ride that will not only break your heart, but put it back together.

Sometimes life gets ugly before it gets beautiful…

This is a MATURE YOUNG ADULT/NEW ADULT novel Suitable for ages 17+ Contains strong language, sexual situations and references

My Review
I’m torn on this book. There were parts of it I really loved, including a twist I never saw coming, and I reached a point where I couldn’t put it down. But I also had huge issues with large parts of it. For one, Cassie and Jack, the two main characters, aren’t terribly likable in the beginning. Cassie is a little to into herself and how hot she is, and Jack is too cocky for his own good, so these two belong together, right? In some ways they do, but maybe not for the reasons I originally thought. Both have deep wounds that make them reluctant to commit. At least until they meet one another. And that’s just the first of many cliches.

There’s the hunky player who never sleeps with the same girl twice until he meets “the one.” There’s the girl with the sordid past who won’t let anyone in until she meets the hunky player, who isn’t her type at all, but the wins her over. And there are the mean girls out to sabotage the perfect relationship because if they can’t have Jack, no one can. But for all the cliches, there were some genuinely unique aspects. The sports angle was a nice switch up from the over-the-top romance, and the aforementioned twist. Although once I got to the plot twist, I did accurately predict how it would turn out. Still, it was a bright heaping bowl of angst tossed onto a storyline that was sorely in need of some shaking up. That’s another of my problems with the story, the whole middle was too much happy blissful kissyface, lacking any real conflict.

I also liked that it didn’t immediately wrap up in a nice neat way. I like that the characters had to work at their happily ever after, even beyond when most authors would have tied a bow on it and called it done. So I guess I’m saying if you like messy romances, can deal with some pretty eye-roll-inducing stereotypes, and are willing to slog through some slow sections to get at the good meaty center, you’ll enjoy The Perfect Game.

The main plot is the romance between Jack and Cassie. Can he get her? Can he keep her? Can he get her back? But where the story really shines, in my opinion, is the sub-plotting of both Jack’s baseball career and Cassie’s photography career.

World Building
The only real world building is that of professional baseball and it’s done really well. But the world of professional photography didn’t really click. I didn’t buy into Cassie landing the perfect internship for a New York magazine with little or no effort on her part and that she was able to afford an apartment in Manhattan. Any budding photographer will tell you that just doesn’t happen.

I wasn’t a big fan of either Jack or Cassie in the beginning, but both grew on me by the end. And it’s quite possible the author’s intent was to create unlikable characters that become more likable as they grow and develop. Jack’s brother, Dean, and Cassie’s roommate, Melissa, are well rounded supporting characters, but I felt most of the rest of the cast was either stereotypical or flat.

Top Five Things I Enjoyed About The Perfect Game
1. The baseball. For me, this was one of the best aspects of the book.

2. The twist. I didn’t see it coming which is the hallmark of an excelled plot twist.

3. The messy aftermath. The author didn’t make things easy on either character and I appreciate that.

4. Dean and Melissa. These two should really be together. I’d have been more interested in reading about them than Jack and Cassie.

5. The quarters. The quarters lead to some of the sweetest moments in the book.

Bottom Line
The Perfect Game is a mix of unique storytelling and some cliches that make it difficult to read at times, but overall, it’s enjoyable.

About the Book
: The Perfect Game
Series: The Perfect Game #1
Author: J. Sterling
Release Date: October 1, 2012
Pages: 336
Category: New Adult Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
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Author J. Sterling

Author J. Sterling

 About the Author
I got fired from my last job. It’s true. I know you’re sitting there thinking “Jenn, how could anyone in their right mind fire someone as amazing and awesome as you???” And i’d love to give you a good reason, but the truth is- being this awesome is clearly very scary to other less awesome people.

So I said screw them and started writing my first book. And you know what I realized? Writing books that mean something to me is a million times better than working for my ass off for someone who doesn’t really care about anything other than the bottom line.

My soul feels more satisfied.

My heart, more full.

So thank you for reading, loving and recommending the stories I write. I appreciate it more than you know. 🙂

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