Welcome to the blog tour for VIOLINS AND VAMPIRES, the first book in the adult paranormal romance series, Vampires of the Daemonverse, by Cee Bee

Welcome to the blog tour for VIOLINS AND VAMPIRES, the first book in the adult paranormal romance series, Vampires of the Daemonverse, by Cee Bee. See below for information on the book, buy links, an exclusive excerpt, and details on her giveaway.

VIOLINS AND VAMPIRES, the first book in the adult paranormal romance series, Vampires of the Daemonverse, by Cee Bee

VIOLINS AND VAMPIRES (Vampires of the Daemonvers Series #1) by Cee Bee

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Series: Vampires of the Daemonverse Series #1
Author: Cee Bee
Publisher: Monster House Books
Release Date: August 25, 2022
Adult Paranormal Romance
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Lexa Kozlov must pay her family’s massive debt to the mob… all while raising even more money to save her little sister. The result? Lexa’s trapped in a never-ending (and incredibly illegal) stakeout for the Bratva. She barely has time for sleep, let alone find love.

Enter Caelin Vass, the handsome Scotsman who runs Empire Investments. Caelin offers Lexa a new job with dollars galore, as well as a hot bod (that would be his own) to contemplate every workday. Even so, Lexa isn’t sure she should take the gig. Freaky things keep happening whenever Lexa and Caelin are together. Simply put, the energy between them is magical, sensual, and way overwhelming. Lexa faces a big question: is she leaving her old prison just to enter a worse one… or is Caelin Vass all he seems and more?

***12,000 word novella, previously published on Kindle Vella as Blood Slave***


Vampires of the Daemonverse Series
1. Violins and Vampires
2. Veils and Vampires
3. Vixens and Vampires
4. Valor and Vampires


Excerpt #3
Present Day

I explore the bedroom. The place looks untouched. Someone even made the bed. The curtain is pulled aside, revealing the wall safe.

Which is closed.

Over the years, I’ve gotten good at guessing safe combinations from a distance. I’m pretty sure I know how to open this one. It takes a few tries, but I’m able to unlock the door.

Sweat beads on my forehead as I pull the safe open.

When I last saw Vice open this thing, it was crammed with gold bars. My body trembles with surprise.

This time, the walk-in safe is empty.

I step inside the safe itself. It’s been cleaned out. The picture that was stuck to the inside of the safe door is gone as well. A flash of white catches my eye. A scrap of paper sits on the floor. Leaning over, I scoop up the small document.

It’s a picture of me.

The pic shows me in Big Apple Coffee, sitting at my fave seat by the window. My heart sinks.

Vice knows who I am. I’m exposed.

I’ve been so careful to be the secret earner for Konstantin’s organization. What a disaster. My head feels wobbly on my shoulders. I shuffle back into the bedroom.

And things get worse.

Someone sneaks up behind me. The next thing I know, I’m pressed against the nearest stretch of wall. An electric charge of fear runs through my nervous system.

It’s happened. I’ve been discovered. Someone’s out to hurt Konstantin. Who is it? Italians? Irish?

I do surveillance, I don’t battle thugs. At this point, I should dissolve into tears. Instead, something inside me awakens. An ancient power streams through my veins. Rage overtakes my mind.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“It’s my building, lass.”

That voice is low, rumbling, and haunting my dreams. My anger instantly turns into something else. I know who this is.

“Caelin,” I whisper.

When he next speaks, Caelin’s warm breaths fans over my bare neck. “Aye.”

Lights flash before utter darkness surrounds us. Any reflection from the streetlights vanishes. Magic is at work. My breath catches.

A moment ago, the bedroom blinds were closed. Somehow they’ve now opened. Moonlight shines into the room. Cool tendrils of mist twist across the floor and around our bodies. I’m still pressed against the wall.

Only now, I’m naked.

So is Caelin.

Somehow, my vision from before has come to life.

I can’t see the man, but I feel the hard planes of his chest and thighs against my back. My legs now stand more than shoulder-length apart. I sense Caelin’s length pressing outside my entrance, all velvet skin over steely muscle. His rough breaths sound in my ear, making my insides twist with want.

Caelin slides his warm palm down my arm. Everywhere he touches, there’s a trail of want. How can this be happening again?

Not sure I care anymore.


Author Cee Bee

Author Cee Bee

About the Author
Author Christina “CEE BEE” Bauer has sold more than 1M copies across her 45+ epic fantasy books for young adults. She’s recorded (and narrated) eight of her books into audiobooks, as well as led the translation of her novels into four different languages. USA Today has called her work “must-read paranormal fantasy.” Bauer is an autism advocate and quirky loudmouth whose writing style really isn’t for everyone. But if you like stories with complex worlds inhabited by chicks who kick ass and take names, then read on!

Christina lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby. She loves to connect with her fans at ChristinaBauerAuthor.com.

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