Welcome to the blog tour for LOVE ON THE WINTER STEPPES, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Paris Wynters

Welcome to the blog tour for LOVE ON THE WINTER STEPPES, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Paris Wynters. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt and a link to add it to your Goodreads TBR.

LOVE ON THE WINTER STEPPES, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Paris Wynters


About the Book
Author: Paris Wynters
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Release Date: January 5, 2021
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
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Can a magical day at the Ice Festival melt this career-focused woman’s heart?

Marketing consultant Qara Whitaker loves her job, happily putting in endless hours and working through holidays. But when her grandmother asks that she accompany her on a birthday trip to Mongolia to visit their family, Qara can’t say no. Packing up her laptop, Qara boards the plane—never imagining that a shared cab ride with a stranger will change her life forever.

Hoping to push through writer’s block, author Benjamin Lacoy hops on a plane to Mongolia looking for inspiration. A chance meeting with a beautiful and intelligent woman whose smile ignites his heart leads to them playing tourists. Sparks fly and Ben is feeling far more than inspiration, yet each time he and Qara get close, she’s distracted by work.

Ben is torn; he likes Qara, but he always promised himself he’d never let work come before family and friends like his parents did. Opposites clearly attract, but can they learn to balance work with love in order to build a future together?


Excerpt #1
Ben Lacoy sprawled across the brown microfiber couch in his Brooklyn apartment as he mindlessly scrolled through apps on his phone, hoping that something, anything, would pop out at him and end his writer’s block. But no matter how many photos of fit people posing on mountaintops he saw or funny quips he read, motivation continued to evade him. Ben tossed his phone aside and glanced over at the desk by the window where his laptop waited. The gleaming blank, white page was like an accusation.

He groaned and flung an arm over his eyes. After the success of his debut novel, which had landed him on the New York Times Best Seller list, Ben’s agent had secured him a six-figure deal on proposal for a new middle grade fantasy series. At the time, he’d been ecstatic. Getting paid big bucks to write a new fantasy series set during winter? What could be bad about that?

He’d realized the answer to that question the day after emailing the signed contract back to his agent. The moment he sat down at his laptop to start, his fingers had hovered over the keyboard, but nothing happened. His brain froze.

Murphy’s law.

Or, more accurately—writer’s block. A full-fledged case that struck out of nowhere. No rhyme, no reason. And worst of all, no words.

Every day, more of the same. Ben sat behind his laptop…waiting for magic that never arrived. He’d hoped tonight would be different, but so far, he’d had zero luck.

So, he did what he usually did. He shrugged it off and reached for the caramel popcorn container on the black-brown IKEA coffee table and shoved a handful into his mouth.


LOVE ON THE WINTER STEPPES, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by Paris Wynters is Out Now!


Author Paris Wynters

Author Paris Wynters

About the Author
I’m a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, canine, and exercise. When I’m not writing, I’m at the hockey rink cheering on my son, playing HALO on Xbox, or breaking a sweat in the gym. live in New York with my family and my two lovable and psychotic working dogs. I also run numerous 5k races in the New York area that raise funds to support the military/veteran community.




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