Today is release day for LET IT SNOW, a stand-alone adult contemporary holiday romance, by Cassie Cross

Welcome to the blog tour for LET IT SNOW, a stand-alone adult contemporary holiday romance, by Cassie Cross. See below for information on the book, buy links, and an exclusive excerpt.

LET IT SNOW, a stand-alone adult contemporary holiday romance, by Cassie Cross

LET IT SNOW by Cassie Cross

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Author: Cassie Cross
Genre: Adult Contemporary Holiday Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2020
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Amy Winstead is a twenty something video producer who loves Christmas more than anyone she’s ever known. This year, the holidays are gonna be a lot less happy because she can’t afford the plane ticket home to celebrate with her family, and her best and oldest friend Josh is moving halfway across the country for a new job that he couldn’t turn down.

When Josh asks her to accompany him on his road trip from Texas to Connecticut and offers to pay for her plane ticket back home, how could Amy say no? He’s promised some fun surprises on the trip, and more time with him could never be a bad thing.

One surprise Josh hasn’t planned on is the record-breaking blizzard heading their way. They decide to wait out the storm in the charming town of Holly Hill, where a little holiday magic and a lot of snow combine to help Josh and Amy realize that the something that’s always simmered between them could easily become something more…





LET IT SNOW, a stand-alone adult contemporary holiday romance, by Cassie Cross


Excerpt #2
Only we don’t get the show on the road exactly, we get the show on the road to Valentina’s, our favorite taco spot, for some farewell breakfast tacos. Josh waits at the window of the teardrop trailer for our order, while I head inside the barn where there’s tables and heat, glorious heat. I fiddle with the napkin while I wait for him, a flurry of nerves in my stomach.

This is really the last time we’ll be having tacos here together, on a trip where I’m going to have to say goodbye to him at the end and fly home by myself. We’re on the precipice of this giant change, one where I go from seeing him all the time and knowing him better than anyone, to seeing him rarely and not really knowing him at all.

I know this move doesn’t have to change anything, but people make promises to each other all the time that distance and time apart make them break. The thought has been gnawing at me, making tears spring in my eyes that I tried to hide by looking out the window.

Before long, Josh heads over with a tray full of foil-wrapped deliciousness. We eat in silence, because the awkwardness that invaded the car has taken root in the air between us.

I look down at my pork belly tacos, wanting to enjoy them but feeling a sudden loss of appetite. Josh reaches over and gently tilts my head up, because he’s never been the kind of guy who’s let me stew in my emotions for long without trying to help.

“Wanna tell me what’s gotten you so quiet?” he asks.

I shrug, because for the most part we’ve avoided any deep conversations about him leaving, and I certainly don’t want to start one while we’re here in public and everyone will see if I break down.

“It just hit me this morning that you’re leaving,” I manage to get out around the lump in my throat. “Before it was just a thing that you were preparing for, and I guess…I don’t know, I guess I hadn’t thought much about what it would feel like when you actually did it.”

“How does it feel?” he whispers.

“Like shit, honestly,” I say, as we both laugh, eyes shining. “These are our last breakfast tacos.”

He reaches over and swipes a tear off my cheek. “Not our last,” he assures me. “Just our last for a while. You’re my best girl, that’s not gonna change.”

I nod my head, wanting to believe him. Needing it. “Yeah.”

“Why don’t we just have the best time and try not to dwell on it too much, deal? I brought you some snacks to distract you, and we’re gonna see some Christmas lights tonight.”

That perks me up, except for one thing… “Healthy snacks?”

He grins before he picks up his taco. “Ames, there isn’t a green thing in the bunch.”


LET IT SNOW, a stand-alone adult contemporary holiday romance, by Cassie Cross



Author Cassie Cross

Author Cassie Cross

About the Author
Cassie Cross is a Maryland native and a romantic at heart, who lives outside of Baltimore with her two dogs and a closet full of shoes. Cassie’s fondness for swoon-worthy men and strong women are the inspiration for most of her stories, and when she’s not busy writing a book, you’ll probably find her eating takeout and indulging in her love of 80’s sitcoms.





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