I was tagged by my friend and fellow blogger, Debi Smith, in the Versatile Blogger Award. I first “met” Debi years ago when we both had gluten-free blogs. She has stuck with her Hunter’s Lyonesse blog year in and year out, while mine, Gluten-Free Comfort Food, has suffered from a serious lack of attention. We bumped into each other again recently when she posted this wonderful article on the current trend of making jokes out of gluten-free eaters, and discovered we’re both now writing young adult novels.

I also need to tag/nominate bloggers for the award. Here are mine: Sally WhiteSarah FaderJenna Peranteau, Monica FumaroloHeather Manning, Stephanie, Maria Medeiros, Susanne Lankin, Kate Priestly, CJS Writing.

And now seven things about myself:

1. I was born without a sense of smell. It is called anosmia. Yes, I can taste. My tastebuds work wonderfully. Maybe even better than yours.

2. Sometimes I have trouble telling my identical twin boys apart.

3. I only speak enough Spanish to get myself into trouble.

4. I’m pretty sure I have attention deficit disorder.

5. The band I listen to when no one else is around is Buckcherry. Their lyrics are a bit (okay, a lot) dirty, but I love them.

6. I have purple streaks in my hair.

7. I named a character in one of my books after a romantic rival from my teens just so I can torture her. I might have trouble letting go.

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