Excerpt Reveal – THE INN AT SUMMER ISLAND by Rachel Magee


Entangled Amara and author Rachel Magee are revealing an excerpt from THE INN AT SUMMER ISLAND, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, releasing August 23, 2021

Entangled Amara and author Rachel Magee are revealing an excerpt from THE INN AT SUMMER ISLAND, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, releasing August 23, 2021. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and the exclusive excerpt.

THE INN AT SUMMER ISLAND, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Rachel Magee


About the Book
Author: Rachel Magee
Publisher: Entangled Amara
Release Date: August 23, 2021
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
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Millie Leclair is a mess, complete with a dead-end career and a flat-lining love life. So when she inherits her great aunt’s oceanfront B&B in a resort town in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, she doesn’t hesitate to pack up her car and set off on a new adventure. It’ll be fun.

Of course, life seldom goes according to plan. The B&B is barely habitable for one person, let alone ready to open for business. With dwindling funds, Millie has no choice but to roll up her sleeves and tackle the repairs by herself. Yeah, so much fun.

Ex-pro golfer Braxton Channing thought being a full-time single parent kept him on his toes. That was before he spotted his new neighbor teetering on her rooftop—which is only the beginning of her long list of renovations for the old house—and he added keeping her safe to his to-do list.

But Millie is determined to dive headfirst into repairs regardless of the risk, and suddenly, battling with his daughter over brushing her teeth seems easier than winning an argument with Millie. She’s exasperating. And oddly delightful. And most definitely shouldn’t be let anywhere near a tall ladder.

For a guy who’s sworn off romantic relationships, why does he suddenly want to be the one who gets the privilege of watching Millie conquer not just the B&B but his heart as well?


He pushed away from the table and headed toward the snack table. But halfway there, his new neighbor, Millie Leclair, appeared in front of him with her hands on her hips and her lips pressed together in a grim line.

“Why do you hate my aunt’s legacy?”

Braxton frowned. “I have nothing against Mildred’s legacy. I thought she was a lovely woman.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Then why are you trying to buy up her land and block her hotel?”

It’d been a hard day and all Braxton wanted was a bottle of water, to finish his work, and get home to put Alice to bed. He let out a sigh and reached around her until he could snag one of the bottles on the edge of the table. Still, he admired her tenacity.

“I’m not trying to block you.” He twisted off the top and raised an eye brow. “Plus, I thought you said you wanted it to be more of a bed and breakfast.” He took a long pull from his drink, keeping his gaze on her.

She blinked in rapid succession. While he’d managed to catch every word she’d said on their first meeting, he somehow missed how pretty her eyes were. They were the color of rich caramel and they simultaneously calmed and ignited something within him.

“It’s… well… yeah. So you were listening.”

Braxton nodded. “Of course I was listening. My job, however, is to make sure everything that happens in the neighborhood is in everyone’s best interest.”

She propped her hand on her hip again, regaining her footing and igniting the passion for her project in her beautiful eyes. “And you don’t think my great-aunt’s legacy, my livelihood, is what’s best for the community?”

He took another swig of his water, trying to turn is attention to anything other than the way her eyes sparked when she spoke. Or how they were causing a flurry somewhere deep in his chest.

“I didn’t say that, but there are a lot of things at play here. The bylaws were written to protect our residents, our neighborhoods and our beaches.” It might be an unpopular opinion, but he happened to like rules. They protected things that needed to be protected. They kept people safe.

“What exactly do you think I’ll be doing at the B-and-B? Holding midnight raves and dumping my trash on the beach?”

“I wouldn’t think so, but one should never assume.” He leaned in as if sharing a secret. “By the way, if you’re planning on the rave, you should make it an early evening thing. There’s also a noise ordinance that goes into effect at eleven.” He gave her his best ‘what-do-you-do?’ look and shrugged.

She rolled her eyes and the flurry in his chest upgraded to a fluster, which he immediately stomped down. He didn’t have time for that, no matter how much he admired her gusto.


THE INN AT SUMMER ISLAND, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Rachel Magee is coming August 23


Author Rachel Magee

Author Rachel Magee

About the Author
Rachel wrote her first novel when she was twelve and entered it into a contest for young author/illustrators. Unfortunately, the judges weren’t impressed with her stick figures. So she dropped the dream of becoming a world famous illustrator and stuck to spinning stories.

When she’s not busy working on her latest book, she loves to travel with her family and friends. By far, her favorite destination is the beach, which tends to work its way into most of her stories. Between vacations, you can find her at home in The Woodlands, TX with her wonderful husband, their two adventurous kids and a couple of spirited pets, all of whom share Rachel’s love of the ocean. Well, except the cat and dog. They’re both afraid of water.

Find out more about what Rachel has been up to at rachelmageebooks.com.



Where to Find Rachel Magee
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Excerpt Reveal – SAVAGE LOVE (Love Like This Series) by Cassia Leo


New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo is revealing the cover to SAVAGE LOVE, the first book in the adult contemporary romance series, Love Like, releasing May 25, 2021

New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo is revealing the cover to SAVAGE LOVE, the first book in the adult contemporary romance series, Love Like This, releasing May 25, 2021. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and an exclusive excerpt.

SAVAGE LOVE, the first book in the adult contemporary romance series, Love Like This, by New York Times bestselling author, Cassia Leo

SAVAGE LOVE (Love Like This Series #1) by Cassia Leo

About the Book
Series: Love Like This Series #1
Author: Cassia Leo
Publisher: Gloss Publishing, LLC
Release Date: May 25, 2021
 Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon FR | Barnes & Noble | iBooksKobo | GooglePlay


When I walked into the bar across from the hospital, all I wanted was a drink to help me forget the worst day of my life. What I got was sexy, mysterious Jake Maxwell and the most amazing one-night stand of my life.

Months later, he seeks me out with an unconventional offer: He’d like to take me and my dog for a walk.

My lazy dog could use the exercise, and I could use something to distract me from the pain of my sister’s death. Jake’s bad puns, gorgeous smile, and protective nature turn out to be the perfect medicine for my injured soul.

But just like the day we met, that one date turns into so much more. And as Jake and I grow closer, it becomes difficult to separate his pain from my own.

All I want is to share the burden of his secret. But some truths are too savage to be spoken.

Savage Love is a new steamy, emotional stand-alone romance from New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo. This book deals with sensitive subject matter. Due to graphic scenes and strong language, reader discretion is advised.


Preorder SAVAGE LOVE, the first book in the adult contemporary romance series, Love Like This, by New York Times bestselling author, Cassia Leo



When we’ve finished lathering Gary, I let the water out of the tub and pass the handheld shower-head to Jake, so he can do the rinsing. Twice, Gary tries to shake the water off before Jake is done, soaking our shirts with soapy, gray bathwater. Eventually, I remember that this is supposed to be a lesson. So I show Jake how to stop him from shaking off the water by placing his hand on Gary’s head.

Afterward, I give Jake the large orange bath sheet I’ve designated for Gary, and he drapes it over him. He spends a few minutes towel-drying him, then he wraps the bath sheet around his damp body, lifts him out of the tub, and cradles my boy in his arms like a baby.

He nuzzles Gary’s wet nose, and my dog takes this as an invitation to settle his snout into the crook of Jake’s solid neck. “You were a very good boy,” Jake coos. “Yes, you were.”

I stare at him as my heart turns to mush. “Sorry about your shirt.”

He laughs as Gary licks his neck.

“I don’t mind,” he says, glancing at my chest. “But you might want to change yours.”

I look down and gasp. My nipples are showing through the light-pink top I’m wearing.

Jake follows me out of the bathroom with Gary still cradled in his arms. “Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

I tug open the second drawer of my dresser and pull out a purple UW T-shirt. When I turn around, I find Jake and Gary lying on my bed, smiling at each other as he continues to towel-dry him. What the fuck is going on here?

“Am I getting swooped by a Golden Retriever?” I say as I unfold the T-shirt.

“Excuse me, but we’re trying to have a moment here,” Jake says, scratching Gary’s belly as Gary attempts to make himself comfortable on my pillow.

“Well, can you close your eyes for a moment, so I can change my shirt?”

He looks at me with obvious confusion. “Are you serious?”

I roll my eyes and briskly remove my top, revealing that I’m not wearing a bra.

“Happy now?” I say as I pull on the clean T-shirt.

He stops scratching Gary’s belly and reaches down to adjust the crotch of his jeans as his gaze zeroes in on my chest.

“I should get going.” He springs up from the bed, giving Gary a mild startle. “Sorry, buddy.”

“I thought this was nothing you hadn’t seen before?” I say, grinning at the effect my body has on him.

He shakes his head. “Yeah, but that’s like when an alcoholic tells you they’ll be fine having just one beer. Never believe that shit.”

I finish pulling my hair out of the back of my T-shirt. “So, you’re the alcoholic and I’m the beer in this analogy, right?”

Now that I’m fully clothed, he allows his gaze to wander the length of my body from my bare feet all the way upward until his eyes meet mine.

“I’d say you’re more of a bourbon straight up, but yes. You’re dangerous,” he says, maintaining a safe distance between us.

My brow furrows at the word dangerous. “Do you mean that in general? Or am I only dangerous to you? ’Cause, honestly, I think I’m pretty boring.”

He shakes his head as I make my way toward him. “Trust me, boring is not a word I’d use to describe you.”

I stop a few feet away from him to respect his personal space. “Speaking of drinking, are you thirsty? Can I interest you in a glass of the finest tap water in America?”

The change of subject seems to put him at ease.

“Actually, I’ve answered a lot of your questions today. But there’s one question you haven’t answered for me yet.”


He flashes me a charming smile, and it definitely looks like he’s been dying to get something off his chest. “I already answered this question for you, so it’s my turn to ask it… Have you thought of me since that night?”

I chuckle at the insinuation that I could somehow forget the best and worst day of my life. “You’re kidding, right?”

He looks pleased with my response. “Is that a yes?”

“Uh… that’s a big yes. I mean…” My voice trails off as memories of that day flash in my mind: his arms carrying me, his solid chest pressing me against the shower wall, the way he knew exactly how I wanted to be kissed, the way he effortlessly slipped into the role of friend-slash-lover-slash-caregiver, then just as easily slipped away into the night. “You’re not exactly easy to forget.”

His smile is tempered by this disclosure. “I do aim to please.”

The response feels hollow, almost as if he’s uncomfortable being thought of as unforgettable. Some people are naturally bad at accepting praise. Dahlia would say this kind of behavior is a trauma response.

Maybe it makes him uneasy to picture me thinking about him every day. Was he hoping I’d say he barely crossed my mind? Was he being hyperbolic last night when he claimed he thought of me every day?

Maybe I’m just overthinking this.

“Do you have to get going?” I ask as he takes his phone out of his pocket to glance at the screen.

“Yeah, I have a meeting in the morning with—well, it’s about tips.”

My eyebrows pinch together as I feel a little confused. “You’re having a meeting about bar tips?”

My question makes him laugh. “No, not bar tips. T-I-P-S is the acronym for the software project. I just call it tips. It’s easier.”

I cast a sideways glance in his direction. “Are you allowed to tell me what T-I-P-S stands for?”

“No, but don’t worry. It’s not very interesting. Unlike you.”

I smile at his uncanny ability to always bring the subject back to me.

“Okay,” I say, accepting his inability to discuss the project.

I try not to let my disappointment show, but the secretiveness surrounding his work feels like one more roadblock to getting to know Jake. And now that he’s leaving so soon after I basically flashed my breasts at him, I question whether I’ve misread him.

His expression becomes serious as he holds my gaze for a long moment.

“I’m not leaving because I want to,” he clarifies, and his tone is urgent with the need for me to believe him. “I’m leaving because I don’t want to mess this up again. Okay?”

My body tingles as I’m flooded with feel-good chemicals. “Okay.”

I remind myself of Dahlia’s warning to not get caught up questioning whether Jake likes me. So, instead, I take her advice and ask myself, do I like Jake?

Of course, I like him. And now that I think about it, it’s ridiculous to question if he feels the same. The question isn’t whether we like each other. The real question is, are we right for each other?

And there’s only one way to find out.

As I lead him to the door, the feel-good chemicals slowly dissipate as I worry this is the last time I’m going to see him. But as I place my hand on the door handle, I freeze when I feel his body pressed softly against my back.

“You smell really fucking good,” he murmurs as he gently turns me around so we’re facing each other.

I swallow hard as his gaze lands on my mouth. “So do you.”

The corner of his mouth curves upward.

“Is this okay?” he whispers, brushing the backs of his fingers over my cheek.

I nod. “Yes.”

His hand moves down slowly, grazing my jaw as he reaches around to clasp the back of my neck.

“And this?”

I nod again as his fingers slip under the hair at my nape, gently closing around it.

“How about this?” he says, leaning forward to lay a soft kiss on my cheek.

The sensation of his scruff and his lips against my skin sends a jolt of pleasure coursing through me. I nod slowly to let him know what he’s doing is very okay, and he responds by tightening his grip ever so slightly on my hair. The throbbing between my legs transforms into a painful ache as my need to kiss him becomes unbearable.

He softly brushes his lips down my cheek and places a tender kiss on the corner of my mouth.

“I’ve been dreaming of having you for months,” he murmurs as the enormous bulge in his jeans presses against my belly. “But this time, I’m going to be patient and take my time with you.”

I reach up to grab fistfuls of his T-shirt for support as my knees get weak.

“Being patient isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” I whisper as I struggle to catch my breath. “I mean, patience has gotten us Game of Thrones fans nowhere.”

He takes my face in his hands and looks me in the eye. “There will be a next time. I promise.”

I want to point out that he said something similar before he skipped out on me in the middle of the night, but I remind myself that we’d only known each other for a few hours then. And we didn’t have sex today, so it’s not like he used me so he could take my dog for a walk. For now, his promise is enough to assuage my worries about him disappearing again.

I flash him a warm smile to let him know I believe him. Mercifully, he takes my gesture as permission to kiss me.

His mouth lands softly over mine. His kiss just feels so right. Even with the rasp of his new facial hair abrading my lips, it’s as perfect as it was that night; as if he’s the first and only man I’ve ever kissed. Like we invented the kiss and everyone else just copied us.

When he pulls away, my head feels heavy, my thoughts fuzzy, as if I’ve downed a few cocktails. But I know it’s just the intoxicating effects of Jake’s touch.

The corner of his mouth pulls upward as he seems to recognize the effect he has on me. “I’ll text you later.”

He places one last kiss on the tip of my nose before he opens the door to leave. I stand partially in the doorway, holding the door slightly ajar as he heads toward the stairs. He glances back a couple of times with that sexy grin that makes me want to straddle him. The sight elicits a sigh from deep in my chest.

But my mind snaps back to reality when the door across the hallway opens, and my creepy neighbor emerges. As if they can sense something is wrong, Gary is suddenly prodding the backs of my legs, and Jake looks over his shoulder one last time before he descends the stairs. When he glimpses the man in the hallway, his gaze locks on him with an intensity I’ve seen in his eyes before, but never really understood.

I glance at my neighbor, but Jake’s presence gives me the courage not to smile this time. When I turn back to Jake, he’s stopped at the top of the stairs, watching and waiting, as if he can sense my uneasiness from thirty feet away.

“Hey,” my creepy neighbor says, glancing at my legs as Gary pushes his snout through my thighs, trying desperately to get past me.

I don’t respond to him, and he laughs.

“Is something funny?” I ask, reaching down to grab Gary’s collar as he’s now trying to squeeze past me through the gap between my leg and the doorframe.

My creepy neighbor stops in the corridor and turns his body halfway toward me. “I’m just trying to be friendly, but you seem to think you’re too good to say hi to me. So, yeah, I think it’s funny that you think I give a shit.”

My eyes widen as my pulse races. “You think I don’t say hi to you because I think I’m too good for you?”

But before he can answer, Jake arrives and positions himself between us.

“Is something wrong?” Jake asks me as he shoots the guy a deadly glare.

“No, it’s just neighbor stuff,” I reply, but I immediately regret downplaying the way this guy puts me so on edge.

I don’t want to get in a feud with my neighbor, but I also don’t want to feel threatened by this man’s aggressive insecurities every time I open my front door.

Unsatisfied with my answer, Jake turns to my neighbor. “Is there a problem?”

They’re both about the same height, but I’m certain that if this became physical, Jake would rip my skinny neighbor to shreds. And I wouldn’t want Jake to get in trouble for something like that.

My neighbor casts an unfriendly glance in my direction. “I don’t got any problems, man.”

Maintaining my grip on Gary’s collar, I venture into the hallway, letting the door close behind me so I can position myself and my dog between Jake and the creepy guy. But this only excites Gary and, as if he too is emboldened by Jake’s presence, my docile old man begins barking.

My neighbor doesn’t appreciate it, sneering at Gary the way he usually does.

“He’s supposed to be on a leash,” he remarks, then he turns around and heads toward the stairs.

“How about you mind your fucking business?” Jake calls after him.

Jake’s voice is calm, almost playful, as if he’s daring him to say or try something.

My neighbor stops in the middle of the corridor and turns around. “Yeah, we’ll see about that.”

Jake closes the distance between them in a few strides and my neighbor appears afraid as he takes a few steps back, bumping into the wall behind him.

“We’ll see about what?” Jake says, getting in his face. “Is that a threat? Are you threatening her?”

My heart is pounding out of my chest as I’m frozen in place.

“I’m not threatening her, but she needs to keep that dog on a leash. It’s the building rules,” my neighbor says, his words tumbling out fast as he repeatedly glances in my direction, as if he’s silently pleading with me to intervene.

My body breaks out of freeze-mode and moves into fight-mode as I open the door and push Gary inside.

“You know I never have Gary off-leash,” I say to my neighbor, then I make my way to Jake and carefully place a hand on his arm. “He can’t actually make a complaint.”

Jake’s chest rises and falls heavily as he continues to stare at my neighbor. “Are you going to leave her alone?”

“I won’t make a complaint.”

“That’s not what I asked,” Jake says, his tone low and deadly now. “I asked if you’re going to leave her alone.”

My neighbor glances at me and nods.

Jake’s fists are clenched at his sides as he steps back and nods toward the stairs. “Leave.”

My neighbor wastes no time disappearing down the stairwell. When I can no longer hear his footsteps, I look up at Jake. His eyes are fixed on the stairwell as the rise and fall of his chest slows. After a moment, he turns to me and his face is a mixture of emotions, some of which I can’t discern. But I definitely recognize regret and anger.

“I hope I didn’t scare you. It just pisses me off when guys try to intimidate women for just existing.”

“That’s a pretty accurate description of my relationship with that neighbor.”

He looks concerned now. “How long has he been harassing you?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it harassment, but—”

“It’s harassment. That guy has creeper written all over his fucking face.”

I pause as I consider whether I should downplay how much I agree with his assessment. “It’s only been a couple of times that he’s made me feel uncomfortable. But I’m sure he’ll think twice about it now.”

“A couple of times is twice too many. If he says or does anything again, you need to come to me.”

“I’ll just tell management about it.”

Jake shakes his head, and his eyes are filled with a blazing need for me to understand him. “No, you don’t understand. They won’t do anything. He pays rent just like you, and they always give these creeps the benefit of the doubt. You come to me. You understand?”

I nod, almost afraid to disagree with him. “I do. And I will. I’ll tell you if he does anything else.”

He heaves a deep sigh of relief. “Fuck. I should get going. But I’m definitely going to text you later.”

He grabs my face and kisses my forehead before pulling me into a tight hug. I bury my face in his chest as I wrap my arms around his waist.

“I don’t want you to be scared,” he says, kissing the top of my head before he lets go of me.

“I’m not,” I assure him.

He nods, but he doesn’t seem convinced.

“Lock your door,” he says, flashing me a guarded smile as he turns to leave.

As he descends the stairs, I wonder why that entire encounter felt strange to me. It isn’t until I’m back inside, and running the dog brush through Gary’s fur, that I’m finally able to put my finger on it.

Jake seems to feel my neighbor presents more of a danger to me than I do. Is this because men are better able to sense another man’s ill intentions? Or is Jake one of those volatile guys who can never resist the opportunity for a confrontation?

I shake my head at this thought as Gary rolls onto his back to discourage me from brushing his fur.

I recall how Jake helped me with Gary today. I don’t think he’s the type of guy who goes looking for a fight. He seems more like the guy who goes looking for someone to save. But this could be because his father was a literal hero who flew around in a helicopter rescuing people.

Whatever it is, I think what matters most is that I feel safe with him. Whether I know him enough to justify those feelings is a chance every woman—and man—takes when starting a new relationship. I hope this safe feeling lasts.

After I’m done grooming Gary, and I’ve settled down into bed around midnight, my phone buzzes on my nightstand.

Jake: Are you safe in bed?

I reply with a selfie of just my face and the covers tucked under my chin.

Jake: What do you have on underneath those blankets?

I hesitate as I consider sending him a picture of my black panties and bare breasts, but I decide against it as I remember his comment about patience.

Me: Just a T-shirt and panties.

Jake: What kind of T-shirt?

Me: Actually, I’m not wearing a shirt.

Jake: And you sent me a pic of your covers pulled up to your chin?

Me: I didn’t want to get you too excited.

Jake: Good call. Just the thought of it has me dangerously close to hopping in my truck and heading straight over there.

Me: In that case, I lied about the underwear too.

Jake: I want you to touch yourself tonight. And I want you to imagine it’s my mouth on you while you do it.

Me: Okay. Anything else you want me to do?

Jake: I want you to come to the bar this weekend and meet my friends.

I stare wide-eyed at the text message as I try to think of a response.

Me: Are you sure?

Jake: I’m positive. I’ll pick you up Saturday at 9:30. Cool?

I bite my lip as a million questions mingle in my mind. Is this too fast? Is this a test? Do I actually want to do this?

My muscles warm as I remind myself I have a gorgeous man who wants to protect me and support me. And he’s considering making me a part of his life.

My body relaxes into the mattress and an uncontrollable grin spreads across my face. The cocktail of emotions I’m feeling right now is exactly what I needed when I walked into Jake’s bar four months ago. It took him a few tries, but he finally got it right.

Me: Cool.

Jake: Goodnight, baby.

Me: Goodnight, 007.


SAVAGE LOVE, the first book in the adult contemporary romance series, Love Like This, by New York Times bestselling author, Cassia Leo is coming May 25


Author Cassia Leo

Author Cassia Leo

About the Author
New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time re-watching Game of Thrones and Sex and the City. When she’s not binge watching, she’s usually enjoying the Oregon rain with a hot cup of coffee and a book.





Where to find Cassia Leo
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Excerpt Reveal – KISSING LESSONS (Kissing Creek Series) by Stefanie London


Entangled Amara and USA Today bestselling author, Stefanie London, are revealing an excerpt from KISSING LESSONS, the first book in the new adult contemporary romantic comedy series, Kissing Creek, releasing November 9, 2020

Entangled Amara and USA Today bestselling author, Stefanie London, are revealing an excerpt from KISSING LESSONS, the first book in the new adult contemporary romantic comedy series, Kissing Creek, releasing November 9, 2020. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and an exclusive excerpt.

KISSING LESSONS, the first book in the new adult contemporary romantic comedy series, Kissing Creek, by Stefanie London

KISSING LESSONS (Kissing Creek Series) by Stefanie London

About the Book
Series: Kissing Creek Series #1
Author: Stefanie London
Publisher: Entangled Amara
Release Date: November 9, 2020
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay

Welcome to Kissing Creek, where everything has a romance-themed pun for a name and love is lurking around every corner…

Audrey Miller doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after, so she is definitely living in the wrong town. But she’s never getting out of Kissing Creek, because playing pseudo-mom for her younger siblings doesn’t leave time for much else. She’ll do anything to make sure they don’t end up stuck like she is, working as a barista in a college town, serving Pink Passion mochas with Chocolate Smooch donuts.

Then Ronan Walsh, a new young professor and walking cliché, right down to the elbow patches on his blazer, steps in for a coffee and into her life. She knows his type—intelligent and charming, yet sweet as a cinnamon roll, the sort of man she’s inevitably attracted to but is always out of her league. So why does someone like him have any interest in a worker bee with no future?

Her bland-as-oatmeal existence has nothing to offer, but Ronan’s temporary teaching position is only a stepping stone on his way to somewhere else. He isn’t here to put down roots, Audrey’s roots are firmly planted—neither of them is looking for love. And maybe that’s just perfect.

But in a small town called Kissing Creek, sometimes love can be impossible to avoid…


Exclusive Excerpt
Audrey cocked her head. “You know, we’ve been warned about people like you.”

“People posing as professors.” She waggled her finger at him and made a teasing, tutting sound.

“Posing?” Ronan literally studied the very things which made people who they are—the very fiber of their motivations and morals. He would never scam someone. But this wasn’t the first time someone had questioned him because he was younger than average. “I’m a professor at Harrison Beech College. I don’t have my faculty card yet, that’s all.”

“You really thought you could get one past me by trying to look the part?” She shook her head. “The elbow patches were a good attempt, but don’t you think they’re a little cliché?”

Now she was insulting his fashion choices? He blinked. “What’s wrong with elbow patches?”

“It’s like you Googled ‘what do professors wear?’ and then bought the first thing you saw.” She bit down on her lip as if stifling a laugh.

Everyone was looking at him now, but Ronan had always been impervious to embarrassment. Maybe it was years of growing up with his Irish grandmother who was as blunt as a hammer.

Although he had Googled that exact question on his first day as a professor in his late twenties. He’d been more insecure back then, feeling the age gap between him and his colleagues and his lack of life experience like a weight around his neck. These days he’d learned to hold his own, academically and personally.
And he damn well liked his elbow patches.


KISSING LESSONS, the first book in the new adult contemporary romantic comedy series, Kissing Creek, by Stefanie London


USA Today bestselling author Stefanie London

Author Stefanie London

About the Author
Stefanie London is a multi award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romances and romantic comedies.

Stefanie’s books have been called “genuinely entertaining and memorable” by Booklist, and “Elegant, descriptive and delectable” by RT magazine. Her stories have won multiple industry awards, including the HOLT Medallion and OKRWA National Reader’s Choice Award, and she has been nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA award.

Originally from Australia, Stefanie now lives in Toronto with her very own hero and is currently in the process of doing her best to travel the world. She frequently indulges in her passions for good coffee, lipstick, romance novels and anything zombie-related.




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Excerpt Reveal – JUST A LITTLE BET (Where There’s Smoke Series) by Tawna Fenske


Entangled Amara and  USA Today bestselling author, Tawna Fenske, are revealing an excerpt from JUST A LITTLE BET, the second book in the adult contemporary romantic comedy series, Where There's Smoke, releasing October 26, 2020

Entangled Amara and USA Today bestselling author, Tawna Fenske, are revealing an excerpt from JUST A LITTLE BET, the second book in the adult contemporary romantic comedy series, Where There’s Smoke, releasing October 26, 2020. See below for information on the book and series, preorder links, and an exclusive excerpt.

JUST A LITTLE BET, the second book in the adult contemporary romantic comedy series, Where There's Smoke, by USA Today bestselling author, Tawna Fenske

JUST A LITTLE BET (Where There’s Smoke Series #2) by Tawna Fenske

About the Book
Series: Where There’s Smoke Series #2
Author: Tawna Fenske
Publisher: Entangled Amara
Release Date: October 26, 2020
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay

Some fires never burn out.

After a night of too many drinks, smokejumper Tony Warren and his best friend, photographer Kayla Gladney, come to the realization that they’re both bad at love. They even tried dating each other, but that crashed and burned, too. Now he’s got the hangover from hell and the certain conclusion he’s just a shit boyfriend. But Kayla thinks he’s a straight-up commitment-phobe.

So they make a bet—they’re going to hunt down his exes and decide once and for all why he’s so unlucky in love. Terrible boyfriend or commitment-phobe. Why does either answer feel like he’s still losing?

But between roadside burgers and late night detours, they discover some fires never burn out—like the one slowly smoldering between them. And suddenly losing feels a whole lot like winning again.



Exclusive Excerpt
She was still talking with the bartender as he approached.

“I really don’t need all these,” she was saying. “It was just a joke. A silly bet.”

Tony slid onto the barstool beside her, none too graceful in his movements. His shoulder jarred hers, sending a strange jolt of electricity down his arm. “What’s a silly bet?”

Kayla gestured to the glasses. “I bet a bunch of the guys you and Becca had split. Sorry.”

He shrugged, not too concerned about it. “I’d bet against me, too.”

“I wasn’t betting against you, exactly—”

“Are you going to drink these?” He picked up one of the shots, which smelled vaguely like cinnamon.

A memory rippled through him—the cinnamon pine cones his mom tucked in baskets around the house at Christmas. His dad used to bitch about it, complaining the house smelled like a damn cinnamon bun, but five-year-old Tony had loved it.

He set the glass down quick, feeling his stomach pitch.

Kayla was studying him. “Wow, multiple beers and a shot? Since when do you get your drink on like this?”

“Since when is everyone my mom?”

There was some irony. His mom would be the last person to give a shit what he did, but Kayla didn’t need to know that.

No one did.

Kayla nudged one of the glasses in front of him. “I suppose you earned it.”

“By getting dumped, or by adding another notch to my shitty-boyfriend belt?” Which was probably the same thing.

“You’re not a shitty boyfriend.” She cocked her head, considering him. “I mean, yeah, you’ve got issues. Not that I have any room to talk on the relationship front.” Something dark flittered over her face, but it was gone before he could comment. “Anyway,” she said. “You’re a dude with serious commitment issues. Can’t fault a girl for not wanting to sit around indefinitely twiddling her thumbs.”

“I don’t.” He didn’t blame a single woman who’d dumped his sorry ass. Hell, he’d dump himself if he could.

He picked up the shot glass and knocked it back. The liquid burned hot and viscous down his throat, and he swallowed to make the feeling go away.

When he set the glass down, Kayla was watching him. “You good?”

“Yeah. Thanks for that.”

“You want the rest? I can drive you home.”

He looked at the shot glasses. Three more, each teeming with spicy liquid. He really shouldn’t have any more.

But the date on the calendar behind the bar had his heart wadding itself up in a tight ball. “How about a drinking game?” he heard himself say.

Kayla cocked an eyebrow. “A drinking game? Do you want to pretend we still have fake IDs, too?”

“Humor me. I need to earn those shots fair and square.”

She laughed, and Tony’s chest warmed at the sound. That was…different.

But it didn’t mean anything. Just some laughs with his best friend, plus the beers and cinnamon whisky he’d had already. What was that rhyme from college—beer to liquor, never sicker? Maybe the Fireball was a bad idea.

“Sure,” Kayla was saying. “What did you have in mind?”

“One of the rookies told me about this new one—did you ever play Flip, Sip, or Strip in college?”

Kayla surveyed the bar, and Tony noticed how blue her eyes were. Bright, like the sky as he pitched himself through the door of the aircraft. He thought about that breathless free fall and felt dizzy.

“Not that I’m opposed to public stripping,” she said, “but let’s not get kicked out of this place.”

“No, that’s not it—the clean version is called Flip, Sip, or Post.”

Kayla sipped something that looked suspiciously like water. “How does that go?”

Tony combed his brain to remember. “You start by flipping a coin. You can go first, since you’re a lady and all.”

She rolled her eyes. “Such a gentleman.”

He grinned, pretty sure she was kidding. “I call heads or tails, and if I’m right, it’s my turn to flip. If I’m wrong, you flip again. This time, if I get it wrong, I have to answer any question you ask me.”

“Any question?” Kayla lifted a brow. What did that mean? It’s not like they hadn’t bared all their secrets to each other.

Okay, not all his secrets. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“Wait, no,” he corrected himself. “You answer the question if I get it right.” Or something like that. He was definitely messing this up. “Anyway, on the third flip, if I guess right, I take a shot.”

“And if you guess wrong?” she asked.

“You get to pick any social media platform or person and choose what I have to post or text.” Yeah, definitely a bad idea. But he trusted Kayla and knew she wouldn’t have him do anything too mortifying. “Like you tell me I have to text the third name in my contacts and say, ‘I like the smell of my own armpit.’ Or post to Facebook about how Mariah Carey is my favorite recording artist. That sort of thing.”

Kayla laughed, blue eyes flashing. “Take the booze out and the clean version sounds like a middle school game. This should be interesting.”

He’d been starting to think this was dumb, but that spark in her eyes had him thinking twice. Damn, she was pretty. No, not pretty—fun. Fun to be around. That’s what he’d always loved about her.

Kayla rummaged in her purse and pulled out a quarter. “You ready?”



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USA Today Bestselling Author Tawna Fenske

Author Tawna Fenske

About the Author
When Tawna Fenske finished her English lit degree at 22, she celebrated by filling a giant trash bag full of romance novels and dragging it everywhere until she’d read them all. Now she’s a RITA Award finalist, USA Today bestselling author who writes humorous fiction, risqué romance, and heartwarming love stories with a quirky twist. Publishers Weekly has praised Tawna’s offbeat romances with multiple starred reviews and noted, “There’s something wonderfully relaxing about being immersed in a story filled with over-the-top characters in undeniably relatable situations. Heartache and humor go hand in hand.”

Tawna lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband, stepkids, and a menagerie of ill-behaved pets. She loves hiking, snowshoeing, standup paddleboarding, and inventing excuses to sip wine on her back porch. She can peel a banana with her toes and loses an average of twenty pairs of eyeglasses per year. To find out more about Tawna and her books, visit www.tawnafenske.com. .

Where to Find Tawna Fenske
Goodreads | Website | Blog | NewsletterFacebook | Street Team | Twitter | Instagram

Excerpt Reveal – THE HIGHLANDER’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL (The Brothers of Wolf Isle Series) by Heather McCollum


Entangled Publishing and award-winning author Heather McCollum are revealing an excerpt from THE HIGHLANDER’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL, the first book in her adult historical romance series, The Brothers of Wolf Isle, releasing October 19, 2020

Entangled Publishing and award-winning author Heather McCollum are revealing an excerpt from THE HIGHLANDER’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL, the first book in her adult historical romance series, The Brothers of Wolf Isle, releasing October 19, 2020. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and the exclusive excerpt.

THE HIGHLANDER’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL, the first book in the adult historical romance series, The Brothers of Wolf Isle, by Heather McCollum

THE HIGHLANDER’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL (The Brothers of Wolf Isle Series #1) by Heather McCollum

About the Book – Preorder Now!
Series: The Brothers of Wolf Isle Series #1
Author: Heather McCollum
Publisher: Entangled Scandalous
Release Date: October 19, 2020
Genre: Adult Historical Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon FR | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

A lass begging to marry him might top the list of “oddest things to happen,” but Chief Adam Macquarie is desperate. And no matter how much he hates to do it, he’s not above lying to get what he wants. Starting with the fact that he just omitted the truth about the situation back at his home—where there are no women and only a handful of other people. Because he has a secret need for a wife himself, one she won’t be too happy about when she finds out.

Lark Montgomerie is thrilled the brawny chief agrees to save her from her drunken father’s machinations of wedding her off to the first fool that agrees. He’s easy on the eyes and no one can be worse than her current options. Now a new life awaits her, on an exciting Scottish isle no less, and nothing will dampen her spirits. That is, until she arrives in her new homeland and realizes more than a few things are amiss…





“Would ye like assistance?” he asked without looking up.

“Go away,” she said, her words in a forceful whisper.

Adam pushed away from the tree. He would not press upon a reluctant lass, even one from a family that only produced females. His brother, Beck, would find a bride elsewhere.

“Blast,” the woman whispered. Perhaps she was too stubborn to ask for help. Stubborn determination was something Adam knew well. It was what kept people alive, kept them moving forward when all seemed lost.

The leaves shook as the woman moved in the boughs of the tree. Adam walked under the branch where bare toes reached down, flexing and pointing, as she felt around blindly. Her toes were tiny appendages, the nails neat and without dirt. The lass’s skirts billowed out as she squatted. “God’s teeth,” she murmured.

Dodging the wildly circling kick, he reached up. “I will guide your foot to the branch,” he said. Her toes flexed. Glancing up, he saw a pale face with large blue eyes tipped down toward him. A thick braid hung over one shoulder, and her lips looked soft and lush. A sprinkling of freckles sat along her high cheekbones and the bridge of her nose.

She blinked at him, her mouth closing into a tight line. “I need no help.”

“Your cursing makes me think ye lie.” Her toes dangled in the air an inch above the branch that she could not see due to the petticoats. She gasped as he caught her foot, tugging until the ball of it touched the branch, her perfectly formed, little toes curling around to help her balance.

Holding tightly above her, she stretched while staring down at him. “Move back, and I can jump down,” she said, narrowing her eyes.

She had the longest eyelashes, and some red curls had escaped her braid to slide forward along her smooth cheeks. “A leap from that high could break your ankle.” He reached for her waist.

Shuffling sideways she said, “I do not need any man to—” Her denial cut off as she lost her balance, falling forward, her hands grasping at the weak twigs with leaves, making the tree shudder. Adam caught her, his hands wrapping around her cinched waist to pull her toward him.

Her skirts caught on the branch, lifting them high as she descended. “Bloody hell.” She slapped her petticoat off the fingerlike branches that seemed intent on exposing the secrets she kept beneath.

Her lush form slid down his, and he inhaled at the contact, as if the pressure of her plucked along every muscle in his body. She smelled of some type of flower and spice, making him suck in another breath as he held her form against him. She felt as soft as he was hard. For several heartbeats they stared at one another, her face mere inches from his. What does she taste like?

Her eyes grew wide, making him wonder for a moment if he’d spoken aloud. “Put me down,” she said, shoving against his chest.

Adam lowered her and stepped back as she righted the twisted, blue gown around her trim waist, her full breasts pushing against the confines of her laced bodice. He could see why the two suitors were not taking rejection easily. Adam nodded in the direction the two swains had hurried. “They went that way. Ye should roll around in mud or go about with your hair soaked and straggly to keep them away.”


Award-Winning Author Heather McCollum

Author Heather McCollum

About the Author
Heather McCollum is an award-winning, historical romance writer. With over twenty books published, she is an Amazon Best Seller and a Readers’ Choice winner.

The rugged beauty and rich history of Great Britain captivates Ms. McCollum each time she visits. The country’s history and landscape have been a backdrop for her stories since her very first book. 

When she is not creating vivid characters and settings, she spends her time educating women on the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. She is a survivor and resides with her very own Highland hero and three spirited children in the wilds of suburbia on the mid-Atlantic coast.



Where to Find Heather McCollum
GoodreadsWebsite | FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Excerpt Reveal – UNWRITTEN by Alex Rosa


Author Alex Rosa is revealing an excerpt from UNWRITTEN, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, releasing September 15, 2020

Author Alex Rosa is revealing an excerpt from UNWRITTEN, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, releasing September 15, 2020. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and the exclusive excerpt.

UNWRITTEN, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Alex Rosa

UNWRITTEN by Alex Rosa

About the Book – Preorder Now!
Author: Alex Rosa
Release Date: September 15, 2020
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon FR

Hailey Elwood always knew three things: she wanted to be a writer, she didn’t want to run her family diner, and she was madly and unconditionally in love with Caiden Anderson.

When Hailey came to the conclusion that her family would never understand her dream to write, she decided to take her future into her own hands, but what she didn’t expect was Caiden’s ultimatum.

Falling in love with Caiden was easy. Saying goodbye to him was not.

Five years later, Hailey’s debut novel becomes an international bestseller, skyrocketing her to fame, but when her mother passes away, she’s forced to return to her hometown to confront the memories and the man that shaped her first book. She’ll argue it’s fiction, but Caiden knows better.

Hailey wasn’t the only one who was left battered and bruised, and Caiden makes it a point to make her accountable chapter by chapter.

Now with her publisher suddenly pushing her for a sequel, she isn’t sure how to write it when her future is still unwritten.



UNWRITTEN, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Alex Rosa


“More than anything, it was nice reconnecting, and we’re working on it.” I wrinkle my nose as I say it. I have no idea what there is to work on, and what the hell I mean. “Anyway, seeing my friends has also helped, and this town is filled with the kookiest people, too. I’ve got a lot of material to work with.”

“I’m hearing a lot of really good news. Please tell me you have a plot sort of set up in your head?”

I nod, even if she can’t see it or my puffy pout. “Actually, I kinda do.”

“Fantastic. Well, when you’ve written a few chapters, send it over, and we can talk over the kinks.”

It’s a brilliant idea, and I’m glad it buys me some time to you know, actually come up with a plot. I wasn’t admitting that there’s a mixture of fictional details and the nonfictional elements that I’d also like to get straightened out.

“Sounds perfe—”


“WHAT’S THAT SOUND?” Janet yells into the phone.

“I DON’T KNOW!” I spin on my heels, my eyes going wide as I see a large cloud of billowing smoke coming from my kitchen. “OH SHIT, CALL YOU BACK!”

I hang up my phone, throwing it onto the couch. I run into the kitchen while covering my ears.


The ringing is so loud, it’s messing with my brain waves as I try to take in the sight of the kitchen currently filling with smoke.

“MY SOUP!” I scream. I rush to the stove, waving away the cloud of smoke. I can barely see, and now I’m coughing.

A small flame plumes from the burner. I fumble with the switch, blowing it out, and move the pot to the sink.

The fire is out, but the smoke detector is merciless.

That sound! “ARGH!” I shout, waving my hands to disperse the smoke. I fling the kitchen door open and run to the window above the sink, wedging it open, all while still flailing my arms.

“Mom would kill me,” I mumble, trying to remember where the smoke detector is, but I can’t catch sight of a blinking red light, and it’s too loud and has been ringing too long that I can’t pick a direction it’s coming from.


I run to the front door and open all the rest of the windows downstairs.

That’s when I hear not only the incessant beeping, but also the sound of a fire truck.

“Oh no,” I groan. I consider trying to find a place to hide, but I can already see a red fire truck coming to a crunching halt out the open window. There’s no avoiding this terribly embarrassing situation.

“They just HAD to be firemen, didn’t they? And I just HAD to try and cook something!” I grumble as I scoot myself back into the kitchen to try and wave off more smoke, and maybe to also hide my face.

Thinking I’ll have the whole crew, meaning my stupid friends, come into my house, I’m surprised when I hear only one pair of heavy boots enter my living room over the constant beeps.

I’m the color that my tomato soup is supposed to look like, not its charred remains in the pot. I want to crawl into a corner to never be seen again.

The nameless boots take a few steps inside, clonking around, and the anticipation is killing me.

“There’s no fire. You can leave!” I shout. My hands fly over my mouth, and I whisper to myself, “You are digging yourself the most embarrassing grave of your life, and when people come to visit you in your death, they will only point and laugh.”

Suddenly, the beeping stops and the heavy steps move toward me. It’s a relief when the throb in my head stops and the ringing in my ears slows. My brain can finally catch up with what to do.

I peer down at my oversized sweater and shorts with boots, realizing I look homeless-mountain-woman-chic, which is not the cutest.

Caiden appears in the doorway to the kitchen with a crooked grin; a black and yellow helmet is set securely on his head. His appearance must be a joke to mock me, no gear other than the helmet. A navy long-sleeved shirt stretches across his chest and is tucked into navy work pants that are even tucked into burly black fireman boots with a yellow trim. He looks hot, and I add it to the list of everything I hate him for.

“Well,” he chuffs, a fire extinguisher resting easily in his left hand. “What do we have here?”

“Nothing.” My jaw locks as I try to think of an excuse. “I was cooking and—”

“There’s your first mistake, I think.”

I want to tell him that Janet would agree with him, but the comment would go over his stupid helmet. My chompers chomp shut in annoyance as I glare.

“What were you makin’?” he practically sings as he leans toward the stove.

“I know you’re just here to dance around me being an idiot.”

He grins, and his pearly white teeth appear blindingly under his dark scruff. So smug.

“Hailey,” he tuts, taking two steps closer to me, and I hate that I think the permanent charcoal smell of his uniform is wonderful. “I take my job very seriously.”

“Right,” I reply, crossing my arms over my chest while looking at his highly unprepared appearance.

He laughs as he watches me, leaning in even closer, and I swear you’d think this guy just won the Nobel Peace Prize or something, he’s gloating so much.

“Plus, I guess you were wrong. I don’t always rescue kittens from trees, now do I?”

My jaw falls slack as he repeats my words from the other night. He lifts his large hand to my face to boop me on the nose in the most patronizing way he can manage. “But maybe I do rescue kittens from burning buildings, eh?”

I try so hard to hide my smile. I close my eyes and shake my head. My arms come jutting out, and my palms collide into his chest to shove him back. It doesn’t move him. He’s as solid as a rock, and I let out an audible grumble. “Gah! Get out!”

This time, he releases a belt of warm laughter that’s most definitely at my expense.

“I’m not a kitten, Caiden, I’m a fucking lioness who’s going to swipe that smug grin off your face with my claws.”

More laughter, and his eyes do that heavy drag that I’ve witnessed so many times skimming every surface of exposed skin on my body.

Once his twinkling eyes meet mine, they spark as if he remembers something. “Speaking of kittens, I hope he’s okay…”

Caiden turns around and hurries out the front door. Before I know it, I can hear his boots on the porch on the side of the house.

My eyes go wide. “Oh. My. God. The cat! You’re looking for that cat!”

When I exit my front door, I can see Brandon, Tyler, and Cam leaning against the side of the fire truck, and they’re all laughing… at me.

I slide my accusing finger their way. “You all need better things to do!”

“Why would we want to be anywhere else when you provide the best entertainment since you hit town?”

I don’t have to look to know who said that as my feet turn the corner. “Fuck you, Brandon!”

More laughter. I make a mental note to remind Brandon that my right hook is as good as it was when I was fifteen. “Caiden!”

When I round the corner, my face twists in mock disgust, and I run both hands through my hair. “Caiden, you do realize you’re a parody of yourself, right?” But then my loins writhe in hormonal need when I see him holding a kitten. I can’t tell what’s happening to my lower half—my ovaries might be melting—as I watch him cuddle this white cat with little black paws, a black patch of fur over its nose, and wide green eyes that could rival its rescuer.

Not that the cat needed rescuing. There was one flame. I did not almost kill a kitten.

“What?” he asks, still scratching the underside of the cat’s chin.

I’m still trying to pull the puddle of myself together while trying to be irate. “A fireman and cats? You’ve got Harlequin written all over you. You’d practically write my novel yourself.”

His chin darts up. “Did you just admit you’ve written about me?”

My brows scrunch together as I realize what I’ve just said. “Uh, no. I just meant with your stupid, hunky fireman backstory and love for the annoyingly furry, you’d be—” he’s watching me with that shit-eating grin again. Yup, my grave is much deeper than before. “What I mean is… what are you doing with that cat? Are you the one who’s—?”

His grin calms as his eyes dart everywhere but to me as he realizes he’s given himself away.


UNWRITTEN, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Alex Rosa


Author Alex Rosa

Author Alex Rosa

About the Author
Alex Rosa lives in Los Angeles, California. By day she’s a Digital Marketing Manager and by night a writer of swoon-worthy books. With nearly ten years of writing experience, she has published five novels, including the Tryst Series with Intermix, Penguin Random House’s digital imprint.

She finds her home amongst words, whether it be in books or in film. A pop culture fanatic, cemetery creeper, and self-proclaimed nerd, she’s always following her favorite fandoms, the latest foodie finds, or picking her next city excursion or outdoor undertaking.

Her obsessions are on the brink of bizarre, but that’s just the way she likes it..

Where to Find Alex Rosa
GoodreadsWebsite | FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Pinterest | YouTube

Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway – ALL BECAUSE OF YOU (Morgan’s Bay Series) by Theresa Paolo

Author Theresa Paolo is revealing an excerpt from ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, the first book in her adult contemporary romance series, Morgan's Bay, releasing May 13, 2020

Author Theresa Paolo is revealing an excerpt from ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, the first book in her adult contemporary romance series, Morgan’s Bay, releasing May 13, 2020. See below for information on the book, preorder links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

Cover for ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, the first book in her adult contemporary romance series, Morgan's Bay, releasing May 13, 2020

ALL BECAUSE OF YOU (Morgan’s Bay Series #1) by Theresa Paolo

About the Book – Preorder Now
Series: Morgan’s Bay Series #1
Author: Theresa Paolo
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 13, 2020
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon FR | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

Sometimes you have to lose everything to find your happy ending.

Olivia Green had the picture-perfect life. Dating one of the most successful businessmen in New York City, living in a penthouse over Manhattan and a budding career, until one dreadful night when it was all ripped out from under her. If only she’d gone home like she was supposed to, she wouldn’t have known her future fiancé was a two-timing jerk. Now with no choice she is leaving the city to move back in with her parents in the small town of Morgan’s Bay.

Shane McConnell believed he had no family other than his mother, but on her death bed, she revealed the father who died before he was born, came from a large wealthy family. With nothing to lose he sets out to the east end of Long Island to spend a summer with his newly discovered family. What he doesn’t expect is the secrets and lies dating back to long before his father’s death. Nor could he predict the beautiful hot mess he met on the train would find a way into his closed off heart.

Both struggling with the realities of their new lives they unintentionally lean on each other. As their attraction builds and their undeniable chemistry explodes into passion, Shane holds onto his own secret that threatens his chance at love.


Teaser from ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, the first book in her adult contemporary romance series, Morgan's Bay, releasing May 13, 2020


“Kissing me out in the open on Main Street? Do you know what that means?” 

He stepped closer, heat coming off him in delicious waves that surrounded her in a fiery blanket of desire. “What does it mean?” His voice dipped to a sultry whisper that had her desperate to throw her inhibitions to the curb. 

“Next thing you know, the whole town is planning our relationship down to the wedding day and how many kids we’ll have. Probably twins. A boy and a girl.” 


Olivia snickered at the squeak in his voice. “Don’t worry. You won’t impregnate me by kissing me.”

“But the town will think you’re carrying twins.” 

“You’re learning.” She tapped his chest, and an electric current jolted through her veins. Shane wrapped his hand around her wrist and yanked her into the alley between Pie in the Sky and Book Nook. He backed her into the wall, strong male consuming her. His arms caged her in, and she arched toward him, desperate for his touch.

In one fell swoop, he captured her lips, and lava exploded in her chest and dispersed in heated waves. His mouth moved against hers with a carnal lust so passionate and demanding, she lost sight of everything else. All she could focus on was the hard press of Shane’s lips and the hard bulge in his pants meeting the apex of her thighs. 

  A moan escaped her throat as his hands cupped her face and tilted her head. His tongue swiped lovingly at the crease between her lips, and she parted, welcoming the slick feel. It was a sensual dance of tongue and teeth, licking and nipping, giving and taking. He tasted of sweet coconut and confidence, kissing her with a potency she would never forget. 

The way he kissed her, ravenous and precise, it was as if he’d been doing it for years. She melted in to his lips, letting him take control, and not because she felt he needed to dominate, but because she wanted him to.

His body pressed into her, her back melding to the cool brick wall. It was fire and ice, heaven and hell, and she didn’t want it to end. She grabbed his t-shirt, holding him close, absorbing every sensation flooding her body. 

He kissed a trail from the corner of her mouth down her neck and back. The stubble on his face left tracks of passion. She didn’t care. Tonight, when she was in her bed, all she would be thinking about was this kiss.

A giggle broke the cloud that surrounded them. “Don’t mind me. Continue just as you were.” Olivia didn’t need to turn to know whose voice that wasJean Kelly, owner of Book Nook. 

Olivia dropped her head to Shane’s shoulder, embarrassed heat prickling her neck and cheeks. Shane held her, and Olivia felt his arm raise in a wave. 

“Have a good day, you love birds,” Jean said, and Olivia covered her face with her hands. 

“Is she gone?” Olivia asked a few seconds later. 

“She’s gone.” Shane’s warm breath caressed her ear. “So… what do you want to name our twins?” 


Teaser from ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, the first book in her adult contemporary romance series, Morgan's Bay, releasing May 13, 2020


Adult Contemporary Romance Author, Theresa Paolo

Author Theresa Paolo

About the Author
Theresa Paolo lives on Long Island, NY with her fiancé and their fish. She is the author of NA and Adult contemporary romances. Her debut novel (NEVER) AGAIN, released in Fall 2013 with Berkley (Penguin) and the companion novel (ONCE) AGAIN released Summer 2014. Mad About Matt, the first book in her new Red Maple Falls series, released March 2017.

She loves to write heartfelt romances with a dash of fun and a side of spice. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, brewery hopping, daydreaming, wasting time on Pinterest, trying to get 10k steps on her FitBit or can be found chatting away on Twitter and Facebook. She also writes YA romance under Tessa Marie and has no idea how to smile for a picture.


Where to find Theresa Paolo
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Facebook Reader Group | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Books+MainBookBub


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Excerpt Reveal – ADAMANTINE by Rosie Weir

Champagne Book Group and debut author, Rosie Weir, are revealing an excerpt from ADAMANTINE, an adult scifi romance, releasing June 1, 2020

Champagne Book Group and debut author, Rosie Weir, are revealing an excerpt from ADAMANTINE, an adult scifi romance, releasing June 1, 2020. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and a link to add it to your Goodreads TBR.

Cover for ADAMANTINE by Rosie Weir, an adult scifi romance, releasing June 1, 2020

About the Book – Preorder Now
Author: Rosie Weir
Publisher:  Champagne Book Group
Genre: Adult Science Fiction Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2020
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon FR | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Champagne Books

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, a brilliant scientist and his daughter retreat from a catastrophic global plague. Worried for Molly’s future, James crafts the ultimate gift for his lonely little girl: A sentient AI charged with the task of protecting her and keeping her company in the event he is no longer able to do so. His creation, Will, is bestowed with an expansive intellect, superhuman strength, and a fierce protective streak. However, as year go by, Will’s feelings start to change from duty and service to something more. 

At eighteen, Molly knows little of the world beyond a collection of grainy VHS classics. Life with Will and James is idyllic. But Will’s mission to protect involves keeping dangerous secrets, including some that could destroy the trust between them forever. Will struggles with the rigid self-discipline of his programming, versus turbulent, irrational feelings that grow stronger each day. True love can’t exist without honesty and risk; the two things Will has been programmed to control at all costs. But trouble is brewing outside their sheltered utopia, and ignorance might be a luxury neither of them can afford any longer. 

From the primitive heights of the Appalachian Mountains to the revolutionary scientific breakthrough hidden within, Adamantine, a story of love, sacrifice, and sentience is scheduled to be released in June 2020.



Fatigue lines circled James Walkers eyes and forehead; dry canals of wrinkled flesh ran down the sides of his face. A flood of light washed over him, flickering ever so often. He found himself hissing at that inconvenience before resuming his examination. James spent months inspecting every piece of hardware and taking voice notes—he was ready to proceed.

“James Walker, Ph.D.,” he said into the recorder. “After meticulous examination that produced minor wins and fails, everything seems to be in order. The mechanism is responsive. I’m proceeding to the next step—implementation. Cooling systems have taken to the previous modifications, refer to doc-234. Internal examinations will continue intermittently.” 

James clicked off the recorder and sighed. He walked across the room and paused inches from his destination, letting his eyes scan the table and its contents. The thin, silicone-based polymer suit reflected the soft light in the room. The project was close to completion and when he thought of what was at stake, the usual litany of questions and doubts arose. He scratched his stubble and pushed aside thoughts of consequence. He knew all too well that one wrong move might bring down his research like a flimsy deck of cards.

“Positivity doesn’t exist in the realm of fringe science, but you have to try,” he muttered under his breath. Those words fueled James, who focused on the most favorable outcome.

The augmented bio-hybrid suit had muscles, tendons, and ligaments designed to replicate the human body—an exact replica. He rolled the table close to the gurney then proceeded to couple the parts together. It took thirty minutes of concentrated effort to get the body sheathed. James took a step back and admired his masterpiece. It reminded him of a Renaissance anatomical painting he once saw in a museum. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips, but he wiped it away with the back of his hand. He attached a transfusion tube to the small glass cylinder filled with dense liquid. He injected the mixture into the body’s cervical vertebrae. Spider-like microscopic nanocells hurried down the spine and spread into the hybrid suit. The muscle tissues expanded and solidified over the impenetrable frame underneath.

James watched the process unfold. His heart beat in double time, eager to move to the next phase. The pulsating vibe in his ears synced with his anxiety. He ambled to a wall lined with metal cabinets and retrieved the synthetic skin from its compartment. At the table, he arranged them over the entire body like a giant jigsaw puzzle. He watched the panels of skin adhere to one another. His hands imprisoned within his pockets to resist the urge to touch. Soon, skin covered the mechanical suit and a man lay in its place. The transformation was a success. 

Exhausted, James glanced at his watch and wondered if he should call it a night or continue to the next phase. Logic advised against that course of action, but the restless inventor needed to proceed. A tremor ran through his hand, a reminder of the imminent situation he was in. Time was no longer a commodity he could afford. 

He shook off the reverie and began the final phase. He flipped a switch and waited. 

James didn’t expect movement, so when the eyes fluttered, he was startled. Rapid eye movement meant the system transmitted the packets of data through a private server James created, which allowed limited access to a vast global network.       

“William? Can you hear me?” James whispered. He moved closer to the table and repeated the question. The eyes continued to flutter for a moment, then flew open. Gracefully, the body sat up and surveyed the room. It—he—was trying to assess its surroundings. 

“How do you feel?” James asked tentatively. 

“William? Is that my name?” His deep voice resonated throughout the room. His eyes stopped on the bespectacled man in a dark green, cable knit sweater, who stood next to the table. He looked to be in his fifties with tired blue eyes and short, graying, brown hair.  

“Yes. Your name is William. And my name is James. I am your creator.” 

The AI tilted his head to the side. His dark brown eyes rose to meet James’. “You’re ill. You ha—”

“I-I know,” James interrupted. “Do you know what you are?” 

Will held up his hands and flexed the digits. “Am I awake, or am I programmed to feel awake?”

James smiled and sat in a chair near the wall. Excitement welled up inside him. “The fact you even ask that question gives me hope that you are exactly what you’re meant to be.”

“I’m not human,” Will stated.  

“No, you’re far more advanced. I was able to correlate specific patterns of the central nervous system with emotions and thought processes to create something beyond a program—an organism. You are the first AI ever to have this organism installed.” 

They held each other’s gaze for a moment before James broke contact and continued. 

“This evolutionary system will gradually alter and determine your choices based on the human interaction you experience throughout your life, much like a regular person. Over time—I’m not sure how long—but over time, you will start to engage in a more human-like behavior. You will continue to write code as a sentient being.”

Will canted his head and blinked rapidly. “I’ll be able to freely write my own code?” 

“To a degree. There are restrictions, uh, goal-oriented programs. More specifically, there is a source code which will prevent you from accessing data that can alter or corrupt your program. Once certain milestones are crossed, you will have the ability to act upon your own thoughts and emotions.” James looked at Will and let out a deep sigh. The expunged breath formed a visible cloud over his face before it dissipated. “For the time being, I need you to remain here in the lab until I’m certain your program is fully functional and is safe enough.”

“Safe enough for what?” William asked.

James didn’t answer.


ADAMANTINE, an adult scifi romance, releasing June 1, 2020


Debut author, Rosie Weir

Author Rosie Weir

About the Author
Rosie Weir is an authoress by passion and now profession. She penned her first story at the age of 10 and has been writing ever since. Obsessed with science fiction, horror, and sometimes dark historical romances, her writing repertoire is wide-ranging and wildly diverse. On a quest to tell unconventional stories, human behavior and humanness are at the heart of all her literary works; stories that inspire readers to rethink and reshape their perspectives. When she’s not busy writing, she’s baking and chasing after a tiny, and rambunctious human.

Her debut novel, Adamantine, is scheduled to be released in June 2020 with The Champagne Book Group..


Where to find Rosie Weir
Goodreads Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest



Excerpt Reveal – UNFORGIVEN (Loveless, Texas Series) by Jay Crownover

UNFORGIVEN Excerpt Reveal

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jay Crownover, is revealing an excerpt from UNFORGIVEN, the second book in her adult contemporary cowboy romance series, Loveless, Texas, releasing February 25, 2020. See below for information on the book and series, pre-order links, and the exclusive excerpt.

UNFORGIVEN (Loveless, Texas Series #2) by Jay Crownover

UNFORGIVEN (Loveless, Texas Series #2) by Jay Crownover

About the Book
Series: Loveless, Texas #2
Author: Jay Crownover
Release Date: February 25, 2020
Genre: Adult Contemporary Cowboy Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon ITBarnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men series comes an irresistible and suspenseful romance between a tough Texas Ranger and his first love–a woman in danger who insists she doesn’t need his protection.

Hill Gamble is a model lawman: cool and collected, with a confident swagger to boot. Too bad all that Texas charm hasn’t gotten him anywhere in his personal life, especially since the only girl he ever loved has always been off-limits. But then Hill is assigned to investigate her father’s mysterious death, and he’s forced back to the town–and the woman–he left behind.

When Hill left Loveless, he broke Kody Lawton’s already battered heart. And now that he’s working on her father’s case, avoiding him is impossible. She can handle Hill and her unwanted feelings–until he puts his life on the line to protect her. Suddenly, Kody realizes that Hill could be taken away from her…for good.





Excerpt #1
As I stood in the doorway, I took in the bar. It had a decent-size crowd considering it was a Tuesday night. The mix of patrons was as eclectic as the decor. It was all very Kody. The building was an old barn, so the interior had a lot of western elements, including old whiskey barrels for tables. But there were also brightly colored artwork and neon signs brightening up the space. Instead of the big lighting fixture in the middle of the bar being made out of antlers or wrought iron, it was an intricate mix of colorful glass beads. The whole thing was very country and western meets boho chic. The people filling up the seats were mostly Loveless residents. They included the guys gathered near the bar dressed in leather, covered in tattoos, and rocking club colors. The Sons of Sorrow motorcycle club had moved into the hill country on the outskirts of Loveless years after I’d left town. Now their flashy bikes and intimidating presence were as commonplace as pickup trucks and horse trailers. It made sense they liked Kody’s bar since it was between town and their clubhouse, but I didn’t have to like it.

I really didn’t like the way the large, dark-haired man leaning across the bar looked at Kody. I knew from Case that Palmer “Shot” Caldwell was the current president of the Texas branch of the club. I’d taken it upon myself to learn more about the man when he ended up in the middle of the last case that brought me home. Shot was a former marine, a decorated sniper, the son of the founder of the club, and someone Kody was inexplicably close to. Everything about her relationship with the biker set my teeth on edge and had me wanting to make a claim I had no right to stake.

As I stepped forward, the heavy wooden door shut with a bang behind me and drew the eyes of the people sitting closest to me. I saw a couple of looks of recognition, and some people purposely looking away. I nodded and touched the tip of my finger to the brim of my hat in a fairly polite greeting. These people weren’t my friends. No one in this town had tried to help my brother when he needed it the most, and I would never forget that. Unlike the Lawton kids, I’d left Loveless in the rearview mirror and planned on never looking back. All of my worst memories were here. So was the one person I wanted more than anything but knew I could never have.

Under the dim bar lights, I met Kody’s gaze across the room. She looked pale. Her wild mane of multicolored blond hair was messier than usual, and she appeared to be swaying slightly every time she let go of her hold on the bar. Her eyes narrowed, and at first, I thought she was giving me a dirty look, but the next instant her entire body lurched and she toppled over, listing to the side and disappearing behind the wide, long bar.

My heart stopped for a split second and I had to bite my tongue to stop from screaming her name. I found myself in dangerous, deadly situations due to my job, but I couldn’t recall a single instance when I had been as terrified as I was in that moment Kody went down.

I heard the biker shout her name and was vaguely aware of him kicking back his bar stool as he jumped to his feet. I was moving before I had time to weigh whether it was a good idea. Kody didn’t like it when I was in her space. She’d told me she hated me and ordered me to leave her alone on more than one occasion, but none of that stopped me from reaching the bar in record time. It didn’t slow me down when I planted a hand near the biker’s empty drink and vaulted over the top of the bar.

I landed on the floor in front of Kody, ignoring the shouts and commotion coming from all directions. I waved off the bartender hovering uncertainly behind Kody and quietly asked, “Are you okay, Kody?”

The answer was obvious when, instead of biting my head off, her big, bright-green eyes flooded with tears and her shoulders started to shake with silent sobs. Having people burst into tears as I was talking to them, was a pretty common occurrence considering my line of work. I’d developed a natural immunity to tears of all kinds. But not to Kody’s. Hearing her breath catch and watching her eyelashes get spiky and damp as she struggled to hold the tears back made my heart twist painfully in my chest.




Get Caught Up on the Series

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Author Jay Crownover

Author Jay Crownover

About the Author
Jay Crownover is the international and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, The Saints of Denver Series, the Point Series, the Breaking Point Series, and the Getaway Series. Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road.






Where to Find Jay Crownover
Goodreads | Website | BlogFacebook | Twitter


Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway – THE STORY OF US (A Hallmark Channel Original) by Teri Wilson

THE STORY OF US Excerpt Reveal

The Hallmark Channel and author Teri Wilson are revealing an excerpt from THE STORY OF US, a stand-alone adult contemporary based on a Hallmark Channel Original movie, releasing February 5, 2020. See below for information on the book, preorder links, the exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

THE STORY OF US (A Hallmark Channel Original) by Teri Wilson

THE STORY OF US (A Hallmark Channel Original) by Teri Wilson

About The Book

Series: Hallmark Channel Originals
Author: Teri Wilson
Publisher: Hallmark Publishing
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 5, 2020
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon ITBarnes & NobleKobo | Target | BAM!

A box of love letters from the past may hold the key to the future…

Jamie always adored True Love Bookstore and Café, and now she’s the owner. But businesses are struggling in her small town, and her beloved store is threatened by a new retail development scheme.

Sawyer, Jamie’s former high school sweetheart, startles her when he comes to town for the first time in fifteen years. She soon learns he’s the architect of the proposed development and he’s there to sell local business owners on his plan. Sawyer had no idea that Jamie had bought the bookstore and poured everything she had into it. If he takes it over, he’ll break her heart a second time.

Jamie’s discovery of a box of old love letters and valentines might hold the key to saving her shop. And after all this time, could love be in the cards for Jamie and Sawyer, too?




Sawyer’s gaze locked onto hers, and as much as Jamie knew she should look away, she just couldn’t. The lines around his eyes were new, as were the sharp angles of his jawline, but those warm brown irises of his were exactly the same. These were the eyes that had seen her at a time when no one else had. She’d been nothing but a quiet, book-loving dreamer, and he’d brought her out of her shell and shown her that the world could be every bit as colorful and vibrant in reality as it was in the novels she loved so much. 

Meeting Sawyer O’Dell had changed her. He’d helped her become the woman she was today, because she’d loved the person he’d seen when he’d looked at her with those eyes—interesting, enchanting. 


What would it be like to feel that way again? To be loved and cherished by the only person she’d ever truly wanted to build a life with? To have her heart put back together by the man who’d broken it when he’d been just a boy? 

The thought was intoxicating. It made her do things she knew she shouldn’t—like step closer to him so that their breath mingled together in the evergreen air, causing her to smile to herself as his gaze drifted slowly, purposefully to her lips. Her breath hitched as he dipped his head. She’d never wanted a kiss so badly in her life— not even when she’d been sixteen years old and he’d bent toward her in the exact same way for the very first time. 

His hand was on her waist and his lips were just a whisper away—a heartbeat, a breath, a memory. And Jamie’s heart felt as if it were opening like a favorite book, one whose pages hadn’t been read in a long, long time. She let her eyes drift closed, because she knew this story by heart. The story of Sawyer and Jamie… 

The story of us. 

But in the sliver of a second before their lips met, someone said Jamie’s name, and the book slammed shut. 


Her eyes flew open. She and Sawyer blinked at each other, as if they couldn’t quite get their bearings. Then they both turned their heads in the direction of the speaker. 

No. Jamie’s stomach tied itself into a knot. It couldn’t be him. What on earth was he doing there? 

She bit her bottom lip, still tingling from the missed opportunity. She’d been waiting fifteen years to kiss Sawyer O’Dell again, and apparently, she’d have to wait even longer. 



Author Teri Wilson

Author Teri Wilson

About the Author
Teri Wilson is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of romance, women’s fiction and romantic comedy. Three of Teri’s books have been adapted into Hallmark Channel Original Movies by Crown Media, including UNLEASHING MR. DARCY (plus its sequel MARRYING MR. DARCY), THE ART OF US and NORTHERN LIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS, based on her book SLEIGH BELL SWEETHEARTS. She is also a recipient of the prestigious RITA Award for excellence in romantic fiction for her novel THE BACHELOR’S BABY SURPRISE. Teri has a major weakness for cute animals, pretty dresses and Audrey Hepburn films, and she loves following the British royal family. Visit her at www.teriwilson.net or on Twitter @TeriWilsonauthr.


Where to Find Teri Wilson
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Excerpt Reveal – SAVED BY YOU (Finding You) by Kimberly Daniels

SAVED BY YOU Excerpt Reveal

Author Kimberly Daniels is revealing an excerpt from SAVED BY YOU, the second book in her adult contemporary romance series, Finding You, releasing November 6, 2019. See below for information on the book and series, preorder links, and the exclusive excerpt.

SAVED BY YOU (Finding You #2) by Kimberly Daniels

SAVED BY YOU (Finding You #2) by Kimberly Daniels

About The Book
Series: Finding You #2
Author: Kimberly Daniels
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2019
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & NobleKobo | GooglePlay

Cole Stevens thought he was finally given a second chance in life. With the woman he always loved now by his side, an adopted son who felt like his own since the day he met him, and a baby on the way, Cole could finally see his forever. And then his past showed up on his doorstep, threatening to take it all away.

Now forced to relive painful memories and bring dark secrets to light, Cole begins a downward spiral that leads him back to the place he spent years trying to escape. As the pain of his past collides with the present, he finds himself lost again, fighting for his family’s future. How can he find the way back in time for his forever to be saved?






“Footsteps approach. I feel a light touch, and then hands gently finding their way around my waist. Camryn lays her head on my shoulder and squeezes. Gavin stands up next to me on the other side of the bench and links his arms around my neck.

“Daddy, are you mad at me?” he asks.

I lift my head, pull Gavin onto my lap, and tilt his chin toward my face. “You listen now. I could never be mad at you for talking about the baby. You will be the best big brother anyone could ask for. So, you talk about the baby all you want.” I lift my thumb. “Thumbs up to the best big brother in the world.”

He touches his thumb to mine. “Thumbs up to the best daddy in the world.”

As the pain melts away, Camryn squeezes my waist and kisses my shoulder. “Are you ready to go, best-daddy-in-the-world?”

I gently kiss her lips and assure her, “With you, I’m ready for anything.” The meaning of my words run deeper than the family dinner awaiting us at home.

She stands up from the bench and turns toward me. “Let’s start small then[…]”


Get Caught Up on the Series

Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble


Author Kimberly Daniels

Author Kimberly Daniels

About the Author
Kimberly Daniels is a middle school English Teacher who took the advice of her students to pursue her writing hobby as a career. When she’s not at her laptop dreaming up new happily-ever-afters, she can be found glued to the TV or Kindle consumed with a new show or book addiction. She lives with her husband and two daughters in in the suburbs of Philadelphia, spending weekends at basketball games, softball fields, and dance recitals.





Where to Find Kimberly Daniels
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon


Excerpt Reveal – BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED (Shine Design) by Laura Pavlov


Author Laura Pavlov is revealing an excerpt from BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED, the first book in her adult contemporary sports romance series, Shine Design, releasing July 24, 2019. See below for information on the book, pre-order links, and the exclusive excerpt.

BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED (Shine Design #1) by Laura Pavlov

BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED (Shine Design #1) by Laura Pavlov

About the Book
Series: Shine Design
Author: Laura Pavlov
Release Date: July 24, 2019
Genre: Adult Contemporary Sports Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU 

Peyton Kroft was his forever, until the unthinkable happened. Walking away all those years ago had been the right thing to do. But, a decade later, he was ready to put the past behind him. Moving to San Francisco and hiring his first love, the city’s top designer, was a good place to start. Seeing her again stirred up feelings he thought he’d long buried. He wanted her. Just one taste of those sweet lips. The girl like a light leading him home. She’d found a way back in somewhere she could never stay. And, the worst part—he liked her there.


Jackson Vance broke her heart. He took half of it with him on his way out of town. Picking up the pieces hadn’t been easy, but more than nine years later, Peyton is living her best life. Coming face to face with her first love is not on the agenda. Emerald green eyes that see straight to her soul. Jackson Vance is beautiful, broken, and everything she’s ever wanted. He’s not a forever guy—but when their lips touch, it feels like forever. History has a way of repeating itself. The past still hovers like a dark cloud. But every dark cloud has a silver-lining.


Last night he’d caught her off guard. Today—she came prepared and her walls were up. He couldn’t blame her. He’d left her. Been cruel. He’d seen her through good times and bad. She had the etiquette of a royal princess, the perfect manners of a debutante, but the girl could fight like a caged pit bull when she wanted something. 

“I think it’s best we keep things professional. I take my job very serious, and I don’t want any complications. Let’s start fresh as work associates.” Her voice as distant as her eyes. 

“Ah. So, this is how we’re going to play it,” he said with a chuckle. 

“Excuse me? I’m not quite sure how to act around you, Jackson. You show up here out of nowhere, and you’re judging my behavior?” 

“Since when do you have to act a certain way?” 

“What? I don’t. You’re taking things out of context. I’ve never had a client who happened to be an ex-boyfriend. This is a first for me.” 

“I’ve never had a problem being your first.” Yep, it would get a reaction. They needed to get past the awkward bullshit and hash it out. Forcing her to engage would be his best bet. 

She clenched her jaw. “I see you’re still an asshole.” 

 “Ahhh—There she is.” 


“Meaning, you need to stop putting on airs.” Using his index and middle fingers on each hand and bending twice, he fought back a smile. 

“Are you seriously using air quotes on me? How ridiculous are you?” She jumped up and stormed over to her desk. 

“I’d say I’m pretty fucking ridiculous.” His fingers intertwined behind his head, he leaned back to enjoy the show. 

Goddamn, this woman only got sexier when she was pissed. He remembered how feisty she could be, but she appeared more controlled and refined now. He didn’t miss the way she struggled to rein in her emotions, jamming things into her desk drawer now. 

First, a stapler. A pencil. A couple of files. 

She picked up her water bottle and tipped her head back, taking a long, slow sip. His heart pounded in his chest. He yearned to taste her soft lips. Maybe it would get him through the next decade. No woman ever made him so greedy for more. But he wasn’t here to take anything from her. He’d taken enough. 


“What? And stop calling me that,” she demanded, returning to sit beside him. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“What are you sorry for?” 

“I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for leaving you—for hurting you.” 

She studied him, lips pursed. “Is this really your apology?” 

“What do you want me to say? I went fucking crazy. I wasn’t equipped to handle what happened. It wasn’t anyone’s fault.” 




Author Laura Pavlov

Author Laura Pavlov

About the Author
Laura Pavlov writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, mom to two awesome almost-grown kids, and dog-whisperer to a couple crazy yorkies. Laura resides in Las Vegas where she is living her own happily ever after.





Where to Find Laura Pavlov
Goodreads Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest




Excerpt Reveal – A GIRL LIKE YOU (Magnolia Sound) by Samantha Chase

A GIRL LIKE YOU Cover Reveal

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Samantha Chase, is revealing an excerpt from A GIRL LIKE YOU, the second book in her adult contemporary romance series, Magnolia Sound, releasing June 11, 2019. See below for information on the book and series, preorder links, and the exclusive excerpt.

A GIRL LIKE YOU (Magnolia Sound #2) by Samantha Chase

A GIRL LIKE YOU (Magnolia Sound #2) by Samantha Chase

About the Book
Series: Magnolia Sound #2
Author: Samantha Chase
Publisher:  Chasing Romance, Inc.
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 11, 2019
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay

Sam Westbrook has always been the family hell-raiser, but as an adult he’s enjoyed not being under the constant watchful eye of his family. That was until his great-grandfather passed away. Forced to move to the small coastal town of Magnolia Sound, Sam can’t escape the reputation that has followed him since his teenage years. But he’ll have to do it to get his inheritance.

Shelby Abbott was always the good girl – it’s what happens when you’re the pastor’s daughter in a small town. Now, she’s ready to leave that image behind. For years she’s heard about wild Sam Westbrook, but she never though she would be the one to catch his eye. And being the center of Sam’s attention isn’t something Shelby ever prepared for.

Sam’s time in Magnolia Sound has an expiration date and Shelby’s not sure she’s the kind of girl who can be just another one of his flings. But Sam’s ready to make some changes. And a girl like her is just who he needs.





She was so bad at figuring men out, she thought miserably.

“I want to say no, but…” She yawned again. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, Shelby.” Standing up, Sam reached down for her hand and gently pulled her to her feet. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

Frowning, she looked up at him. “You mean to hang out again?”

His dark eyes blinked at her several times as if not understanding her question. “Um…I was hoping to take you out properly – dinner and whatever else it is you might like to do. Other than sailing, you never really answered my question that night.”

Taking a step back, now it was Shelby who didn’t seem to get it. “Why do you want to take me to dinner? We…we hung out tonight and…there’s no hard feelings. I mean, I’m still sorry for not being honest with you the night we met, but…don’t feel like you need to keep hanging out with me.”

The fierce look from earlier was back as he took a step toward her.  “Are we back to that again? Why exactly do you think I’m here, Shelby?” he asked, frustration practically bristling off of him.

“I…like I said…I figured we were just hanging out to…you know…talk things out. And we have.” Hopefully he couldn’t see her slight tremble. She wasn’t used to someone questioning her like this.

But then again, she wasn’t used to dealing with anyone quite like Sam.

He took another step toward her. “Is that why you agreed to let me come over? Because you needed to clear your conscience? Or thought that I needed to?”

“Um…I don’t know. Maybe.”

Another step toward her. “You want to know why I’m here?” He didn’t wait for her to respond. “I’m here because for two damn weeks you’ve been all I can think about. Seeing you earlier in the library parking lot had me feeling like I won the damn lottery – like I was getting a second chance with you!” Another step and now he towered over her. “But more than anything, I’m here because you’re someone I want to know better, dammit!”

“Sam, I…”

“But if that’s not what you want – if I’m not someone you want to know – then say something right now, Shelby,” he demanded. “Right now, before my feelings grow even deeper. Because believe it or not, what I felt for you that night at the bar is nothing compared to how I feel right now.”

She gasped softly and her foolish heart began its wild dance again. Swallowing hard, she looked up at him – saw the sincerity and the anguish in those dark depths. “I…” She paused and collected her thoughts which were going a million miles a minute in her head. “How do you feel?”

It was something she needed to know. It was one thing if he was casually interested in her – which was what she expected him to say. But what if it were more? What if it were something deep and warm and wonderful and scary and everything she was feeling too?

Reaching out, Sam cupped her face in his hands and rested his forehead against hers. “I feel like you’re someone I need to know.”

His voice was low and gruff and rumbly enough that she felt it all the way down to her toes.

How could she possibly explain to him that she was too afraid to believe him? That she didn’t have the confidence in herself to believe him?

As if sensing her thoughts, he quietly said, “You’ve been brutally honest with me all night, Shelby. Don’t stop now. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

There really was something about Sam that made her feel like she could say anything – even if she shouldn’t.

“I guess I’m afraid to believe that you really want to get to know me,” she admitted softly. “I’m nothing special, Sam. I’m not the type of girl you usually…”

He placed one finger across her lips to stop her flow of words. “Please don’t keep throwing that back in my face.” He closed his eyes as if in pain. “I know I’ve done a lot of stupid things and I’ve made a lot of bad choices, but that has nothing to do with you and me. When I saw you that night, all I remember thinking was…finally, there she is.”

Her eyes went wide at the intensity of his words. No one had ever said anything like that to her before. She wasn’t the kind of girl or woman who caused that kind of reaction – she knew that and she was okay with it. But after seeing the look on Sam’s face as he spoke, Shelby knew she had to have more – needed to see where this went and what would come from an admission like his.

“Wow,” she whispered, because it’s all she could force herself to say.

The smile Sam gave her was one of sweet relief. Unable to help herself, she placed her hand on his chest, and, feeling his rapid heartbeat, she grew bold. Her hand smoothed up and over his shoulder and then raked up into his hair. Up on her tiptoes, she pressed her lips to his and prayed she wouldn’t panic or freak out again.

When his arms slowly banded around her waist, Shelby knew this time was different. He was being cautious and careful and, undoubtedly, holding back so he didn’t spook her. The kiss was chaste – slow and sweet. Only this time, she was the one to seek more. Her tongue tentatively reached out and skimmed along his bottom lip and she heard his sharp intake of breath. It made her bold. Pressing herself more firmly against him, she reveled in the feel of his warm, hard body. And when he maneuvered them back over the sofa, she felt her excitement grow.

Sam sat and gently guided Shelby down so he could cradle her in his lap and, if anything, she thought it was the perfect position for them. His arms were around her, holding her securely to him, all the while their kiss just continued. There wasn’t the same intensity as there was the night they met, and that was more than okay with her. She was enjoying this – the way they were slowly getting acquainted with each another.

Squirming slightly against him, she gulped for air when Sam broke the kiss and gazed at her face. His breath was coming just as raggedly as hers and she wished more than anything that she didn’t need oxygen quite so much because she already missed the feel of his mouth on hers.

One of his hands came up and took the clip out of her hair. She let out a small moan of pleasure because it had been bothering her all night, but when that same hand anchored up into her hair and began massaging her scalp, it felt like she had died and gone to heaven.

Good lord, if a three-second scalp massage feels this good, what would sex with him be like?

Hopefully she’d find out.

Diving in for another kiss, Shelby was pleasantly surprised that Sam seemed just as anxious as she was for another taste. She twisted and turned in his lap until she was straddling him and it was like she didn’t even recognize herself. She wasn’t normally this forward or – dare she say, aggressive? – but there was no way for her to fight what she was feeling. For two weeks she had kicked herself every day for running like she did and now that she was getting a second chance, she was taking it.

With everything she had, apparently.

They kissed, they rolled over and stretched out on the sofa until Sam was on top of her and Shelby wrapped herself completely around him. So many times she thought to break their kiss and simply ask him to stay – to move things into the bedroom – but his hands and mouth kept distracting her until she didn’t know her own name, let alone where they were half the time.

At some point – it could have been minutes later, it could have been hours – Sam raised his head and smiled down at her. He was so handsome, so sexy, so…everything she ever fantasized about…and he was here with her.

“Shelby,” he said, low and thick. “Damn.”

Yeah. She knew exactly what he meant.

Her hand smoothed up his back and up into his hair in hopes of guiding his mouth back to hers, but…he moved.

He stood.

She stayed where she was on the sofa and looked up at him in confusion.

“I should go,” he said after a long moment.


He nodded. “Dinner tomorrow night, right?”

He was leaving? Now? Seriously?


Doing a move that was clearly becoming his thing, Sam reached for her hand and gently pulled her to her feet. He kissed her one last time on the lips before letting out a low growl. Clearing his throat, he said, “You know how badly I want to stay, right?”

Shelby nodded and wanted to say she felt the same, but she couldn’t seem to make her voice work.

He hugged her tight. “But I don’t think it’s the right thing to do,” he said, and her only consolation was that he sounded as miserable about it as she felt. “Let me take you out tomorrow.” He pulled back and studied her face. “I want to do this right. I feel like I came on too strong that night and…and I’m not willing to do anything that you might regret.”

Well, damn. He was sweet, sexy, funny, and considerate? How was she supposed to resist?

“That night…that was my own issue, Sam. It wasn’t about you. Not really. I want you to know that.”

With a lopsided grin, he pulled her back into his embrace. “Thank you for saying that.”

“It’s the truth.”

Slowly they broke apart and walked over to the front door. He opened it and kissed her one more time. “You are pure temptation. You know that, right?”

Blushing, she shook her head.

“It’s true.” Tucking a finger under her chin, his expression turned serious. “Thank you for inviting me over and for giving me another chance.  I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven. Will that work?” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone so they could exchange numbers. Once that was done, he kissed her one last time and walked out the door.

And Shelby swore part of her heart went with him.




Get Caught Up on the Series

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Author Samantha Chase

Author Samantha Chase

About the Author
Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than forty titles under her belt! When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene…oh, and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.




Where to find Samantha Chase
Goodreads Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram





Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway – SOUR by Jennifer Woodhull

SOUR Excerpt Reveal

Author Jennifer Woodhull is revealing an excerpt from SOUR, the a stand-alone adult contemporary romantic comedy, releasing June 4, 2019. See below for information on the book, pre-order links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway. For a limited time, you can pick up the ebook for just $0.99!

SOUR by Jennifer Woodhull

SOUR by Jennifer Woodhull

About the Book
Title: SOUR
Author: Jennifer Woodhull
Release Date: June 4, 2019
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AUKobo

Tall, handsome, and eternally optimistic Noah has dated a string of gorgeous women. His best friend Elle has outlasted them all. Of course, he has no idea she’s been in love with him for years. Why would he? It’s not like she’s going to tell him. After all, she’s short and awkward, and as he’s fond of reminding her, has a sour disposition.

When Elle takes off on her annual ten-day vacation with her family, Noah comes to a startling realization. She’s the woman who is by his side day in and day out, whose office is across the hall, and whose house is around the corner. She has called him on his shit when he gets too cocky, and he has held her in her arms when her heart was broken. Absence must make the heart grow fonder because while she’s in Germany with her parents, he realizes that everything he has ever wanted was right there all along. Now he’s on a mission to make her realize that romance won’t ruin their friendship, but platonic friendship is ruining their relationship.



SOUR Teaser


I’m a guy, and as a guy, I am a great appreciator of the female form in all its glory. I’ve met women who could easily be supermodels, but who were unattractive because of their personalities, intellect, or lack thereof. I have dated women who were what some guys might consider average looking, but who blew me away with their intelligence, wit, or sense of humor, and that made them sexy as hell.

One thing I’m certain of is that finding a woman who is gorgeous, intelligent, funny, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has a kind heart, is nearly impossible. It’s like finding a unicorn in the middle of an island full of mermaids while standing on a hill made up of all the gold from the lost city of Atlantis. Well, I happen to be the luckiest son-of-a-bitch on the planet, because I have found exactly that. My personal unicorn is named Ariel Bailey, but she answers to Elle.

I’ve liked Elle since we first met while she was in college. I was visiting my brother at school, and he was dating a friend of hers. She was only twenty-three then, and I had graduated a few years before. I liked her and I could’ve tried to make a move on her back then, but it seemed a little weird to me to date someone who was still in college when I was starting my first real job. We became friends, and stayed in touch after she graduated. When a position opened up at my company, I couldn’t call her fast enough.


SOUR Teaser



Author Jennifer Woodhull

Author Jennifer Woodhull

About the Author
We all need moments of escape. With all the demands on us day in and day out, we each need something just for ourselves. Perhaps nothing provides a private moment – a brief respite from the everyday – like escaping into a great story. When you pick up one of my books I hope you find that place that you can escape to. Explore the streets of Paris with new heroines, or fly around the world to reclaim your lost love with a favorite hero. Whether it’s the romance that takes your breath away or those climactic encounters that make your pulse race, I hope you find that solitary moment of enjoyment while lost in one of my stories.

Jennifer Woodhull is based in the Southern United States, spending time in her second home of England, and traveling as often as she can. Her love of travel permeates her work, and her characters often find themselves exploring new and foreign surroundings.

A keen observer of human behavior, Jennifer often draws inspiration from something as simple as a fleeting connection, or the glimpse of a unique trait or characteristic. Her favorite place to write is on airplanes.

“The drone of the engine, the scores of people, all traveling to something or from something, and being disconnected from digital distractions are a combination that provide the perfect place to write,” she says. “If you see a woman in seat 9F who is balancing her Macbook on her lap because it’s time to close your tray table, please have patience. I’m just trying to finish one more sentence.”

Where to Find Jennifer Woodhull
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway – IN OTHER WORDS by Jennifer Woodhull

IN OTHER WORDS Excerpt Reveal

Jennifer Woodhull is revealing an excerpt from IN OTHER WORDS, a stand-alone adult contemporary romantic comedy, releasing April 30, 2019. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

IN OTHER WORDS by Jennifer Woodhull

IN OTHER WORDS by Jennifer Woodhull

About the Book
Author: Jennifer Woodhull
Release Date: April 30, 2019
 Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AUBarnes & Nobel | iBooksKobo | GooglePlay

We became close friends in college. When Sinclair returns home to Dallas after two years in New York, I introduce her to my best friend Cole. The good-looking playboy ballplayer is the perfect kind of guy for the woman I’m sure would never be interested in me…even if seeing them together breaks my heart.

He was the nerdy PhD candidate. I was the cheerleader. We made unlikely friends. Moving back home after two years away, he looks hotter than ever. When I start dating his ballplayer best friend, things get complicated. He doesn’t see me as girlfriend material…but I can’t get him, or my feelings for him, out of my head.







There are not enough words. I don’t mean that in a dramatic way as if there are not enough words to express something with which I’m momentarily frustrated. I mean there are often times when the optimum word for something simply does not exist.

Fernweh is a German word that describes a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never visited before. The Swedish word, lagom, describes taking not too much nor too little, but just the right amount of something. To wear or use something for the very first time is expressed in Spanish by the word estrenar.

I love words more than anything. I love hearing someone intelligent use the absolutely perfect, most fitting word at exactly the right moment. I love anagrams, crossword puzzles, and riddles. I love how they make me think about language and how people use it. Perhaps most of all though, I love awful puns—even dad-level terrible ones. I only know one person who loves language as much as I do, and he also happens to be the very person I can hardly wait to see.

The Portuguese have a word for the sensation of nostalgia and longing for someone who is far away. Saudade. That’s what I’ve been experiencing since I moved to New York. I have saudade for Dexter Flynn, but that’s about to come to an end.


I walk into The Tipsy Alchemist, an upscale hipster place Dexter chose to start our reunion evening. I visually scour the space, and am disappointed when I don’t see him. I walk the length of the bar and just as I’m about to turn and head back toward the front, a man leans in close behind me and says, “Excuse me, miss, but might I buy your first libation of the evening?”

I turn, ready to tell the guy to get lost so I can call the person I want most in the world to see. When I turn around, though, I’m met with a pair of sweet, soulful brown eyes hiding behind tortoiseshell frames. My heart darts around my chest. I throw my arms around him so hard, I nearly send us both tumbling to the floor.

“Dex!” I squeal, squeezing his neck. His arms wrap around me, and they’re far stronger than I remember.

“It’s about time you came back,” he whispers into the side of my neck as he squeezes me tightly. “I’ve missed you, Clair.”

I feel an instant wash of relief, being here in his arms. The feel of his cheek against mine and the smell of his aftershave trigger an eruption of happy memories. My brain floods with late night talks and board game marathons. My circuits overload with shared stories and supporting each other through tough times—with gushing over books and documentaries at the independent theatre. He has been such a huge part of my life for so long, and now, with him, I finally feel like I’m really home.

When we finally break from our embrace, we both realize we’re standing in the highest traffic area of the bar, and the place is so packed we might be physically in danger from rowdy patrons clamoring for beer.

“Come on,” he says, grabbing my hand. “I reserved us a booth.”

He leads me through the trendy, dark-paneled space to the back where tiny, high-walled booths, are situated. This area of the bar is quieter than the rest, and the high walls of our booth offer some much-appreciated privacy.

The booth to our immediate right houses what I can only assume is a bachelorette party judging by the volume and frequency of the word woo, coming from their direction.

When the server arrives, I order a cocktail, and Dex orders a beer. “Miss, can I ask, the group of ladies in the booth next to us…is one of them a bachelorette, by chance?” He smirks in my direction.

“Actually, yeah. Are they being too rowdy?”

“Not at all. I was just curious,” he replies. I snicker and he winks in response.

“It’s a cool story, actually,” the server pauses to tell us more detail. “She just got out of the military. She met her fiancé while they were stationed together. He was injured, and she’s a nurse.” She puts her hand to her chest. “They fell in love while he recovered in her hospital.”

Dex and I look at each other, and each make the universal face that any red-blooded human with feelings makes when seeing a baby, or a puppy, or hearing a sweet love story. “Aww,” we say in unison, laughing.

“Would you please take them a bottle of Dom Perignon and put it on my tab? Anonymous, though, please…with thanks for her service, and her fiancé’s,” Dex adds.

“Wow, that’s really nice of you! Absolutely, I’ll take care of it,” the server replies.

When she walks out of Dexter’s line of sight, she catches my eye and mouths the words, “Lucky you,” with a wink. It makes me smile unreasonably wide.

Lucky me that such a kind, thoughtful, generous man is in my life and cares so much for me. Lucky me that he’s my friend. Unlucky me that he’s not more than just a friend.

“That was very generous of you,” I tell him.

“I had the good luck to meet an inventor whose work I really admire once at a party. Knowing I was new to success, he told me, “I always say, if you’ve got it, spread it around. Nobody likes a successful, stingy asshole.” I’ve always tried to remember that,” he says with a shrug. We toast to successful good guys.

“You look amazing, Sinclair.” Dex is grinning at me, his brown eyes sparkling.

I reach across the table and take both his hands in mine, giving them a squeeze. “You look amazing too. By the way,” I say, stifling a giggle. “I didn’t know I’d need tickets.”

“Tickets? For…what, exactly?” He cocks an eyebrow up in question.

“The gun show,” I reply, pointing to what I can see is a pronounced bicep on each arm.

His cheeks flush with crimson as he looks down and away. The expression belongs to the shy, gangly guy I met in school, not the hunky, successful entrepreneur sitting across from me.

“So, have you been hitting the gym, or did you invent some magical neurotransmitter that passively enhances muscle tissue?” I tease. “Because if you have, please sign me up as a test subject. Pilates is torture, but I like to eat far too much to ever give it up without some sort of alternative.”

He chuckles. “I like to think of the fitness thing as my transformation to Dexter two-dot-oh. I have to say, I don’t hate that my efforts are producing noticeable results. I told you about my business partner Cole, right?” He asks sheepishly.

“Your friend Cole, yes,” I reply, rolling my eyes.

I think he still has a little trouble wrapping the high school part of his brain around being friends with a jock.

“Yeah. Anyway, since he pitches for the Frontiersmen he knows all the best personal trainers. He convinced me to start working out with one he recommended. I go to the gym almost every day now. Turns out I’m not as unathletic as I thought I was.” He grins wide, pride evident on his face.

“You certainly seem like you’re feeling pretty good,” I reply. I stand up enough to reach across and squeeze his bicep. “Yep, feeling pretty darn good to me.”

He smiles, then he shakes his head and chuckles. “I really do feel good…and even better now.” Something flashes briefly in his chocolate-brown eyes, then he smirks. “I’m just so happy you’re back, Clair.”

Clair. No one but him calls me that. The way he says it is familiar and makes me feel special that he has a nickname just for me. It’s the same way I call him Dex. Those terms of endearment are just for us, like they’re special words all our own.

By the time we finish the drinks the server brings over my stomach is growling, so we head down the street to a Mexican place that has always been one of my favorites.

As we walk the four or five blocks to the restaurant, a group of girls walking the opposite direction toward us are all checking Dex out as they pass. I turn to look over my shoulder and see them all looking back, whispering and giggling. When I look over at him, he seems oblivious.

And this is why he has trouble finding the right girl. He has no clue when a woman is into him.

I bump his shoulder with mine.

“They were checking you out,” I say with a smirk.


“That group of girls that walked by. They were cute, too.”

He rolls his eyes.

“So, not seeing anyone?” I ask.

“Not at the moment.” He lets out a sigh. “Maybe I’m too picky.”

“Maybe you are,” I agree.

And that’s the other reason he can’t find the right girl. He has never fully explained the criteria with me, but he seems never to have found a girl that checks all the boxes on the list of Dex requirements for the perfect girl.

Someone as genuine and kind, as smart and as funny as Dex deserves someone wonderful, though—someone who can see him for everything he is. I have tried to resign myself to the fact that I’m not that girl in his eyes. I only hope that one day he finds her, and she deserves him.

That brings me to another word that should exist, but doesn’t. There should be a word for enjoying something you have, but still wishing it was much, much more.




Author Jennifer Woodhull

Author Jennifer Woodhull

About the Author
We all need moments of escape. With all the demands on us day in and day out, we each need something just for ourselves. Perhaps nothing provides a private moment – a brief respite from the everyday – like escaping into a great story. When you pick up one of my books I hope you find that place that you can escape to. Explore the streets of Paris with new heroines, or fly around the world to reclaim your lost love with a favorite hero. Whether it’s the romance that takes your breath away or those climactic encounters that make your pulse race, I hope you find that solitary moment of enjoyment while lost in one of my stories.

Jennifer Woodhull is based in the Southern United States, spending time in her second home of England, and traveling as often as she can. Her love of travel permeates her work, and her characters often find themselves exploring new and foreign surroundings.

A keen observer of human behavior, Jennifer often draws inspiration from something as simple as a fleeting connection, or the glimpse of a unique trait or characteristic. Her favorite place to write is on airplanes.

“The drone of the engine, the scores of people, all traveling to something or from something, and being disconnected from digital distractions are a combination that provide the perfect place to write,” she says. “If you see a woman in seat 9F who is balancing her Macbook on her lap because it’s time to close your tray table, please have patience. I’m just trying to finish one more sentence.”

Where to Find Jennifer Woodhull
Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Excerpt Reveal – LIKE THE WIND by J. Bengtsson

LIKE THE WIND Cover Reveal

Author J. Bengtsson is revealing an excerpt from LIKE THE WIND, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, releasing on April 16, 2019. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and the exclusive excerpt.

LIKE THE WIND by J. Bengtsson

LIKE THE WIND by J. Bengtsson

About the Book
Author: J. Bengtsson
Release Date: Audiobook: January 15, 2019 | eBook and Paperback: April 16, 2019
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Audible | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Prepare to laugh, cry, and fall in love with this enthralling new romance from J. Bengtsson!

When a letter from his supposedly deceased mother finds its way into his hands, life changes in an instant for international pop star Bodhi Beckett. 

Reeling from the deception of those closest to him, Bodhi spirals out of control and is sent to a secluded mansion in the coastal mountains of Southern California for some rest and relaxation. But the retreat proves to be anything but relaxing when a raging wildfire sets the landscape around him ablaze.

While escaping the flames, Bodhi rescues Breeze, a quirky, pet-loving woman, and together the two fight their way to safety. In the aftermath of the fire, Bodhi and Breeze hit the road to uncover the truth about his family. What neither of them expected is to forge a powerful connection that will change their lives forever…but can it survive the real world, or will it disappear like the wind?




Nudging Bodhi, I whispered in his ear. “I have a surprise for you.”

He grunted but remained in his prone and groggy state. 

“Guess what’s back on?” I said in a sing-song voice. “The power, baby!”

Bodhi’s eyes flew open and he blinked at me. “Wha …? The power?”

“Uh-huh. Come on, sleepyhead.” I bounced in my spot. “Wake up so we can flick all the light switches on and off repeatedly just because we can.”

He shifted, then went stone still, his petrified gaze finding mine. “What’s on my back?” 


“Remind me what animal that is again.”

“The cat.” 

“Oh, fuck. Thank god.” 

“Why? Did you think I let the rats loose on you?”

He groaned, his eyes drifting shut once more. Apparently, the cat, the lights, and me weren’t enough to keep Bodhi’s interest. Yes, this was going to take a little charm on my part. Bending down to within an inch of his face, I hummed a happy little tune until he could no longer ignore my bumblebee like presence. 

This time when his lids fluttered open, I assaulted him with my biggest brightest smile. “Hi again. In case you forgot, my name is Breeze and I’m your fire buddy from last night.” 

“Yes, I remember you.” He smiled. “The girl with the forehead boner.”

My hand flew to the bump. After all the gushing I’d just done in my head for him, the first thing he remembered about me was my protruding knot? 

Way to make an impression, Breeze. 

Jumping out of bed, I stared down at him with a condemning glare. 

“Was it something I said?” He shifted onto his side. I watched the cat slide off his back. Propping on his elbow, he treated me to a nice view of his impressive rack of firm, defined abs.

Oh yeah, that was… wow. Yep.




Author J. Bengtsson

Author J. Bengtsson

About the Author
A professional stay-at-home-mom for twenty-one years, Jill started her writing career in 2016 after reading a really bad rockstar romance. Although she had no previous writing experience and no desire to become an author, Jill was convinced she could write a better story.

And so began Cake: A Love Story. She wrote the novel for fun and added every single thing she’d ever wanted to read in a romance. Embarrassed by her newfound hobby, Jill kept her writing a secret from her family.

When the story was complete, she turned to Amazon to get the feedback she desired. Not thinking the book would ever sell, Jill planned to pull Cake off Amazon once it got a review or two but that never happened because, within a week of its release, Cake began to soar up the bestseller charts. Not only was Jill shocked by Cake’s success but now she had a whole new burgeoning career on her hands…and some explaining to do. Needless to say, the news of Jill’s secret book bay came as a complete shock to her husband and three children.

Jill is now a full-time writer..

Where to find J. Bengtsson
Goodreads | WebsiteFacebook Twitter | Instagram




Excerpt Reveal – BREAKING WITHOUT YOU (Fractured Connections) by Carrie Ann Ryan


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Carrie Ann Ryan is revealing an excerpt from BREAKING WITHOUT YOU, the first book in her latest adult contemporary romance series, Fractured Connections, releasing April 16, 2019. See below for information the book, pre-order links, and the exclusive excerpt.

BREAKING WITHOUT YOU (Fractured Connections #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

BREAKING WITHOUT YOU (Fractured Connections #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

About the Book
Series: Fractured Connections #1
Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Release Date: April 16, 2019
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: GoodreadsAmazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DEBarnes & Noble | iBooksKobo

From NYT bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan, comes a brand new series where second chances don’t come often, and overcoming an unexpected loss means breaking everything you knew.

I fell for Cameron Connolly at the wrong time. And when he left, I thought my life was over. But then, after the worst happened, I truly understood what that phrase meant. Now, he’s not ready for a second chance, and I’m not offering one. Though given that our families have been forced together after losing one of our own, I know there’s no turning back. Not this time. Not again. Not when it comes to Cameron.


I never wanted to hurt Violet Knight, but there were reasons I had to leave all those years ago—not that she’d believe me if I told her what they were. I not only left her, I also left my foster brothers. Honestly, I didn’t want to come back to Denver to help run my father’s failing brewery. But when it comes to my brothers, I know I’ll find a way to make it work. Perhaps I’ll even earn Violet’s forgiveness and face the connection we both thought long forgotten in the process. Because I wanted her then, but now I know I need her. I just hope she needs me..




Chapter 1
Sometimes people just don’t get it.
– Allison in a text to Violet


It didn’t seem right that the sun was shining, and that birds were chirping in the air. It didn’t seem appropriate that the sky was free of clouds, or that the world seemed to scream of beauty and peace.

I didn’t find it fitting at all.

Because I was outside this afternoon instead of working or being with my family. I was watching strangers lower my best friend into the ground.

My best friend wasn’t supposed to be dead. We weren’t even thirty yet. No, I wasn’t even thirty yet. She would never reach it.

I watched as they lowered the casket inch by inch—ashes to ashes, dust to dust, as the saying goes. I watched it all and didn’t shed a tear. I’d done my crying. I had lost so many tears, so much of myself with each crying jag and hiccupping sob.

I couldn’t cry just then.

I was surrounded by my family, my friends, Allison’s family, and everyone who had known my best friend throughout her life.

She had been such a joy, such a bright spot in this sometimes-dark world. She’d made me laugh, made me smile. And she had done so for countless others, as well. She was the happiness we all craved.

But all of it was a lie.

I knew that now. I’d discovered that the Allison I thought I knew hadn’t been the Allison she’d hidden deep inside.

That shamed me. It made me want to leave, made me want to throw myself to the ground and curl up into a ball. It made me want to switch between pitching a fit and just weeping and praying that something could be changed.

It made me angry, it made me sad, but mostly…mostly, I just felt ashamed.

Because Allison was lying in that casket, wearing a blue dress that made her pretty blue eyes stand out.

No, that wasn’t right either. Because Allison’s pretty blue eyes were closed, and they wouldn’t be looking at anything anymore. No more searching for the next best thing, no more looking for anything.

Allison’s parents had decided not to do organ donation, even though I knew that Allison had wanted to do it. She hadn’t put it on her driver’s license, though, and since we were not old enough in our minds to finish our wills, there hadn’t been instructions for burying my best friend.

I was going to make a will as soon as I could. Because I did not want my friends mourning for me while wondering what I had wanted, and then watching it slip through their fingers when they realized that my parents were the ones in control.

Allison hadn’t been married, hadn’t had a power of attorney.

When she died, her parents had been the ones to make all the decisions, and that should have been fine. But I knew Allison—at least I thought I had. And so had my sister, Sienna, and our other best friend, Harmony.

The three of us thought we knew what Allison would have wanted.

We figured she would have wanted to be cremated, her ashes scattered to the wind in the different places that we had known and loved together. That was something I wanted, as well. I vividly remembered my conversation with Allison about it one night when we all got a little too drunk and started talking about death. It was something that a lot of people talked about, at least that’s what I thought. It was part of everyone’s future—the end, the idea that you wouldn’t be around to make your own plans unless you wrote them down ahead of time.

But I didn’t think that any of us had written them down. Well…maybe Harmony. Harmony had been through her own heartbreak. She probably had a full list of what she wanted when her end came.

But now, I was going to make sure that I had my list. Because Allison had not been cremated. Her organs had not been donated.  She was going into a hole in the earth, and her parents had every right to make that decision.

I wasn’t going to hold onto any bitterness when it came to that. I had enough for everything else that had happened. I didn’t want to hold onto that and only remember watching my best friend being lowered into the ground and the darkness that came with that.

Hell, I didn’t want to remember any of this at all.

But it wasn’t like I had a choice. This day would be in my memory until the day I died. Until somebody tossed my ashes to the wind.

I closed my eyes and held back a groan. No, Violet, it will be before that, won’t it? Before ashes and dust. I honestly wasn’t really thinking clearly.

I almost jumped when Sienna reached out and squeezed my hand. My little sister—not quite so little since we were both nearly thirty—leaned into me, resting her head on my shoulder.

We were almost the same height, but I was wearing taller heels, and that meant she could easily place her head on my shoulder. I wanted to turn around and just pull her into my arms, tell her that everything would be okay. And knowing Sienna, she wished she could do the same for me.

I tore my gaze away from the hole in the ground where Allison lay and would forever stay until she was no more, dust to dust and all of that. When I turned, my gaze met Harmony’s where she stood stoically on the other side of Sienna.

Harmony had her dark red hair pulled back into a bun, and I didn’t really understand why she had done that. She usually wore it down. All of us generally had our hair in long waves or straightened. The four of us had decided to see who could grow their hair the longest and the fastest. Harmony had won, but for some reason, her hair was back today.

Then I remembered.

It was how she had worn her hair at her husband’s funeral.

She hadn’t wanted to look the same as she had every day when she had known and loved her husband. She’d wanted to appear different than when he had seen her, the times when he had played with her hair with his fingers.

So, she had worn it back.

It seemed we each had a special way to wear our hair, our makeup, and ourselves for funerals.

I wasn’t even thirty yet, but I had been to enough funerals for a lifetime.

I didn’t want to go to any more.

I didn’t want to be here at Allison’s. She shouldn’t be dead. She had been alive and healthy and whole just a few days ago. But now I knew that maybe she hadn’t been. Perhaps she hadn’t been healthy or whole at all.

Maybe that’s why she’d ended her life at the age of twenty-seven. Just a year younger than me.

The four of us had been friends since high school, Sienna and I being close for far longer since we were sisters. We were all in the same two grades and became fast friends. We had even gone to the same college, and all stayed in Denver to retain our friendship.

I knew that not everybody had that ability. With the way everybody kept moving for their careers and the way the world seemed to become a smaller place, most people didn’t have their childhood friends in their lives. But I was lucky. I had been able to keep my three best friends by my side throughout my pain—and theirs. We had grown together, lived together.

But now, there was only three.

We had lost our fourth.

And I didn’t know what the next step was.

Whispers brought me out of my thoughts, and I tried not to feel selfish. I was so busy worrying about myself and how I was going to feel that I couldn’t really think about the world without Allison in it.

Every single person around me had been connected to her.

My brother, Mace, was here, standing right behind me with his fiancée, Adrienne, at his side. He hadn’t brought their little girl Daisy with them, as they hadn’t known how she would react at a funeral, being so young. I understood that, though Daisy had known Allison.

I had been in the room when Mace explained to his daughter that Allison wouldn’t be able to come back for another tea party. That she wasn’t going to attend another Thanksgiving like she had the past couple of years.

I didn’t cry as I remembered these things, although my eyes did burn.

Why couldn’t I cry? I should be crying.

Sienna was crying. Harmony was crying. Adrienne was crying.

My mom was sniffling on Mace’s other side, my dad putting his arm around her shoulders as he held her close. I had witnessed that as I turned to look before, but I knew he would still be there, comforting her.

My parents were sweet, amazing, and they had loved Allison like their own daughter.

And now, Allison wouldn’t be coming home.

She wouldn’t be doing anything.

Allison’s parents stood on the other side of the casket, crying into their handkerchiefs. They were poised, prim, and a little separate from the rest of the world. They had been that way long before they heard that their daughter wasn’t going to wake up again.  I remembered going over to spend the night at Allison’s house when we were in high school. Her parents were nice but very reserved. Though that didn’t mean they were bad parents. They were wonderful, and Allison had loved them. I just didn’t think they had known their daughter as well as maybe my parents knew me.

But, then again, I hadn’t known Allison the way I probably should have either.

Maybe I would have seen it if I had. Maybe I would have been able to stop it. Or, maybe, I was being selfish again and just needed to stop and breathe.

Others began talking, and I knew we would soon be moving from the cemetery to the wake at Allison’s parent’s home. They had a large house that could hold everybody so we could eat, drink, and maybe laugh at some memories.

I didn’t know if I could do any of that, though.

I had only been to one funeral before—Harmony’s husband, Moyer.

I didn’t even know if I remembered that as clearly as I should. And I never asked Harmony if she did. I always felt like I shouldn’t. There were some things you just didn’t talk about until the time was right. I just didn’t know when that time would be.

My gaze traveled over the rest of the mourners, and then I sucked in a breath.

I should have known they would be here.

Of course, they would be here.

The Connolly brothers had known Allison almost as well as the Knight siblings and Harmony did. Even if they hadn’t been in our lives for a few years, the Connolly brothers had been part of our crew when we were in college and were very much part of Allison’s life back in high school.

I let out a shaky breath, willing the guys not to look up and meet my eyes. I knew I shouldn’t study them, shouldn’t look at them. But I hadn’t seen them in so long, even though I knew they had moved back to Denver.

Everybody in our circle had known.

There was Brendon, the eldest, and the one in a neatly cut suit. I knew he grieved. He had been friends with Allison just like his brothers. But I didn’t really know him all that well. I didn’t know how he felt, but I was glad he was here just the same.

Because that meant Allison wasn’t alone.

None of us were.

Next to Brendon stood Aiden, his hair a little messy, grief clear on his face.

I finally felt a tear fall and quickly wiped it away as Sienna squeezed my hand, letting out a sob of her own.

Aiden and Allison had been the couple in high school and into college. They had eventually broken up, not because they hated each other, but because they hadn’t been right for each other. That was what Allison had always told me anyway, and I believed it. Aiden had moved on, maybe not to other women, but to other parts of his life. I knew he had gone to culinary school and was a chef somewhere now, but I hadn’t really heard much about him since he and Allison broke up.

But now he was here, watching the first love of his life fade away into the darkness.

Another boy was standing on his other side, an older teenager. He had the look of the Connollys, but I had never seen him before.

After the Connollys’ father had passed away, I hadn’t known there were more foster brothers added to the family. The other three had been adopted in high school, though Aiden and his twin, Cameron, were biological brothers, as well. Maybe the boy I didn’t recognize wasn’t a brother at all. Perhaps he was just a friend. And maybe it was none of my business since I had no idea what they were all up to these days.

My gaze traveled to the right of the young man, and my jaw tightened.

The final brother.

Cameron. That Cameron.

The one that had broken my heart and walked away as if he hadn’t known that he held it at all. He still looked as sexy as ever with his dark hair brushed back from his face and his beard just past scruff. Today, he wore a suit just like his brothers, but I had never known Cameron to live in one like Brendon did. Even Aiden wore suits more than Cameron.

Cameron was rough. Edgy. Dangerous.

He was a man that I hated, the first man I had ever loved, the first for a lot of things. And he was here. In my presence. I wasn’t going to be selfish and make this all about me, but I hated that he was here. I didn’t like that I had to see him today of all days.

But I would push that thought out of my head because today was not about me. It was all about Allison. Today was about my best friend.

I pulled my gaze away from the Connollys and focused on what came next. We made our way to the cars and then to Allison’s parents’ house. All the while, a drum beat behind my eyes started, telling me that a migraine was coming on. I quickly popped a pill and then chugged the water that Sienna handed over to me without asking. I knew that I would be incapacitated later, but maybe it was something I deserved.

I hadn’t had a migraine in over two weeks, but this one was coming for me soon. That much I knew. Though with everything that had happened, I was surprised that it hadn’t come on sooner.

It was going to hurt, but maybe I needed that pain.

We walked through the halls of the home that Allison had grown up in, the house we had all slept in a time or two. We had gotten ready for our junior prom here, although my sister had been in the grade below us and was only allowed to attend because she was going with a junior boy. Somehow, we had made it work so we could go to almost every dance together, even when we left Sienna behind in high school.

Today I walked through these halls again, looking at the photos of a young Allison on the walls.

My fingers traced the edge of one of the frames, and I let out a deep breath.

Everything was going to be okay. Because it had to be. Life would move on. It always did.

I just didn’t want it to move on without my best friend.

I walked to where the food was, where everybody was gathered and talking. It wasn’t that the whispers had gotten any louder, but maybe it was just that I was finally listening.

“I heard she took pills,” a voice said from far off in the distance.

“Yes, then drowned herself in the bathtub,” another voice said, equally as vicious but still almost sickly sweet.

“You know, I heard the police found no note. They don’t know how she did it. We don’t know exactly how she did it. And nobody knows why. Maybe her friends do.”

I ignored that last voice, or at least I tried to.

Then there was another.

“You know, it does seem out of the blue. But maybe if we keep looking, we’ll see what happened. I mean, no one just does this.”

I swallowed hard and then took a few steps away. My hands were shaking, and I tried not to listen to any more of the murmurs.

Of course, there would be speculation. Of course, there would be whispers. Allison was bright and cheery and far more energetic than any of them or us.

Gossip had run rampant when Harmony’s young husband died, but we had pulled through. We stood together as a team, the four of us, and made sure that Harmony knew that she was never alone.

And I was going to do the same thing now. So, I took a few steps towards Sienna and Harmony. The three of us grabbed hands, standing in a circle that was one shy of what it used to be. It was odd. I could actually feel the distance between us growing because there wasn’t that fourth person in the circle, clasping hands as we always had.

The actual physical representation of what we were now hit me a little too hard, and I blinked quickly. I had only shed that single tear, and I knew I couldn’t do any more.

Not with all the eyes watching me. Not with all the whispers.

Mace and Adrienne had gone home, not being able to stay for the wake because they still had to drive over an hour back to Daisy. My parents had gone as well, my father battling a cold. He would be fine, but I knew that the day had taken a lot out of him.

All of them would have stayed for me and Sienna and Harmony if we needed it.

But we had each other.

We had each other.

“They’re all talking about it,” Sienna murmured.

“Just ignore it. It’s always best just to ignore it.” Harmony’s voice was a little shaky, but she held her chin high.

“I hate it. I just want it to go away. I just want to go sit up in Allison’s old room and play a stupid board game like we used to.” I closed my eyes, the headache starting to push its way into my brain. I knew it would likely transform into something more soon, the lights getting a little too bright, the tastes in my mouth going bitter.

“We need to get you home soon,” Sienna said. “I can tell a migraine is coming on.”

“Yes, it’s going to suck. Let’s just stay for Allison’s parents for a little longer, see if there’s anything we can do for them. Then, I’ll go home and lick my wounds.”

“I love you guys,” Harmony said, bringing both Sienna and me in for a hug. So I leaned on my friend and held my sister close. This wasn’t right. It wasn’t supposed to be just the three of us. I mean, I knew that it would be eventually, but when we were older—far older when we were watching over our grandchildren, maybe even our great-grandchildren if things worked out.

We weren’t supposed to be doing this at such a young age.

It wasn’t fair.

But, as they say, life isn’t fair.

Death shouldn’t be either.

Allison’s mom called out for Harmony, and she squeezed my hand before walking off to join the other woman. One of the caterers needed help with something, and Sienna charged in to assist, not even bothering to see if anyone else would offer to help. That was my sister. Always there.

That was my friends, we were always there for each other. Even if not all of us were here anymore.

The headache was coming on strong, and my hands had started to shake. I knew I needed to leave soon. The others would understand if I left, even if I had been the one to say that I needed to stay. Because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to drive home soon if I didn’t go now. So, I went over to the coats, slid mine on, and ignored more of the whispers as people tried to catch my eye. They wanted to talk to the girl who had found Allison.

I knew that much. But I had talked to the police, I had discussed things with Allison’s parents. I had shared with my friends. I had talked to everybody about what I had seen, detailing it so much that I knew I could probably say the words by rote without even showing a single emotion.

Maybe that was for the best.

Because I didn’t want to feel anything.

Didn’t know if I really could.

So, as I turned away from the whispers and the knowing looks, I told myself that I needed to go home. Of course, just as I thought that, I slammed into a large chest.

A hard, familiar chest.

Of course.

“Violet,” Cameron whispered, his voice rough, that low, deep growl that I remembered vividly.

“I—” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

Because as soon as he wrapped his arms around me, the dam broke. Tears slid from my eyes, and I let out a low groan that I knew others might hear. Cameron surely did.

In response, he let out a low curse that vibrated through my body and held me close. And I broke.

The others might not be able to see me, but Cameron could. And, of all the people I could have broken in front of, of all the individuals that could have held me when I shattered into a thousand pieces, it just had to be him.

He was the one who was there for me when I fractured.

Of course, he was.




Author Carrie Ann Ryan

Author Carrie Ann Ryan

About the Author
Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.



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Excerpt Reveal – MINE TO PROTECT by Kennedy L. Mitchell


Author Kennedy L. Mitchell is revealing an excerpt from MINE TO PROTECT, a stand-alone adult romantic suspense, releasing April 8, 2019. See below for information on the book, pre-order links, and the exclusive excerpt.

MINE TO PROTECT by Kennedy L. Mitchell

MINE TO PROTECT by Kennedy L. Mitchell

About the Book
Author: Kennedy L. Mitchell
Release Date: April 8, 2019
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon UKBarnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo 

Recruited to the FBI Cas Mathews has one focus – catch the killer. That’s until officer Alta Johnson shoves her way on to the team, making him fantasize about the delicious curves she hides beneath her park ranger uniform. Alta’s natural beauty catches his immediate attention, but the strength behind her fierce gaze is what holds him captive – demanding he learns more about her.

As the team grows close, the serial killer shifts focus putting them all in danger. Cas should walk away before their sizzling attraction distracts him and gets them both killed. But as the threat pushes Cas and Alta closer, the temptation turns too hot for either to resist.

With their focus diverted the threat zeroes in, catching everyone off guard. Figuring out the players in the killer’s cat and mouse game is key to Alta’s survival. Cas swore he would protect her but with the clues carefully hidden, can he figure it out before Alta disappears for good?

Mine to Protect is a standalone, romantic thriller novel based in the beautiful mountains of the Rocky Mountain National Park.




“Stay away from me, Lady.”

Her eyes met mine, daring her to push back. “What? I didn’t mean—”

“I’m not the man you think I am. I’m an asshole with more control issues than they can diagnose. I’m not a nice guy.”

“But I’m safe,” she whispered in a voice so fragile, it chipped at my resolve to stay away for her sake.

Fuck, that weak voice cracked every restraint I had. All she wanted to be was safe, and that was the one thing I could offer. “No one—I repeat, no one will touch you while I’m here. That is a fact you shouldn’t question.”

Her tight shoulders dropped, her lips parted in a relieved sigh. There was trust there, trust I hadn’t earned yet, but still she gave it—to me, a nobody.

Fuck it.

Narrowing my eyes, I crouched directly in front of her, inching closer until her back pressed against the brick hearth. Inches from her nose, I inhaled each of her shaky breaths, savoring the heated fear that pulsed off her as her eyes darkened with lust. She needed to be scared of me, to run in the opposite direction.

Still I dared another inch closer, hoping she’d push me off, praying she wouldn’t.

I slid a hand around the hot skin of her delicate neck.

“I don’t know how to be gentle, Lady,” I growled.

Her breath hitched at the minuscule squeeze of my fingers around her throat.

“What if I don’t want gentle?” she breathed.

“What do you want?”

Light brown brows pulled together in thought, but her hazel eyes stayed locked with mine. “You.”




Author Kennedy L. Mitchell

Author Kennedy L. Mitchell

About the Author
Kennedy lives in Dallas with her husband, son, and 80lb Goldendoodle who still believes he’s a lap dog. A bookworm at heart, Kennedy loves to snuggle up in bed or by the campfire with an unputdownable book. She began writing two years ago with Falling for the Chance and has no plans of stopping. Her novels are witty, action-packed, and offer enough steam for a great facial. If you like strong heroines and sexy, tattooed men who can’t keep their hands off them, then this author is the one for you.


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Excerpt Reveal – NEEDING TO LOVE YOU (Houston’s Finest) by Erin Rylie


Author Erin Rylie is revealing an excerpt from NEEDING TO LOVE YOU, the second book in her adult contemporary romance series, Houston’s Finest, releasing April 12, 2019. See below for information on the book and series, a link to add it to your Goodreads TBR, and the exclusive excerpt.

NEEDING TO LOVE YOU (Houston's Finest #2) by Erin Rylie

NEEDING TO LOVE YOU (Houston’s Finest #2) by Erin Rylie

About the Book – Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited
Series: Houston’s Finest #2
Author: Erin Rylie
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 12, 2019
Links: Goodreads

Carlos Ramirez has always prided himself on two things: being damn good at his job on the Houston police force and being able to land any woman he wants. When a devastating car accident leaves him crippled and in excruciating pain, he begins to rely too heavily on his prescription painkillers. The only person who can help him heal is the only woman who has ever rejected him—and on more than one occasion. Living with Kelsey while he works through physical therapy wasn’t anything he ever expected to happen, but it might just be what he needs.

After a divorce that left her doubting her ability to love, Kelsey Byrne wants nothing to do with relationships. Unfortunately for her, the only man she could see herself loving needs a place to live and help while he recovers. She had a hard time pushing him away after a one-night stand, so how can she possibly keep him at arm’s length when he’s in her house every day, playing with her son, cooking her meals, and leaving her cute notes every morning? Carlos may be working his way into her heart one sweet gesture at a time, but can she give him everything knowing that she’s more than a little broken inside?




She leaned across the table, well aware that her shirt gaped when she did so. She could tell from the tightness of his expression that he was struggling not to look down her shirt, still trying to maintain the charade that he was a gentleman.

Kelsey pitched her voice low so that nobody else would overhear what she said but Carlos. “Would a gentleman go down on me in the kitchen?”

Carlos grinned. “Absolutely, that sounds like a very gentlemanly thing to do.” He winked at her, still managing to keep his gaze on her face when she knew he wanted to look down.

“Well, I can tell you want to look down my shirt. Trying to get a good look at my tits? What are you thinking about doing to them right now?”

The smile slid from his face and his eyes blazed with lust. He coughed and took a sip of the water she hadn’t even noticed a server pouring. “I’m not thinking about them, actually. I’m thinking about…um…baseball?” Carlos’s voice rose at the end, making his intended statement a question.

Poor guy. Kelsey knew that she was torturing him needlessly. “Just go ahead and look. I know you want to.”

Carlos eyed her suspiciously. “You won’t call me a pig?”

“Nope,” she replied, popping the “p.”

Before the word had entirely left her lips, Carlos had propped his elbows up on the table, rested his face in his hands, and was staring at her breasts with open adoration. He let out an audible sigh and just stared.

Their waiter chose that exact moment to walk over, clearing his throat awkwardly. “Sorry to um, interrupt, but did y’all want to order anything to drink besides water?”

“Not now, buddy. In the middle of something,” Carlos replied, not moving an inch, his eyes locked on her cleavage.

Kelsey sighed and looked at the waiter. The poor guy was clearly uncomfortable, torn between doing his job and running the hell away. “Sorry about him, I can’t take him anywhere, really. We would love a bottle of Malbec; which do you recommend?”

The waiter stuttered out a recommendation, which Kelsey accepted, and hurried off to get their bottle and some glasses.

“Are you proud of yourself? You’ve traumatized the wait staff. Next, the manager will come over and ask us to leave.”

Carlos waved his hand in the air as if the prospect of being thrown out of a fine-dining restaurant was of no consequence. “I’m a cop, they won’t throw me out.”

“Wow, so you use your power for evil?”

“No, definitely not. But I will absolutely use my power to get me more time with your breasts. I’m a boob man, remember?”

“I thought you were an ass man?”

“On you, I like it all.”

Kelsey leaned back in her seat and adjusted her shirt, hiding her cleavage from his view. Carlos put on his best hurt look.

“Bye ladies, I’ll miss you.”

She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t fight her smile. He was the most ridiculous man that she’d ever met. It was probably one of her favorite things about Carlos, actually. He didn’t give a shit what other people thought of him. He was always, unabashedly himself, no matter the situation or setting.

The waiter returned, looking relieved to see that Carlos was no longer openly gawking at Kelsey’s boobs, and poured their wine before taking their dinner order.

As they waited for their food, they slipped into an easy conversation, talking about work, Carlos’s physical therapy, and of course James. The clear affection Carlos had for her son warmed her heart. The two of them were definitely buddies. They frequently played a game they’d invented called “Zoo Keeper,” and Carlos had recently ordered a slew of board games for them to all play together. They actually had a board-game night planned for Sunday when Kyle brought James home.

All of Kelsey’s usual reticence disappeared when she was in the presence of Carlos. All of her relationship fears fled, chased away by the ease of their conversation, by the occasional heat in his eyes that did things to her body. It was the reason she’d been avoiding him in recent weeks—he was irresistible to her and she needed to remember why she avoided relationships. She was broken, and he deserved better. He deserved someone who could love and cherish him for the rest of their lives. She didn’t know that she could ever be that person for anyone, but damn, Carlos made her want to try.

Before long, the sun began to set, pulling Kelsey’s attention from their conversation. The light outside turned orange, bathing downtown Houston in a warm glow that took her breath away. She didn’t know that she’d ever truly appreciated the beauty of her city until now.

“Wow,” she breathed. “This view is breathtaking, Carlos.”

She glanced over to find him gazing at her, the open affection in his expression taking her by surprise. “Yes, it is.”

“Nope, no sir. You take that back. You will not use some cheesy movie line on me on our first date. Try again, please.”

Carlos laughed and nodded. “I meant it, but fair enough. Okay, let me dig in the vault and pull out some of my best lines. How about this one—I lost my rubber ducky, can I bathe with you instead?”

She chuckled and shook her head. “Try again.”

“Is your name winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.”

“Oh my God, no!”

“Your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore, my face should be among them.”

Kelsey shook her head, her body quaking with laughter.

“The FBI wants to steal my penis. Can I hide it inside you?”

“Carlos! These are just getting worse.”

He looked thoughtful for a few moments before a wolfish expression crossed his face. “Okay, I’ve got it, I have THE pickup line. This one is definitely going to get me laid tonight.”

“Doubtful, but let’s hear it.”

“If it’s true that we are what we eat, I could be you by morning.”

Kelsey laughed so hard she was wiping tears from her eyes, and her cheeks hurt from the wide smile on her face. Before she could respond, the smile dropped from Carlos’s expression, his handsome face serious.

“I’ll try one more, deal?”

She nodded, unsure what to expect.

“This has already been the best date I’ve ever been on. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet a woman like you—you’re smart, funny, and full of fire. Even if this is all you can ever give me, this right here, this night with you? It will be something I cherish for the rest of my life.”




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Author Erin Rylie

Author Erin Rylie

About the Author
I’m a Montana born, Texas raised New Jersey transplant with a degree in hospitality. At 29 years old, I decided it was finally time for me to pursue my real passion in life – writing. I’ve been writing princess stories and LOTR fan-fiction since I was in middle school, so the transition into romance has been fun!

When I’m not writing, I’m reading (fantasy, sci-fi and romance are my genres) or working. I’m currently obsessed with Brooklyn Nine Nine which should tell you all you need to know about my sense of humor.

Finally, I am 100% an old cat lady. My cats Socks and Kaz are little weirdos and I love them more than most people..



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Excerpt Reveal – REMIND ME (Magnolia Sound) by Samantha Chase

REMIND ME Excerpt Reveal

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Samantha Chase, is revealing an excerpt from REMIND ME, the first book in her adult contemporary romance series, Magnolia Sound, releasing March 12, 2019. See below for information on the book, preorder links, and the exclusive excerpt.

REMIND ME (Magnolia Sound #1) by Samantha Chase

REMIND ME (Magnolia Sound #1) by Samantha Chase

About the Book
Series: Magnolia Sound #1
Author: Samantha Chase
Publisher:  Chasing Romance, Inc.
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 12, 2019
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It’s been years since Mallory Westbrook set foot in Magnolia Sound, but the death of her great-grandfather forces her back. Two weeks to get his affairs in order then she would return to her life in New York. The perfect plan, if not for Jake Summerford—her first love who broke her heart. 

Jake always regretted the way things ended with Mallory and now that she’s back in town, he’s hoping they can put the past behind them. As they reconnect, old feelings resurface and Jake realizes that friendship is only the beginning of what he wants from Mallory. 

With one foot out of the door, Mallory is looking for any excuse to leave Magnolia Sound behind. Forever. Will Jake’s plan to replace the old, painful memories help him finally show her their love deserves another chance?







“But we were already hanging out,” Mallory reminded him and the look Sam gave her bordered on hysterical. “What? What’s so funny?”

“We all know I’m the third wheel here and the two of you would like nothing more than to be alone, so…I’m leaving,” he said, walking back into the kitchen to put the beer back in the refrigerator. “I’m gonna go home and tell Mom what the plan is–I’m going out to be a good cousin, while you’re here doing…I don’t know…Jake.” He winked. “You two have fun!”

Jake knew he didn’t let out a breath until the back door closed and he saw Sam walk down the deck stairs from the living room window. “Well…that was…awkward.”

“Just a little,” Mallory agreed. “Ugh…why is my brother such a dork?”

Laughing, Jake shifted them until her head was on his shoulder. “I wouldn’t call him a dork, he’s just a little…”

“He’s a dork. Trust me. We’re twins and I’m allowed to say it.” She shook her head. “He’s going to be snarky about this until he leaves.”

“About what?”

“You and me. Us. The fact that he knows what we’re doing.” She groaned. “Now, every time I mention seeing you or doing something, he’s going to make some sort of doofus comment about how I’m doing you. I’m telling you, he’s the worst.”

But Jake couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t have any siblings so he didn’t understand the dynamics, but from where he was sitting, it was all pretty comical. The fact that they each other and had such obvious affection for each other was a pretty amazing thing. Maybe it was because they were twins or something. All he knew was that he hadn’t met many siblings with the kind of relationship Sam and Mallory had.  

Plus, he liked knowing Sam looked out for her when he couldn’t.

And that one single thought had him going still.

This wasn’t going anywhere–this was about passing the time and getting her out of his system. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking about his feelings or hers. This was temporary. They both saw the end before they started up again, so why was he suddenly feeling concerned about how Mallory was going to be when he wasn’t around?

“Jake?” she asked softly, looking up at him. “You okay?”

He nodded. Right now, he didn’t want to talk. Hell, he didn’t want to think either. All he wanted was to feel–feel Mallory’s body against his. Feel her skin under his hands. Feel her breath mingling with his.

Standing, he gently tugged her to her feet before plunging his hands into her hair and giving her a searing kiss. If she was surprised by the sudden change of events, she didn’t show it. If anything, she kissed him back with equal abandon.  

So good, he thought. Kissing Mallory was always so damn good…

When he had invited her to come home with him earlier–before Sam showed up–Jake envisioned them coming in and talking and maybe sharing some lazy kisses before he seduced her into staying the night. But as Mallory pressed up against him and purred, he was pretty sure nothing was going to be slow and lazy, and that he was the one being seduced.

And he loved every minute of it.

Without breaking the kiss, they maneuvered across the room and down the hall, stopping once so he could back her against the wall and grind against her. She tore her lips from his and sighed his name like a plea. Reaching down, Jake lifted her until her legs wrapped around his waist and it took every bit of self-control he possessed not to take her right then and there. Her dress was bunched up at her waist and the barely-there panties would be gone with only the slightest of tugs…

“Bed,” he growled against her throat even as he continued to rub against her. “I want you in my bed.”

“Then take me there,” she said breathlessly.

Easier said than done, he thought, forcing himself to walk the last ten feet to his room. At the side of the bed, he simply let himself fall and kept Mallory in his arms. They laughed and rolled until they were comfortable and then he sank back into the kiss.

Mallory tugged at his shirt and once she had it pulled free of his trousers, her nails scraped up his back and it gave him chills. Sitting up quickly, he ripped the shirt off–buttons flying in every direction.

“Wow,” she panted. “That was incredibly sexy.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asked, his own breath coming out roughly. “How do you feel about this?” His hand snaked under her dress and he tugged her tiny panties off–the sound of the fabric ripping seemed insanely loud in the room.

“Oh!” she cried as her hips bucked off the bed. Jake knew what she wanted and he was more than happy to give it to her.  In a flash her dress was off. He peeled her bra off with his teeth as she writhed beneath him. “Jake…”

Once he had her completely naked, his self-control completely vanished. His mouth and hands were everywhere. While he licked and suckled at her breasts, his hand was ruthlessly teasing her between her legs. Watching Mallory lose control was one of his favorite pastimes and as he urged her on, he knew it would always be this way. She cried out his name again and again and again and each time it ratcheted his own arousal up more and more.

He hated to move away from her even for a second, but he still had half of his own clothes to discard. Mallory reached for him as he moved away and he smoothed a hand across her stomach. “Soon,” he whispered. “I’m not going anywhere.”




Author Samantha Chase

Author Samantha Chase

About the Author
Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than forty titles under her belt! When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene…oh, and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.




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