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Welcome to the next stop on the blog tour for Adventures Abroad, a new adult contemporary romance series by Jen McConnel from BloomsburySpark. Yesterday I reviewed What Happens in London, and today I’m reviewing What Happens in Paris. Be sure to see below for information on the books, buy links, and details on Jen’s giveaway.

What Happens in Paris (Adventures Abroad #2) by Jen McConnel

What Happens in Paris (Adventures Abroad #2) by Jen McConnel

4 out of 5 stars

Camie can’t figure out what she wants, from college or life…until she meets Hunter.

But will the magic of a romantic night in Paris last till the morning?

Fall in love with the second novella in the New Adult series, Adventures Abroad!


My Review
I’ll start off by saying this was my favorite book in the series. I was sort of hoping to read more about Sarah and Carson, so I was initially disappointed, but not for long. I adore Camie. She’s funny, adventurous, and yeah, maybe a little confused about her life, but who isn’t at that age? An art major on a full-scholarship, Camie is a crossroads after a bad breakup causes her grades to slip enough that her scholarship is on the line. At the prodding of her college roommate, she takes out student loans, hoping to bring her grades up and reinstate her scholarship, requesting a little extra to fund a summer trip abroad. She meets Joelle and Sarah in the hostel and the three hit it off, almost as much as she hits it off with a cocky American named Hunter.

Camie’s story resonated with me more and I just liked her. The chemistry between Camie and Hunter is palpable from the moment they meet in the airport, and she handles his cocky attitude perfectly. This second part of the series follows Camie from college to Paris and just as in What Happens in London, Camie has a mini character arc, and a conclusion that completes her story arc, but lets you know her bigger story isn’t over yet.

It was great to see Sarah and Joelle again, even if for only brief moments, but I was so immersed in Camie’s story, I didn’t care. Even though Hunter is too cocky for his own good, Camie puts in his place and he’s actually quite appealing. I love that he doesn’t give up, that he keeps trying even though she’s not making it easy for him.

World Building
Sadly I’ve never been to Paris, but now I feel in a way as if I have. The sights and sounds I’ve seen on TV came alive between the pages and am determined to get there someday, now more than ever.

Once again, the story is told in first person with solid descriptive details.

At first, I didn’t like the ending. But after I thought about it, I realized it was the perfect ending because Camie behaves exactly the way she should given her personality, her background, and the circumstances.

Top Five Things I enjoyed about What Happens in Paris:
1. Camie. I just adore her. She’s one of my favorite new adult heroines.

2. Hunter. Yes, he’s arrogant, but in a way that allows him to still be lovable.

3. Paris. It sounds exactly the way I imagine the City of Love to be.

4. Sarah and Joelle. Glad to see these two are still bumming around together.

5. Messy romance. It makes for a damn good story.

Bottom Line
My favorite of the series, What Happens in Paris brings together two interesting people in a beautiful locale and breaks their hearts in perfect fashion.

I was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


About the Book
Title: What Happens in Paris
Series: Adventures Abroad #2
Author: Jen McConnel
Publisher: Bloomsbury Spark
Release Date: June 15, 2015
Pages: 103
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Bloomsbury Spark


Author Jen McConnel

Author Jen McConnel

About the Author
A Michigander by birth, Jen McConnel now makes her home in the beautiful state of North Carolina. She writes NA, including the recently released Adventures Abroad series (Bloomsbury Spark), the award winning YA novel Beautiful Curse, and various other works.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found on her yoga mat or wandering off on another adventure.

Once upon a time, she was a middle school teacher, a librarian, and a bookseller, but those are stories for another time.

Where to Find Jen McConnel
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