Sammy's Hill (Samantha Joyce #1) by Kristin Gore

Sammy’s Hill (Samantha Joyce #1) by Kristin Gore

4 out of 5 stars

Comedy writer and middle daughter of Al Gore, Kristin Gore has written a funny and moving debut novel about life on Capitol Hill as seen through the eyes of Samantha Joyce, a twenty-six year old health care analyst to Ohio Junior Senator Robert Gary.

Hard working, idealistic, extremely competent as well as neurotic and prone to daydreaming, Sammy, as she’s known to her friends, has little time for anything, much less a relationship. But in the midst of lobbying and late-night dinners at the office, she meets Aaron Driver, who is hot, smart, and sweet, and who, after a night of binge drinking at a bachelor party, proclaims his love for her.

But how will Sammy balance her seventy-plus hour weeks with her budding romance, while keeping her best friend’s slimy boyfriend from hitting on her, and making time for family, who insist her outfits match the centerpiece.

My Review
This debut novel by the middle daughter of former Vice President, Al Gore, is a hilarious, witty, page-turning comedy with a sliver of politics running through it. Twenty-six year old Samantha Joyce is a newly arrived staffer for the junior Senator from Ohio with expertise in health care. Released in 2005, the topic was timely with health care reform front and center, but it’s still as fresh ten years later as it was back when I first read it.

Sammy is idealistic, nervous around members of the opposite sex, a little neurotic, and forever hopeful. As she works on the issues for her boss, she tumbles into a romantic relationship. While billed as chic-lit, this is more than that. It’s equal parts politics, which no doubt Kristin Gore has the experience to accurately portray, and lighthearted romance. I loved the story, the politics, and the characters. I’m looking forward to picking up more by Gore.

The main plot is Sammy’s goal of getting health care reform passed, but a strong subplot is her romance with Aaron Driver, and both are done really well. It’s definitely a fun, light read that moves quickly. The political process is interesting, even if it’s told in a humorous way. Well, let’s face it, politics is pretty much a joke in this country anyway.

World Building
Set on Capitol Hill, Kristin Gore has a solid handle on the world she’s set her story in. Considering her parentage, it’s understandable. I love her witty take on D.C, the procedures, and the political infighting.

Sammy is quirky in the best sense of the word. I know a lot of people have compared her to Bridget Jones, but she’s really her own kind of awesome and she comes off adorkably so. The rest of the cast is just as delightful, but much less neurotic.

Top Five Things I Enjoyed About Sammy’s Hill
1. Sammy’s quirks. She worries about everything and anything, including things that probably would never happen to anyone, but that’s all part of her charm.

2. Capitol Hill. The setting is as fascinating as the characters and often just as colorful and off-balance.

3. Health care. Because even after the Affordable Care Act, it’s still an important topic.

4. Politics. I’m a political junky, so the wonky plotline was pure confection.

5. Aaron Driver. He’s one of the really good guys and it’s nice to see that guys don’t have to be total alpha male types to get the girl.

Bottom Line
Sammy’s Hill is a quirky political romantic comedy with fun characters and a timeless plotline.

About the Book
: Sammy’s Hill
Series: Samantha Joyce #1
Author: Kristin Gore
Release Date: June 15, 2005
Pages: 336
Category: Romance, Mystery, Chick Lit
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
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Author Kristin Gore

Author Kristin Gore


About the Author
Kristin Gore is an American author and screenwriter. She is the second daughter of Al and Tipper Gore.

Gore has published three novels, Sammy’s Hill (2004), Sammy’s House (2007), and Sweet Jiminy (2011). She co-wrote the screenplay for the 2015 film Accidental Love, and the narration for the 2007 documentary Arctic Tale.

She was also a writer for the animated sitcom Futurama and the long-running sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live.

Where to Find Kristin Gore
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