Deception so Dark (Run to You #2) by Clara Kensie

Deception so Dark (Run to You #2) by Clara Kensie

4 out of 5 stars

Originally published as the Run to You serial parts 4-6— Fourth Shadow, Fifth Touch, and Sixth Sense.

Deception So Dark is the complete second novel in the Run to You series, a riveting thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past, and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…

With no more secrets to keep them apart, Tessa and Tristan embark upon a desperate search to find her missing brother and sister. But not even Tristan can keep Tessa safe from the hostile classmates at her new school…or from the nightmare that haunts her even while she’s awake. As Tessa’s nightmare becomes all too real, her hope of getting her family back together feels ever more out of reach. When a psychic warns her that leaving town may mean her death, Tessa still cannot stay when she uncovers a potential lead to her brother and sister. Not even if she must go alone and risk losing it all: Tristan, her family, and even her life.

Run to You is Tessa and Tristan’s story—two full-length books about psychic gifts, secret lives and dangerous loves. Danger. Deception. Betrayal. It must be true love.


My Review
Book 2 picks up right where Book 1 ends with Tessa now  staying with Tristan and his family. Jillian and Logan are on the run, believing Tessa and their parents are dead. Only Tessa knows the awful truth about their family. With Tristan’s help, Tessa searches for Jillian and Logan, only to be met with one setback after another. The author throws in a lot of twists, introduces some fascinating new characters, and takes the level of adventure up another notch.

Romance takes a backseat to the adventure and danger this time around. Now that Tristan and Tessa know each other’s secrets, they’re together. They have some ups and downs, but the story is about finding Jillian and Logan more than about whether Tessa and Tristan will end up together. The plot is interesting and anything but predictable, and aside from a few pacing issues, moves pretty well.

Tessa has a lot on her plate and I think she deals with it the way I expect a teenage girl to. She’s only known life on the run and settling down doesn’t come naturally to her, even though its what she’s craved her whole life. She struggles to come to terms with her parents’ crimes, and the constant taunting by the families of their victims isn’t helping. I got a better sense of Tristan this time around and he’s a good guy, although at times he’s almost too good to be true.

World Building
The world of psionic powers is further explored, particularly when it comes to Tessa’s gifts and, again, the author weaves it into the story seamlessly.

I didn’t think the fluidity was quite as strong as with the first one, but Clara Kensie is a master at creating tension and throwing in twists that in hind view, were perfectly foreshadowed. There’s a lot more symbolism in this story and I love the author’s use of it.

I enjoyed the ending. I thought it wrapped up well but leaves the door open for maybe a spin-off from another character’s point of view.

Top Five Things I enjoyed about Deception So Dark:
1. Tessa’s loyalty to her brother and sister knows no bounds and it’s one of her strongest character traits.

2. Aaron. The sweet nerd of a boy with a computer-like brain who helps Tessa is someone I’d like to see more of.

3. Surprising plot twists. There were more than a few and they were all deliciously unanticipated.

4. Tristan. I wasn’t sure about him after reading Book 1. And although there were times he seemed too good to be true, his love for Tessa was never in doubt and he’d clearly do anything for her.

5. Dennis and Deirdre. They love Tessa as their own and they provide the paternal stability that Tessa needs.

Bottom Line
Deception So Dark is a solid follow-up to the first book with lots of action and suspense.

I was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


About the Book
Title: Deception So Dark
Series: Run to You #2
Author: Clara Kensie
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: May 1, 2015
Pages: 252
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks


Author Clara Kensie

Author Clara Kensie

About the Author
…don’t forget to breathe…

Clara Kensie grew up near Chicago, reading every book she could find and using her diary to write stories about a girl with psychic powers who solved mysteries. She purposely did not hide her diary, hoping someone would read it and assume she was writing about herself. Since then, she’s swapped her diary for a computer and admits her characters are fictional, but otherwise she hasn’t changed one bit.

Today Clara is the author of dark fiction for young adults. Her debut series is the romantic thriller RUN TO YOU: Deception So Deadly and Deception So Dark.

Her favorite foods are guacamole and cookie dough. But not together. That would be gross.

Where to Find Clara Kensie
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