Welcome to the blog tour for SIDE EFFECTS, the fourth book in the adult contemporary romance series, Ripple Effects, by L.J. Greene

Welcome to the blog tour for SIDE EFFECTS, the fourth book in the adult contemporary romance series, Ripple Effects, by L.J. Greene. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

SIDE EFFECTS, the fourth book in the adult contemporary romance series, Ripple Effects, by L.J. Greene

SIDE EFFECTS (Ripple Effects #4) by L.J. Greene

About the Book
Series: Ripple Effects #4
Author: L.J. Greene
Release Date: December 13, 2021
 Adult Contemporary Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon FR

Who can you trust?

Ally Michels is fresh out of her MBA program at Cal and has landed her dream job at hot, up-and-coming video game developer, Jet Stream Studios, all thanks to her uncle, Jet’s largest venture capital investor. She’s feeling pretty good about her future until an inadvertent blurt in a company meeting brings down upon her the dangerous attention of Jet’s co-founder and chief developer, Marcus Abby.

Beautiful, brilliant, and vicious, Marcus is every bit the arrogant, deceitful founder her uncle warned her about. But in the power-fueled world of venture capital investing, things aren’t always what they seem. When Ally finds herself caught up in a play for corporate control, she must work with Marcus to save the company and an ideal she believes in, while navigating perilous family loyalties and fighting to hold onto her own integrity.

For Ally, there’s just one rule: never, ever trust Marcus Abby. Because the one man she needs to stop a high-stakes plot is the one man who has every reason to want her gone.

SIDE EFFECTS is an adult contemporary, twisty, underhanded, certainly unscrupulous . . . romance.


Excerpt #2

For the first time I struck a blow. I could see it in his face for just a moment before the reaction was quickly shuttered.

As usual he turned the tables with another question. “What are you going to do?”

“What am I going to do?”

His response was a hard stare.

And then it dawned on me—the murderous look in the board meeting when I started to speak up about the game wasn’t about me. I was partially right that he didn’t want me to defend him; he didn’t want them to know what I’d seen. He was worried about that. Was still worried about it. That’s why he’d sought me out.

I probably should have gone to Julian. After all, I loved this job, this company. I wanted to see it succeed and to contribute to that success over many years. These charades Marcus was playing—whatever they were—could threaten everything. There was good reason to think the things they were saying about him were true. And he certainly had no love for me.

So maybe it was just bizarre empathy for someone who probably struggled as I did to fit in in a world that told us we had to be an athlete or a supermodel or a jokester to be considered enough. Or maybe it was because we were the same age, both fighting to be taken seriously despite the obvious handicap of our youth. Or maybe I just respected him and what he’d accomplished, even if I didn’t like him.

It must have been that. Some Midwest sense of fairness that said a man should be judged on the full merits of his work.

I was certain of one thing, if nothing else. “It’s not my place to tell them, and I won’t.”

Marcus studied my face, hard, as though this answer was somehow suspect. But the long, searching look wasn’t quite laced with the usual hostility. It felt surprisingly . . . unguarded.

“Marcus, what are you doing?”

But that question was one bridge too far. I saw the moment he shut down, his expression closing to something significantly more restrained. His usual.

So fine, whatever was going on here, whatever repercussions may come to him, this was a situation he had brought upon himself, and he had no one else to blame for it.

“Never mind,” I said into the silence. “You don’t trust me.”


About the Author
Romance author, obsessive multi-tasker, California native, music lover with no apparent musical talent, travel enthusiast, and cheese connoisseur...

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