scavenger hunt

Team PinkI’m so excited to be a part of the Spring 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt as part of #TeamPink! If you’re not familiar with this fun event, you’re in for a real treat. Twice a year, once in April and again in October, readers scour the blogs of young adult authors, looking for clues and entering to win a boatload of paperbacks. For all the details, you can checkout the official page here.

If you’ve never participated before, be sure to check it out. This blog hop will not only give you a chance to win some great prizes, but it’s also an opportunity to discover new to you young adult authors.

Straight from the YA Scavenger Hunt page:

The YA Scavenger Hunt is a biannual online event that promotes collaboration between YA authors from different publishing houses, offering fans an opportunity to see the latest and greatest in young adult literature. During the hunt, we showcase exclusive bonus material, give readers access to top secret insider information, and offer fabulous prizes and giveaways for zealous YA fans.

So get lace up your virtual running shoes, stretch out those fingers, and get ready to hunt!

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